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Studio: Southern Bareback Inc

Beefed up and inked super hottie Seth Knight is having a bit of trouble. Not only is he horny, he can’t get the one thing he wants most…his boyfriend to bottom. “But why? Why not? Why can’t you bottom for me?” Seth asks repeatedly, unable to comprehend why he can’t get his boyfriend to give up his ass. Frankly, we can’t either. Hell, who wouldn’t want to bottom for scruffy, hunky bad boy Seth? Luckily, buddy Grayson Lange is more than ready, willing and able to jump in and fulfill Seth’s every wish. Grayson offers up his mouth and ass, and Seth uses them both, first shoving his hard cock down Grayson’s throat, then eating out that most luscious of morsels, the puckered entrance that is the gateway to the most exquisite pleasure known to tops. Seth, who looks like he might pass for a James Franco relation, bareback fucks twink Grayson before blowing a huge load all over Seth’s ass, then seeding his hungry hole. And that, gents, is how you make a boyfriend happy and keep him from roaming.

Once upon a time, Declan Moore and Aiden Ward had a thing. At least, Declan did. Even if it was only in his mind. Now, after moving away to strike out on his own and gain independence, Declan is hosting Aiden, until Aiden gets his own place. Meanwhile, showing his buddy around, Declan realizes he still has a thing for Aiden and probably always will. It’s possible the bearded and tattooed blond is simply enamored with Aiden’s huge, curved cock. That he’s a total whore for raw cock stretching him out. But after watching the way Aiden eats out Declan’s hole, after witnessing first-hand the way Aiden bareback fucks the wanton, lustful twink, we’ve a feeling Aiden may have ruined Declan for anyone else who might have come along after. But now that they’re living in the same state again, who knows? Maybe Declan will get lucky. After all, life has a funny way of giving you what you need, and sometimes, exactly what you want.

Jackson Reed is 27 years old stud from Texas, USA. He has a fresh, young look packed into a tight and toned frame and is wittingly charming.

Slender, tattooed Aiden Ward is living the life. He’s young, hung, and more than just full of spunk! Ready to sow some wild oats, even before working out, he hooks up with scruffy Jackson Reed at the gym and takes him hard bareback fucking the bottom stud to within an inch of his life before jizzing and spraying his seed everywhere. And after depositing the last few drops of protein in Jackson’s hungry hole, the two horny fuckers just keep on fucking. Not even a call from Jackson’s boyfriend can make these two stop!

You know that new guy at the gym? The really cute one with all the tattoos and that bad boy, bad ass, surly look? The one who looks like he’d sooner kick your ass than fuck it? Or maybe you’re the new guy, checking out the hunk you wish would wreck your hole. Now imagine yourself as blond and tattooed Declan Moore, checking out dark and brooding Seth Knight. Much like the way YOU check out the hunk at your gym, isn’t it? Live out your fantasy vicariously through Seth and Declan. These two waste little time getting to know each other, intimately, with a balls deep, sometimes hard, sometimes sweet — bareback fuck, right there in the gym locker room. Seth blows an enormous load of jizz all over Declan’s freshly fucked hole and balls then seeds him and leaves. Not exactly a warm welcome but it’s hot as fuck and will have you pounding your meat in the men’s room at your gym, wishing someone would along. Maybe if you leave the stall door open just a crack.

Stars: Aiden Ward, Declan Moore, Grayson Lange, Jackson Reed, Seth Knight

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