Spanking Vol. 60

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Video: Spanking Vol. 60
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Studio: William Higgins Productions

Peter Uman is shackled and gagged as he lays on his belly, on the sofa. His tormentor arrives and starts to slap on Peter’s back. Then he pulls the underwear up into Peter’s crack and spanks on his sexy ass. The underwear is pulled down and the head hands keep spanking on the ass cheeks. The riding crop is used on that ass, making Peter moan as he feels it.

Adam Zrzek is shackled and gagged and bent over a stool, wearing just his jock strap. He tries to shout and wriggles as he tries to free himself, but to no avail. He keeps shouting as best he can as his tormentor comes in. A knee holds Adam down as heavy hands land on his bare ass. He moans as the hairy ass feels the hands spanking him. That ass reddens as the hands keep spanking it. The jockstrap is pulled up into Adam’s hairy crack, rubbing against his hole as the ass cheeks are spanked more. Adam keeps moaning as he feels the hands on his sore ass.

Nicolas Daner is shackled and showing off his ass as this spanking starts. A hand runs over the ass and spanks it a couple of times. Nicolas is gagged too and moans as the hands run all over him. His ass reddens as the hands spank on it. Nicolas moans through his gag as the hands keep spanking. His tight hole is fully exposed too and fingers rub over it.

Stars: Adam Zrzek, Nicolas Dancer, Peter Uman

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