Helpless Boys – Tyler McDaniels

Video: Helpless Boys - Tyler McDaniels
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Studio: Fetish Network Men
Austin On a hot and rainy day sexy boy Tyler McDaniels finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. When stocky southerner Austin happens by in his white van and agrees to give him a ride, Tyler is elated. Unfortunately, he quickly learns that this ride isn’t free and the fine is sexual submission. In a flash he’s tied up, taken to a ranch and intensely fucked and humiliated by his new master. After pounding his ass red and skull-fucking him, Austin rewards him with a big messy facial.

Stars: Austin Andrews (M), Tyler McAndrews

Guys I Butt Fucked 16

Video: Guys I Butt Fucked 16
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Studio: HotDicks
In this cumpilation, Carl Hubay is at it again fucking guy after guy; old, young, hunks, daddies and Twinks. Carl usually sucks them dry and swallows their cum till the last drop. Sometimes he also cums in their mouths. Some scenes with cum dripping out of those thirsty assholes, what a better way to end a session rather than leave all of your semen in partners asshole.

Stars: Ari (HotDicks), Carl Hubay, Dallas (Male), Evan Long, Jude (Male), Paul, Ryann

Falcon A-Team All Stars Austin Wolf

Video: Falcon A-Team All Stars Austin Wolf
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Studio: Falcon Studios
With cocks tip-to-tip, Johnny V and Austin Wolf lean forward to kiss. Johnny quickly busies his lips on Austin’s chiseled anatomy: nipples, mouth, armpits, before he kneels to suck. Austin pinches the nipples on his massive chest and guides Johnny’s mouth to his balls. Johnny slobbers and chokes on Austin’s thick endowment. Giving his jaw a rest, Johnny squats over Austin’s face as Austin maneuvers his tongue and works it deep, savoring the whole hole. He pulls Johnny’s rump closer and inserts a finger as Johnny tips forward and resumes sucking Austin’s fat dick. When Austin’s cock is fully stiff, Johnny leaps aboard for a bucking sit-fuck. Exhausting his thighs, Johnny lies back for Austin to fuck him missionary style. Johnny’s fully edging now, and to finish him off, Austin rolls him into a shoulder stand, drilling his freshly-fucked hole with a thumb while Johnny shoots a big, wet wad into his own mouth. Austin follows-up by giving Johnny a second load to swallow, and shares it with him. That definitely was an experiene! And its not over, Austin Wolf is here for 5 more scenes with more sexy guys!

Stars: Austin Wolf, Brenner Bolton, Dorian Ferro, Hunter Page, Jacob Peterson, Johnny V., Ryan Rose

Street Mexicans 1, Part 2

Video: Street Mexicans 1, Part 2
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Studio: is back for another volume to the series “Street Mexicans”. You know you love to watch guys that are right off the street, not porn stars, just like yourself and not on some fake studio set. These guys want to jerk off for you and they want to cum for you, hopefully you will cum too. Four scenes and the first one he masturbate fast and furious, and there’s some ass fucking in scene 3.
The Writers Room

Video: The Writers Room
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Studio: Bareback Cum Pigs
Working with another person on a project can sometimes turn you into their biggest fan. You develop a certain… closeness, you might say. An intimacy you never would have expected. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a feeling that, once you feel it inside you, drives you mad with desire. Intent on writing a hot story for their studio, the sexual tension between Damien Kilauea and Josh Stone builds, with each passing scene, as they create sexy, intensely passionate scenarios between Leo Forte, Hans Berlin, Mason Lear, Chip Young, Brian Bonds and eventually, Josh and Damien themselves. Follow them on their journey as they blossom from the seeds of creation to balls deep bareback fucking…

Stars: Brian Bonds, Chip Young, Damien Kilauea, Hans Berlin, Josh Stone (i), Leo Forte, Mason Lear

Who’s Your Master

Video: Who's Your Master
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Studio: Kinky Hardcore Twinks
These twinks love being dominated, bound up, restrained and getting their assholes either fucked by a dildo or with a dick. They are all about being punished for the bad boys they have been and damn, their partners love being in charge of those twinks assholes! Making themselves and partners horny till they cant take it anymore so they have to splash all of their cum everywhere!

Stars: Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson, Ashton Bradley, Casper Ellis, Deacon Hunter, Josh Dixon, Sean McKenzie, Sebastian Evans, Skylar Blue

Dick Hard 2

Video: Dick Hard 2
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Studio: Gay Adult Deluxe
Everybody loves having some time for themselves to explore their body and have some little fun. Leo seems to be a really big fan of that alone time. He turns on his favorite porn video and starts undressing while touching his bulge through pants. He also really likes showing off his asshole, maybe putting finger or two in it. He beats his meat till he cant take it anymore and ends up in a very sticky situation.

Stars: Leo

Andrew Gets Worked Over

Video: Andrew Gets Worked Over
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Studio: Gemini Studios
After a disclaimer where Andrew affirms that he is not under the influence and that he is doing this video knowing it’s a harsh shoot and that he will be abused the video starts. Clad in a ripped tee and briefs the 21-year-old straight thug is handcuffed with his arms over his head. A ball gag is in his mouth and a blindfold over his eyes. Thus immobilized and restrained he is felt all over by prying hands that get him hard and his erect cock is jerked and slapped. He has spun around so that his ass is visible and can be violated. He gets fingered harshly and an anal probe is shoved deep in his butt. Nipple clamps are then attached and clothespins pinch his armpits and down his taut torso causing major agony to shoot through the incapacitated stud. His ass is fucked with the anal probe and then by several fingers all the while his cock stays hard. It would seem that this unusual (to him) treatment is strangely exciting. Next, he is put backward in a chair with his legs in the air so that his ass is accessible. He gets fingered some more and then a candle is shoved in and lit. He is made to hold his legs high serving as a human candlestick while the hot wax runs toward his tender hole. Andrew is put on his knees and he is lubed with Crisco and takes several fingers deep before being fucked roughly with a large black dildo. After the fucking, he is made to spread his ass to show the traumatized rosebud. He thinks the anal teasing is over but it’s not. He is on his back spread wide open and the same realistic fake black cock is shoved in his ass repeatedly. When he is thoroughly fucked, the dildo is replaced with a large red butt plug and clothes pins are put on his tender nipples. He is allowed to jack off shooting a big thick load on his belly which he is made to scoop up in his hand and eat. Before we leave him to recover he is made to finger fuck his own sore ass.

Stars: Andrew Fugate

Kamel Fuck Dimitri

Video: Kamel Fuck Dimitri
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Two of the nastiest fuckers, Dimitri and Kamel Crunch, pair up for a steamy, sloppy show on the couch, ramming their stiff cocks into each other while Kameron watches on. Getting off on their exhibitionist sides, Dimitri gets his hole drilled in a harsh fucking, the slapping balls getting a sweaty smack going.

Stars: Dimitri Swaroski, Kamel Crunch

Bareback Amateur Boys

Video: Bareback Amateur Boys
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These amateur boys know how to fuck! They are just random guys who agreed on sucking dick, getting rimmed and fucked bareback by other men. Pleasure is plain to see in their faces and voices. And of course, cumming is no issue for them since getting plowed in the ass brings so much pleasure that they don’t hold back and splash sperm everywhere all over their bodies!