Sex Tutorial

Video: Sex Tutorial
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Studio: Bareback Me Daddy
Young Cedric is all about having sex with older men and this time he is sharing the company of daddy Miguel. Absorbed in a project, Cedric barley even notices Migue, until a well-placed hand gets the boy’s attention. Cedric smiles leans back and opens his pants for the mature horny man, who quickly goes down on his uncut cock. By the time Cedric is boned up, daddy is naked and ready to hop on for a raw ride. Cedric ends up bareback fucking Migue from behind until he cums on the man’s butt. Then the boy slides back in for one final ass breeding round, before his big dick goes soft. And it’s not all there is, three more scenes with more daddies and sons!

Stars: Cedric, Fabrice, Ferdinand, Horatio, Miguel, Mirko, Scott

Falcon A-Team All Stars Sebastian Kross

Video: Falcon A-Team All Stars Sebastian Kross
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Studio: Falcon Studios
When Sebastian Kross undulates his smooth gymnast’s body, he’s a mass of muscle almost too hard to hold. Stud Ryan Rose swiftly grabs the erect cock protruding from Sebastian’s jock strap, and Sebastian gets caught up delivering a wet kiss. Cock to cock, they joust and make out. Sebastian licks the salt off Ryan’s skin and aims his erection at Ryan. Ryan needs no further invitation to swoop down and inhale that cock, squeezing Sebastian’s balls while getting plenty of vocal encouragement. Sebastian can get down orally too, and he puts his sexy lips and wet mouth to work returning the blow job. Moving from the cock to the ass, Sebastian treats Ryan’s hole to a thorough, royal rimming treatment, followed by plowing his cock into Ryan’s tasty crevice. The strap of Ryan’s jock doubles as reins, as Sebastian rides him. Shedding the jock strap, Ryan gets in a shoulder stand for the final stretch of the fuck, opening his mouth to Sebastian just as he opened his hole, and getting a hot cum cocktail as his own nut juices stream across his torso… Gladly this is a collection of Sebastian Kross’s

Stars: Casey More, Dario Beck, David Benjamin, Derek Atlas, Jacob Peterson, Johnny V., Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, Sebastian Kross

Real Men 21

Video: Real Men 21
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Studio: Workin’ Men Videos
These homemade videos are the result of a guy with a passion for the tough and ragged blue collar type. Most of the men he shoots are mature, hairy and have lived a hard life. They are gay, bisexual and straight guys that are down on their luck and need some extra cash. He captures them jerking off, and pays extra if they will suck dick on camera.

Stars: Benny, Daniel, Linus, Face, James, Lucas, Mike, Vincent

State Of Arousal

Video: State Of Arousal
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Studio: Raging Stallion
When two horny men are naked together with nothing but sexual desire between them, it brings them both to a heightened ‘State of Arousal.” Anything goes when Steve Cruz directs these erotically charged studs in connected, high-energy action, and the intensity of their sucking, fucking, rimming, and shooting knows no bounds. Sean Duran’s dominant energy propels Tyson Glover into the sub mindset, giving up both his holes to service Sean’s huge, hard cock. Hairy ginger stud Jack Vidra gets pounded by hung, muscled Tex Davidson, and their mutual erotic chemistry makes them bust huge loads. Jimmy Durano spreads X L’s ass for a deep rim job before giving X L his cock sideways and bringing them both to overpowering orgasms. Colton Grey and Bruno Bernal dive headlong into heightened erotic revelry, and Colton fucks a hot load out of Bruno before letting loose with his own. When these horny fuckers enter the ‘State of Arousal,’ there’s no turning back until everyone’s balls are drained!

Stars: Bruno Bernal, Colton Grey, Jack Vidra, Jimmy Durano, Sean Duran, Tex Davidson, Tyson Glover, XL

The Kamel’s Big Dick

Video: The Kamel's Big Dick
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Niko Rekins is one horny french boy who has a really thirsty asshole. Kamel Crunch having that heard goes straight to Nikos house and pokes his dick in his mouth. Nikos cant refuse it so he blows Kamel’s gigantic dick and asks for him to get fucked by it. Niko is a really good boy who knows how to take it up his ass to satisfy his partner.

Stars: Kamel Crunch, Niko Rekins

Breeding Mike O’Neill

Video: Breeding Mike O'Neill
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
Paul Morris introduces young cum-hungry bottom Mike O’Neill to hardcore bareback fucking: a dildo made of frozen cum and a gangbang that lasts all afternoon leave Mike grinning, exhausted and oozing gobs of cum from his stretched-out hole.

Stars: Damon Dogg, Dick Ranger, Don Daniels, Erich Lange, Jay Long, Jesse O’Toole, Joe Stack, Mark Magnos, Mike O’Neill, Perry (M), Ryan, Simon, Steve Parker, Tom Shannon, Tom Tomorrow, Vince

French First Timers Vol. 8

Video: French First Timers Vol. 8
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Studio: Gay Porn Casting
Don’t be deceived by the fact that these French boys are fucking first time on camera, they know exactly what they’re doing and can’t wait to show off their dicks and asses! They aren’t shy knowing that someone is filming them, they lust is stronger than that and they can’t wait to get fucked in the ass so their thirsty assholes are finally sated properly.

Stars: Doryann Marguet, Isaac Torrid, Justin XXL, Malik XXL, Mathias, Max Lacoste , Mickey, Nils Angelson, Steven, Xavio Kix

No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling Vol. 51

Video: No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling Vol. 51
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Mirek Madl and Alex Bonera are paired together for a submission wrestling match. They start off doing some warming up, with a fitness routine. They are naked as they work out and then they arm wrestle too. When they are ready for the match they put on their underwear, but it will soon come off again. We have a great pairing in a wrestling match. Bradley Cook and Michael Red are both very well built guys. They start off with some warming up. Then it is onto the match, with the guys quickly down on the mats grappling to gain an advantage. It is Bradley who prevails and wins the first point. Then the underwear comes off before they resume the match. Bare-assed they get to grips with each other again, as cocks flair too. Bradley’s massive cock flops around a lot as Michael tries to get his first score on the board. He does just that in round three. Jaro Vykvet and Roman Hendrik are paired in a submission wrestling match. They start by warming up with some stretching exercises and running. Then they get right into the wresting and are quickly rolling around on the floor. Jaro is the first to submit giving Roman a point. Then each guy removes his underwear as they begin round two. Cocks flail as they continue the wrestling with Roman able to gain another point fairly quickly. He is soon on his back and looking vulnerable to Jaro as they restart, but he still manages to make the submission to take a 3 point lead. Roman is not about to give up though and strains his muscles to the limit in the next round and is rewarded with his first point. His ass is on show nicely as he kneels over the recumbent Roman in round five.

Stars: Alex Bonero, Bradley Cook, Michael Red, Jaro Vykvet, Mirek Madl, Roman Hendrik

Connor Maguire’s Socks & Feet Worshipped

Video: Connor Maguire's Socks & Feet Worshipped
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Studio: My Friend’s Feet
Ricky is such a great worshiper and loves it so much that this time I set him up with Connor Maguire. Connor and Ricky are actually old friends, but Ricky has always had a thing for Connor. He told me he couldn’t wait to get busy on Connor’s feet and socks. Connor has awesome feet and is definitely a stud in every way. Ricky loved worshiping his smelly socks and bare feet – what foot freak wouldn’t’ Connor loved it too though, showing that fact by pulling out his big cock and stroking it until he cums while Ricky chowed down on his perfect feet!

Stars: Connor Maguire, Ricky Larkin

Captive God Stud Gets Punished & Fucked

Video: Captive God Stud Gets Punished & Fucked
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Captive submissive God Pierce Paris is bound in rope bondage and blind folded with a black leather hood. Daddy Dom Christian wild uses a black leather flogger and a black leather riding crop to punish his pet slave. Leather stud fucks his submissive slave in ass and squashes his cock and balls. Muscled stud gets a hot facial from a hung leather stud.

Stars: Christian Wilde, Pierce Paris