Bareback Inquisition

Video: Bareback Inquisition
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In the first installment of this boundary pushing series, prepare to see Jaxton Wheeler at his finest: as a chain rattling beast with uncontrollable sexual urges. Although Buck Richards & Jaxton are both held captive by the same mystery man, it’s clear who’ll be the bitch in this dungeon. Will Buck be ready when the beast breaks free from his cage? Watch as Jaxton bends Buck to his will…and boy does he bend! No One expects a Bareback Inquisition!

Stars: Buck Richards, Casey Kole, Damien Stone, Duncan, Jaxton Wheeler, Jordan Levine

Screen Test Vol. 36

Video: Screen Test Vol. 36
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Three scenes starring smooth young men, white as snow, having it raw in their backs. They just love bare, hard cocks in their tiny assholes. These hot boys are full of life, lust and they just can’t get enough!

Stars: Dusan Polanek, Igor Galek, Ivan Sabado, Oliver Hruby, Peter Lipnik, Nikola Donoval

Greedy Studs

Video: Greedy Studs
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Studio: Eye Candy Films
These little pigs are Greedy Studs who can’t get enough sexual action! They want it morning, noon and night and, lucky for them, they have a willing fuck buddy who is just as greedy for cock and ass! Insatiable appetites all round as these lads guzzle throbbing meat sticks, but not before they kiss beautiful mouths and lick and nibble nearly every inch of toned flesh that’s offered up. Horny tops want to go deep and their hungry bottoms are more than willing, and able, to take every raw inch they’ve got to give. Rocking sex at every turn with these Greedy Studs!

Stars: Abbas Loins, Andy Farmer, David Bruckner, Dick Casey, Martin Love, Jack Rider, Marty Gray, Max Candy, Paul Tillrooth, Tim Law

Bound Gods – New Dom With A Giant Cock Torments The Hell Out Of His Coworker

Video: Bound Gods - New Dom With A Giant Cock Torments The Hell Out Of His Coworker
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Tyler Rush would do anything for his hot coworker, JJ Knight. He’s more than happy to pick up the slack around the paint shop as long as he can scope out JJ’s hot ass. When JJ leaves for lunch, Tyler sneaks into JJ’s locker, revealing a trove of kinky toys and smelly underwear. JJ catches Tyler and throws him to the ground, taunting him with a ten-inch dick and smacking him a ruler. JJ teases his cock a hair’s width away from Tyler’s mouth — but first gives the eager slut a massive cropping before making Tyler gag on all ten inches. Tyler gets moved to the work table with his legs spread apart with rope. After spray-painting the pervert’s chest, JJ readies Tyler’s ass with an air-piston dildo to ready it for his massive cock. Tyler’s dreams finally come true as JJ fucks a load out of his dick. With Tyler’s body covered in jizz, JJ rounds the table to give Tyler’s face a top coat of hot cum.

Stars: JJ Knight, Tyler Rush

Kinky Housemates

Video: Kinky Housemates
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Studio: Staxus Collection
It’s someone’s birthday, but rather than spend it in any traditional manner Izan Loren only wants one thing… to take control of his handsome and hot young friend in a very kinky twink BDSM session! Four mind blowing scenes of young, horny guys exploring the world like never before!

Stars: Angel Lopez (M), Dylan Scott, Izan Loren, Mike Cole (i), Timmy Treasure


Video: Exposure
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William Seed uses Jessy Bernardo’s tight hole to work that cum explosion out of his thick cock. These beefy studs drill away, working themselves into a hot and horny frenzy. But they catch Manuel Skye jacking off to them fucking. Manuel doesn’t want any trouble and tries to run off but they soon catch up to him and a hot threesome is the only way to remedy the situation. These studs drill and suck away, working themselves into a hot outdoor frenzy.
And in the end, four hunks hit it off and shove it in!

Stars: Alexy Tyler, Jessy Bernardo, Manuel Skye, Mateo Sanchez, William Seed

Go Big

Video: Go Big
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“Go Big or Go Home!” That’s the usual adage. Our hot guys definitely don’t go home in our latest release. Andy Star, Jack Hunter and Ashton Summers all endeavor take as much cock as they can without breaking a sweat. Our guys are not quitters; they never go home. After all – bigger is always better!

Stars: Allen King, Andy Star, Ashton Summers, Benjamin Blue, Cory Kane, Hayden Colby, Jack Hunter, Manuel Skye, River Wilson


Video: Sling
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Studio: TitanMen

Lie back; put your feet up and grab on to those chains—this is going to be an unrestrained ride. A sex shop warehouse and its superior Sling leaves its playful employees and customers—including TitanMen exclusives Eddy CeeTee and Liam Knox—begging for more.

Adam Ramzi has a package for warehouse stud Jason Vario, who tells the deliveryman that they make play gear. “Like for playgrounds?” asks Adam. “No,” laughs Jason, leading him to a sling. “Think a little more adult.” Jason deep throats Adam’s uncut cock, which bursts out of his uniform. Adam bends over for a kiss, beating the sucker’s pecs with his dick. Jason slides off his overalls to release his monster, Adam gasping for breath as he worships it. Jason whips it on the sucker’s face, Adam slapping Jason’s huge pecs. Adam sits on a rim seat, their cocks rock hard as Jason tongues the quivering stud’s hole. Adam sucks Jason as he gets eaten, then gets on all fours. Jason wraps his arm around the bottom, who grips it as he gets plowed (“It’s so fucking big!”). Adam straddles the sling as he gets it doggie style, then gets on his back—his cock bouncing as Jason thrusts inside him. Jason jacks Adam’s load out, then spurts on the bottom’s beard.

Tex Davidson delivers a sling to Alex Mecum, the clean-cut jock staring at the blue-collar stud as they set it up. “Anything else I can do for you?” asks Tex, getting up close to the tall Alex as they rub each other’s bulges. Tex releases his huge cock, Alex smiling as he drops to his knees: “Fuck, you’re so big!” Tex fucks his face, repeatedly dick whipping the sucker’s eager mouth. Tex unzips Alex: “Damn, you got a big dick,” he says with his southern twang, turning his baseball cap around so he can suck it deep. Tex plants his bearded lips to the base, his own boner throbbing as he chokes on it. He pulls on Alex’s low hangers as he spits on it, the two soon 69ing. Tex gets his furry ass tongued, then sits down on the jock—his own massive cock slamming against the top’s tight abs (“Jesus!” Tex smiles as his ass muscles squeeze Alex’s shaft). Tex rams Alex from behind, the bottom gripping the sheets. Alex gets in the sling, stroking as Tex’s dick disappears inside him. The top dumps his big wad on Alex’s smooth sac, the bottom unleashing his load.

Store manager Eddy CeeTee heads to the factory to check out hot new designer Liam Knox—who shows off a new fuck bench, hopping on to test it out. Eddy grinds his bulge against Liam’s ass: “Looks good. How does it feel?” They rub each other’s buff bodies and take off their tanks, kissing as their hairy pecs meet. Eddy releases Liam’s cock, sucking the moaner deep. He gets pulled up for a kiss before Liam returns the favor—grunting as he swallows Eddy’s thick beauty (“Play with my balls!”). Liam bends over, offering his furry hole for Eddy’s tongue (“Arch that ass up!”). Eddy pounds the verbal bottom from behind, Liam’s tight ass rippling (“Gimmie that fucking dick!”). Liam turns over, his hard cock bouncing as Eddy fucks him fast. Eddy then offers his ass in the sling, gripping onto the chain as he gets owned (“You like that dick?”). The excited stud gets on his back, yelling “Keep fucking me! Fuck me hard!” as he strokes out his load, his sac sliding against Liam’s hairy groin. Liam then dumps his hot load all over the bottom’s cock.

Stars: Adam Ramzi, Alex Mecum, Eddy CeeTee, Jason Vario, Liam Knox, Tex Davidson

Venganza Gay

Video: Venganza Gay
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Studio: Ruidher Productions
Venganza Gay is all about Spanish guys getting harder and harder and fucking each other passionately! Big-dicked macho studs are getting everything in life they ever dreamed of! Hot young men with huge cocks have a ball with each other! They suck off other man right before extremely hot anal action!

Stars: Adam Rizzo, Daniel Carrasco, Ivan Vidal, Javi Mendez, Jota De, Rafa Porn, Tony DiLuzzi

Straight Boys Episode 3 – Seduced Straight Patient

Video: Straight Boys Episode 3 - Seduced Straight Patient
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Studio: Rock Candy Films
Hot ginger Connor Maguire used to pick on Marcus Ruhl when they were little, but Marcus has grown up to be a sexy doctor whose bedside manner is so good he’ll even take him home for an intimate physical exam.

Stars: Connor Maguire, Marcus Ruhl