Le Gout Sale De Tes Levres Sucrees

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Video: Le Gout Sale De Tes Levres Sucrees
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Studio: Ridley Dovarez
Games of hide and seek seduces in the summer heat of Cannes, passionate and torrid fusses in the Calanques, discover the first romantic porn comedy of Ridley Dovarez. Theo (Ludwig) received an invitation from St├ęphane (Doryann Marguet), his childhood friend, secretly in love with him, but he had never dared to confess his feelings. St├ęphane invited him to spend a few days in Cannes to meet again. As he joins him, he discovers that the latter is hosting Ricco (Rico Falate), one of his Italian lovers saying a sports coach auto-stop recovered the old one. Starts a game of seduction to three, where Theo and Stephane conceal their feelings to better admit them through Ricco.

Stars: Doryann Gray, Ludwig, Rico Fatale

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