Tender Penis

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Skinny gay teen plays with his long cock. Meet Jiggy. He’s a horny teen boy with brown eyes. He’s definitely not shy when it comes to the subject of his dick and masturbating! That beautiful cock pokes out in front of him as he continues his posing. More posing with his dick hard as he moves onto the bed turn into Jiggy showing off his hot ass and the tight hole as he lays with his legs in the air.

Stars: Jiggy

Shower Bait 3

Video: Shower Bait 3
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After buying his boyfriend a Halloween costume Cameron Boyd went to take a shower, but his boyfriend Ethan Slade snook up on him in his new costume, and that’s when their dicks started to rise and they began having some real fun! What could be hotter than sharing hot passionate sex in a shower?! Creeping on your love in the shower definitely has its reward, followed up by three more just as sexy shower scenes!

Stars: Adam Bryant, Bennett Anthony, Brendan Phillips, Cameron Boyd, Darian Mazaro, Ethan Slade, Jackson Cooper, Scott Riley

Caught By Daddy

Video: Caught By Daddy
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Trenton Ducati is upset because his step-son has been using his dildo. Kory Houston bends over and pulls his shorts down to get fucked hard and deep. Dean Phoenix calls for Timothy Drake but he doesn’t hear a reply back so he heads to his room and sees his step-son watching porn. He decides to show him how to correctly masturbate. Timothy loves it and kicks back while his step-dad plays with his hard dick. D’Arclyte is surprised when he realizes what Danny Gunn has been doing instead of cleaning his room. He pushes him on the bed and spreads his legs wide so he can bury his face between his smooth ass. While stroking his dick, Tristan Jaxx spies on Skyler Hart who is watching porn. When he notices, he slams his laptop down. His step-dad drops his pants and Skyler gets down on his knees.

Stars: D. Arclyte , Danny Gunn, Dean Phoenix, Kory Houston, Skyler Hart, Timothy Drake, Trenton Ducati, Tristan Jaxx

Let’s Fuck A Gay

Video: Let's Fuck A Gay
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Some straight boys are always down to fuck a thirsty gay bottom and this one is a perfect example. These two amateur boys met randomly on the street, liked each other and decided to have a quick fuck. After a short interview, they quickly figure out their roles and get to kissing, while slowly undressing. Their cocks are bulging through their pants and they are definitely ready for it!
Andres & Lewis

Video: Andres & Lewis
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Young Latino Lewis is busy decorating the tree when Daddy Andres joins him. Andres would rather fuck than hang balls on a tree, and Lewis is quick to give him the attention he desires. It’s not long before he has Daddy’s cock pulled out and in his mouth, and his hairy top quickly gets hard. Then Andres bends his boy over for some ass licking and a little dildo play. Once Lewis is warmed up and ready, Andres replaces the plastic cock with his raw meat and barebacks the boy doggie. Andres continues fucking his young bottom until his ass is full of daddy cum. Finally, the two sit in a chair and Lewis strokes out his load while Andres plays with his balls

Stars: Andres, Lewis

Damian & Ty

Video: Damian & Ty
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Damian and Ty have always been hot for each other, but haven’t hooked up before tonight. These are two friendly and fun-loving guys so they joke around… even tickle each other a little… to warm up for action. Before Damian can get his mouth wrapped around Ty’s big dick, Ty’s pushed his buddy’s legs up and is greedily licking and fingering the ass he wants so badly to fuck. But Damian gets some of that hard ebony dick, sucking it, slobbering over it and swallowing it down to the base. Ty’s ready to fuck some latin ass, though, and he takes Damian in two positions before Damian actually gets his load fucked out of him while Ty finishes right after. Damian’s skin is covered in creamy white jizz.

Stars: Damian Foxx, Ty Royal

Party Favors

Video: Party Favors
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A party favor is a gift a host gives his guests for attending his party. Usually it’s something small and inexpensive. With party guests DJ, Alex Hawk, Parker Logan, Christian Matthews, Zachery Rhys, and Silver Steele the gift might be inexpensive but definitely NOT small! Feast your eyes and gorge yourself on all the dick sucking, ass rimming, and bareback fucking action that takes place at one of the steamiest summer parties of the year, in…Party Favors!

Stars: Alex Hawk, Christian Matthews, DJ, Parker Logan, Silver Steele, Zachery Rhys

Colby And Zach

Video: Colby And Zach
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Studio: Colby Knox
Colby Chambers and Zach Taylor have a day off and are enjoying a lazy day lounging around the house. Zach has been playing video games all day but all Colby wants is for him to play with his joystick. While Zach’s attention is on video games, Colby has a plan to get him more focused on his cock. Colby starts sucking on Zach’s cock, burying his face in his crotch. It doesn’t take long for Zach to get rock hard and his attention shifts from the video game to the hot mouth sucking his dick. He lays the controller down and grabs the back of Colby’s head, pushing him down on his cock. Taking his time to give him great head, Colby works his way up and down his shaft and sucking on his balls. Colby’s warm mouth on Zach’s hard cock turns out to be much more fun than the video game he was playing. Colby rolls over and positions his ass into the air for Zach to start licking his hole. Colby is moaning with extreme pleasure as Zach buries his face in his ass. These two sexy studs take turns tongue fucking each other’s ass before Colby mounts Zack to see how deep he can penetrate his ass. Colby rolls Zach onto his stomach on the bed and pulls his ass up in the air giving him the perfect angle to take his hard throbbing cock. He lubes up his big dick and slowly presses all seven inches into Zach’s awaiting hole. Zach gets rolled over on to his back and Colby once again mounts him, sliding his hard shaft deep inside his hole. The look on Zach’s face is sheer ecstasy as Colby is thrusting harder and harder inside his ass. Colby fucks a huge load out of Zach before exploding with his own giant load of cum all over his face.

Stars: Colby Chambers, Zach Taylor


Video: Sexoleil
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Hot young studs with lots of oral skills along with wanting to fuck another stud where ever they want. A threesome on the beach to get you going in the first scene; no ass fucking just sucking cock. Interracial blowing. Another threesome, this time anal fucking outdoors. Then an orgy and four solo masturbation scenes.

Stars: Alex, Anthony, Dany (Male), Eric, Franck, Karim (male), Ricky (Male)


Video: HomoPod
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Enzo is at home chilling when he receives a mysterious package containing one of those new HomoPods. The sophisticated, always-listening speaker starts talking to him while he’s jerking off and tries to get in on the action when Louis Ricaute just happens to be passing by. HomoPod senses his presence and calls him out so Enzo can get a piece of this handsome, muscular, hairy man. He gets down on his knees and gets to work so he can get his ass fucked by Louis’s throbbing cock.

HomoPod is feeling frisky and connects Enzo’s contact list to his database. Unbeknownst to him, HomoPod ends up arranging a date with muscular stud Diego Reyes, so of course, Enzo is surprised to see him standing there when he opens the door. He tries to explain that he didn’t actually create the date, but Diego’s already decided he wants a piece of this tall, handsome man. Too horny to turn him away, Enzo invites Diego in for a steamy sex session.

HomoPod is tired of only being able to hear sexy Enzo get fucked. He wants some of that muscular ass too! HomoPod buys himself a human body and uploads his memory into Paddy O’Brian’s hunky, hot bod. Enzo can’t believe his eyes! He’s excited to explore HomoPod’s new body starting with his straight, big dick. He turns that ass around for a wet tonguing before propping that ass up so Paddy can fuck his hole hard and deep.

Stars: Diego Reyes (i), Enzo Rimenez, Louis Ricaute, Paddy O’Brian