Colby And Zach

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Video: Colby And Zach
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Studio: Colby Knox
Colby Chambers and Zach Taylor have a day off and are enjoying a lazy day lounging around the house. Zach has been playing video games all day but all Colby wants is for him to play with his joystick. While Zach’s attention is on video games, Colby has a plan to get him more focused on his cock. Colby starts sucking on Zach’s cock, burying his face in his crotch. It doesn’t take long for Zach to get rock hard and his attention shifts from the video game to the hot mouth sucking his dick. He lays the controller down and grabs the back of Colby’s head, pushing him down on his cock. Taking his time to give him great head, Colby works his way up and down his shaft and sucking on his balls. Colby’s warm mouth on Zach’s hard cock turns out to be much more fun than the video game he was playing. Colby rolls over and positions his ass into the air for Zach to start licking his hole. Colby is moaning with extreme pleasure as Zach buries his face in his ass. These two sexy studs take turns tongue fucking each other’s ass before Colby mounts Zack to see how deep he can penetrate his ass. Colby rolls Zach onto his stomach on the bed and pulls his ass up in the air giving him the perfect angle to take his hard throbbing cock. He lubes up his big dick and slowly presses all seven inches into Zach’s awaiting hole. Zach gets rolled over on to his back and Colby once again mounts him, sliding his hard shaft deep inside his hole. The look on Zach’s face is sheer ecstasy as Colby is thrusting harder and harder inside his ass. Colby fucks a huge load out of Zach before exploding with his own giant load of cum all over his face.

Stars: Colby Chambers, Zach Taylor

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