Dudes In Public 6

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Video: Dudes In Public 6
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Studio: Reality Dudes

Carter Michaels is getting this party started and Gavin Taylor is invited. The bar-keep isn’t too keen on hosting a fuckfest but these two can’t contain themselves. The party isn’t over until Carter & Gavin’s cum-lust is satiated. This bar’s patrons will have some juicy stories to tell!

Why miss out on an opportunity to get some quick and dirty action? Manuel Skye and Kit make the most of their time while waiting for a massage by blowing each other right in the waiting room. Manuel & Kit keep getting more and bolder, taking things to the next level while staff and patrons remain oblivious.

Cade and Gaberial can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to satisfying their “public needs”. After being caught twice, they find a little corner to finally get it on. The two waste no time going down on each other’s big dicks before Cade decides to plunge his massive cock deep inside Gaberial’s tight ass. The rest will definitely leave you wanting more.

Will and Axel were chilling on their lunch break from the construction site and got the urge to explore their naughty side. Finding a little secret spot, they waste no time and start going down on each other. The action gets heated when Axel flips Will on a workbench and starts pounding his hot ass relentlessly. These two fucking is pretty much a work of art.

Theo has a big beautiful peach and he’s not afraid to use it! He wants to give you a private show that you don’t want to miss, as he writhes like a sexy snake on the poll. And when he jerks his big dick, you’ll be in awe at the load he releases!

Stars: Axel, Cade, Carter Michaels, Gaberial, Gavin Taylor, Kit (M), Manuel Skye, Theo, Will

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