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Video: Bros
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Studio: Icon Male
Curious Jacob Stax is holding back his lust for Mason Lear, but finds it hard to resist his touch when no one is around. Billy Santoro brings Nic Sahara to bed after a long night of drinking, it’s time to call it a night, but Nic is craving just a little more fun. While Michael Stax uses Mason Lear’s shower Mason cannot contain himself and has to join him. Pierce Paris consoles Michael DelRay after his break up and shows him that a man can satisfy him maybe even better than a woman! Starring Billy Santoro, Nic Sahara, Jacob Stax, Mason Lear, Michael Stax, Pierce Paris and Michael Del Ray. Do not miss this next release.

Stars: Billy Santoro , Jacob Stax, Mason Lear, Michael DelRay, Michael Stax, Nic Sahara, Pierce Paris

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