Fucked By Kamel

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Chad is a really horny boy whose ass has been crtaving a hard dicking for a long long time now, he loves when his partner grabs him, handcuffs him and uses his tight asshole till both of them explode with cum. And gladly Kamel Crunchboy was there asap to unleash his big dick and cum all over Chad’s body!

Stars: Chad Crunchboy, Kamel Crunch

Real Men 15

Video: Real Men 15
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Studio: Workin’ Men Videos
For those who like real amateur men, this is a compilation worth looking at. This collection of homemade jack off videos was filmed by a guy who likes men that are harsh and ragged. Gay, straight, bisexual, curious, or confused, all have one thing in common. They are everyday hard working blue collar workers who are trying their best to make it through life. If you are looking for the real deal Real Men is as real as it gets.

Stars: Doug, Eric, J.B., Jeff, Jimmy, Kris, Paul, Richard


Video: Geared
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Studio: Bulldog XXX
Pulling on their tight rubber wear, these men and boys get off on the restrictive, skin-tight feeling of rubber against the skin. Shining up their gear with lube, their skin starts to sweat and mix with the slick liquid, running off their harnesses, singlets and shirt, down their rubber jocks to their throbbing hard, bouncing dicks and puckering butt holes, eager and up for a hard session where even more lube and sweat will make the whole session a heightened pleasure for all involved! With toned young men taking a hard hard pounding on the scaffolding platform, slim twinks being dominated by a hung twink and inked muscle men pushing balls deep – the rubber must be giving these guys something they’ve missed as they just can’t get enough, and edge themselves to stop the whole experience ending too soon!

Stars: Dante Lucas, Felipe Capuco, Gabriel Fisk, Guillaume Wayne, Nathan Raider, Nick North, Sam Wallis, Wolf Rayet (M)

Big Bro Little Bro 2

Video: Big Bro Little Bro 2
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Studio: Cockyboys.com

As far as JJ Knight is concerned three is the perfect number, especially if it involves Levi Karter & Justin Matthews, two guys he’s long wanted to have scenes with. So, CockyBoys makes it happen, with the guys adding some DP action into the mix.

JJ Knight is back and recent arrival Grayson Lange is ready to take on the challenge! Knowing that taking his ginormous cock is indeed a challenge JJ initially takes it slow with Grayson with kissing and sensual body. But, Grayson wants that cock and goes down on JJ, taking as much cock as he can. JJ again tries to pace Grayson but as he sits Grayson’s enthusiasm simply cannot be quelled and he goes all out.

The shade and seclusion of vivid desert rock formations is a perfect place to take a break…and to get some alone time when your hot hiking buddy is Sean Zevran. That’s what Taylor Reign has in mind and though Sean may act a little coy and playful he wants it too…and loves the attention. When Taylor tugs Sean’s shorts down, his rock hard springs up, ready to get some very thorough deep-sucking offered by Taylor.

Pierre Fitch returns! The sexy superstar is back after a porn hiatus, eager to try out the newer Cocky Boys models…like Calvin Banks! Calvin is also excited to be with the 3.0 beefcake edition of Pierre. As they lie in bed kissing, Calvin explores Pierre’s muscles and soon he’s skillfully sucking his thick cock, visibly impressing the porn legend. Pierre returns the favor by hungrily sucking and deep-throating Calvin’s huge cock “Love that big dick”. In turn, Calvin deep-throats and sucks Pierre with even more enthusiasm, prompting Pierre’s vocal responses…and even more sucking, this time as Calvin stands before him.

Stars: Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks, Grayson Lange, JJ Knight, Justin Matthews, Levi Karter, Pierre Fitch, Sean Zevran

Meet Cameron

Video: Meet Cameron
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Studio: Colby Knox
This week, ColbyKnox welcomes local model Cameron Taylor to the site and Colby Chambers couldn’t be more excited. Cameron is a tall southern hunk with a nine and a half inch cock swinging between his legs. This fun loving stud enjoys outdoor adventure and that passion comes through as he meets Colby for some extreme indoor ass play. Cameron has a huge cock that loves topping but Colby has other plans and ravages his tight hole. This new gay porn video starts off with the two studs making out on the leather couch. Colby is on top of Cameron, sticking his tongue in his mouth and exploring his body. They are rubbing, kissing, and enjoying the feel of each other as they start to strip off their clothes. Colby pulls down Cameron’s underwear and starts to suck on his massive cock. He goes right to work sucking that huge meat before he pulls his hard throbbing cock out for Cameron to suck. Cameron takes every inch of that hard cock down his throat and that has Colby getting more eager for some ass. Colby pushes Cameron on the couch and begins to eat his ass, prepping it to take his big dick. The chemistry between these studs is amazing and Colby makes good use of that tight ass on the leather couch. Colby pushes his dick inside of Cameron’s tight hole and the two start fucking on the couch. Colby manhandles that ass and takes it in multiple positions that allow him to thrust deeper inside. That deep penetrating cock must have felt amazing in his ass because it milked two huge loads out of that hung southern boy. Cameron may be the college stud but Colby gave one hell of a lesson on ass stretching before shooting a huge load of cum on his chest.

Stars: Cameron Taylor, Colby Chambers

Cum Drenched Fun

Video: Cum Drenched Fun
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Studio: OTB Video
Anyone who enjoys the splendor of youth will agree this collection of hardcore bareback scenes is a must have. These adorable Latin twinks, with big uncut dicks, are as captivating as it gets. A bonus with these scenes is both boys cum twice during their raw romp, and usually don’t bother to wipe the first load off, before continuing with their sexually charged encounter. Grab this one now and enjoy all the ass breeding and cum facials it has to offer.

Stars: Cristobal, Damian (M), Gerardo (M), Juancho, Richard, Ricky (Male), Ronald, Samir, Walter

You’ve Been Served

Video: You've Been Served
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Studio: Bareback Cum Pigs
Some men have crappy jobs. Others — like Brian Bonds, Mason Lear, Alex Hawk, and Sherman Maus — have challenging jobs that make their day interesting, to say the least. And these men aren’t above using whatever skill set they have to do their duty and what needs to be done. Like delivering legal documents to Damien Kilauea, DJ, Hans Berlin, Sean Knight, and Josh Knight. Ending in wild bareback fuck action and hot cum everywhere!

Stars: Alex Hawk, Brian Bonds, Damien Kilauea, DJ, Hans Berlin, Josh Stone (i), Mason Lear, Sean Knight, Sherman Maus

Pranksters 2

Video: Pranksters 2
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Studio: Men.com

Johnny Rapid is out pranking men as they walk by, grabbing dicks and making a run for it. A clueless Dante Colle is the next victim up and chases Johnny down for a one-on-one confrontation.

Damien Stone is on campus pranking people. He trips and drops his books and while bending over his dick falls out his pants. Beaux Banks is shocked until he realizes it’s a fake dick but now he wants to see the real thing and Damien is happy to comply.

Cliff Jensen thinks he’s pulling one of his dick pranks on John Henry, but little does he know John is in on this one and has something up his own sleeve and in his pants.

Stars: Beaux Banks, Cliff Jensen, Damien Stone (i), Dante Colle, John Henry, Johnny Rapid

Helpless Boys – Jax

Video: Helpless Boys - Jax
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Studio: Fetish Network
Gorgeous blonde out of towner Jax has gotten lost trying to grandma’s place. Fortunately local stocky southern stud Austin happens by in his white van and has pity for the exhausted boy traveler. When Jax reveals that he has no way to repay him for his kindness, Austin shows him one; sexual submission. The desperate blonde soon finds himself bound, gagging on cock and even getting his head dunked in a container of water! As Austin’s sexual domination continues Jax is manhandled and fiercely ass-fucked in several humiliating positions then blasted with a huge facial cumshot.

Stars: Austin Andrews (M), Jax

Centurians Of Rome

Video: Centurians Of Rome
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Studio: Bijou Classics
I had never heard of Centurians of Rome until now, and when I was told the story behind its making, it sounded like something out of a caper film. As legend has it, this film, which at the time was the most expensive porno film ever made ($100,000), was financed from a 1980 two million dollar theft of a Brink’s security guard. It gets crazier. Brink’s was insured by Lloyd’s of London, and just like that, Lloyd’s became one of the co-owners of the film.

Everything about this film is absolutely phenomenal. The story is great, the men are to die for, the costumes are elaborate (especially Michael Flent’s emperor with his androgynous costumes and make-up) and the acting is really very good. The dialogue is dubbed in spots, but that’s easy to overlook. Even with a hundred grand, it’s hard to believe how great the film looks. The soundtrack, cinematography and just about every other technical portion of the film is like something out of a Hollywood movie. It’s also hard to believe that despite today’s advances in technology, this film looks a lot better than many of the films in today’s market.

The story behind this film is unbelievable and should be a movie itself. Centurians must be seen because it never disappoints, thanks to a cast of gorgeous men, beautiful sets, a great story, a fitting soundtrack (is that a touch of John Williams I hear?) and all-around sexual entertainment. I’m telling you, this is just like an old Hollywood gladiator film, but with explicit homoeroticism.

Stars: Adam DeHaven, David Hadkey, Ed Wiley, Eric Ryan, George Payne, Guiseppe Welch, John Kovacs, Michael Flent, Roy Garrett, Ryder Jones, Scorpio