Men On Edge – Kinky Edging Mixes Pain With Pleasure

Video: Men On Edge - Kinky Edging Mixes Pain With Pleasure
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Young, hot stud Alex Hawk has been eager to jump on Men on Edge ever since watching the videos at home, and he’s even saved his load for days out of pure excitement. Jessie and Sebastian have him standing in front of the bed, his arms and legs spread apart so he can’t touch his greedy cock. Jessie takes care of that for him, kissing his way down Alex’s torso before working up the bulge in his underwear. We tear away the boy’s briefs, exposing his eager piece of meat just begging to be edged before sliding a plug up Alex’s ass for some extra stimulation. While the plug fills his ass, the horny stud rams his cock in and out of Jessie’s mouth as fast as he can before we deny him any release. Nipple clamps pinch down on the boy’s chest as we massage his hard, aching cock. We shut his moans up with a bit gag while a blindfold takes care of his sight. So much stimulation brings Alex over the edge as he erupts a load of cum all over Jessie’s hand. For blowing a premature load, we give him a ruthless round of post-orgasmic torment that really sends Alex screaming!

Stars: Alex Hawk, Jessie Colter, Sebastian (Kink)

Rentboy’s Dads & Lads 5

Video: Rentboy's Dads & Lads 5
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Studio: Rentboy Films
Mature guys seduce young British twinks in exciting older/younger scenes. These fresh young lads are eager to demonstrate their fucking credentials to their experienced and very dirty daddies! Having an older male in the bed is always nice, you never know where their experience will be useful. These lads enjoy every second of fucking for sure and you will too.

Stars: Aaron Aurora, Damian Duke, Matt Lowe, Neil Andrews

Unloading The Bone Part 3

Video: Unloading The Bone Part 3
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Studio: SpunkWorthy
Everyone needs some release and in times of need even straight guys will cross into uncharted territory to get a loadout. Sometimes, a pile of cash waiting at the end is just what’s needed to get it all caught on camera. From jerking or even sucking themselves off, to having another guy do it for them for the first time, no boner will go unloaded by the end.

Stars: Freddy, Jayson, Myles

Rich Bitch

Video: Rich Bitch
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Studio: Staxus Collection
Chris Jansen, Mike Cole, Frank Arias, Angel Lopez, and David Sky are beautiful twinks indulging all their most decadent bareback desires. These hot Euro boys lead a life of extravagance, fanciness and that goes for their sex lives as well! Fucking each other, moaning and cumming, that’s how they enjoy their rich, careless lives.

Stars: Angel Lopez (M), Chris Jansen, David Sky, Frank Arias, Mike Cole (i)

Muscle Guys Very Hot

Video: Muscle Guys Very Hot
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Logan and Steevy are horny boys. One of them lusts to get some arse and another one lusts for a good ass pounding. They get into a separate room where they start the fun. Blowing each other, kissing and of course, fucking hard in doggy style. And finally, Logan and Steevy but big loads on each-other…

Stars: Logan, Steevy

The Fixer

Video: The Fixer
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Studio: Hot House Video
The torrid love affair of a wealthy married man is secretly taped by his sexy young lover. Looking for some fast money he sells the sex tape to a dangerous man who specializes in ruining reputations for his own financial gain. But the blackmailer didn’t count on ‘The Fixer’, a vigilante problem solver who uses all of his sizable weapons to save the couple from extortion. Who will come out on top in this exciting sexual thriller? Find out as Director Nick Foxx invites you into the dark underworld of ‘The Fixer’. Infidelity, betrayal, stealing, blackmail and amazing hardcore SEX are all on display in Foxx’s sordid sexual tale featuring six hunky studs in a dark web of greed, lust and redemption. The mayhem all starts when Austin Wolf (Alex) meets hunky Alex Mecum (Derek) for an affair in a seedy motel. After rimming Alex’s tight ass, Austin reluctantly leaves him alone, but not all is as it seems. Back at home, Austin is hanging out with his husband, Beaux Banks when they receive a blackmail video of Austin’s affair demanding money. The two devise a plan, but only after Austin gets his dick serviced and Beaux gets his hole stretched. Beaux pays a visit to Skyy Knox, who is out to destroy Austin’s reputation. Not only does Skyy want money, he wants the thing dearest to Austin’s heart – Beaux. Beaux reluctantly gives himself over and gets his hole abused on the hood of his car. Austin, Tyler Roberts, and Arad Winwin arrive at Skyy’s secret location. To punish Skyy for his indiscretions, the three hunks take turns tag teaming his face and ass and stretch him to the limits with an extra long session of double penetration. Don’t take your love or your life for granted because not everyone has enough money or ‘The Fixer’ to help make their problems go away.

Stars: Alex Mecum, Arad, Austin Wolf, Beaux Banks, Skyy Knox, Tyler Roberts

In Dark Dirty Places

Video: In Dark Dirty Places
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Studio: Hairy And Raw
Sex at it’s most primal happens with strangers in dark dirty places. In dark dirty places, you do things with people you wouldn’t ordinary do in the light of day. In dark dirty places you become a complete pig and whore. In dark dirty places you allow yourself to be debased and humiliated or fucked to within an inch of your life. And you’ll love every dark, dirty moment! Join Alex Hawk, Lucifer Angel, Andrex Xandrex, Dino Defrancesco, Chip young, Avi Strider, Alezgi Cage, And Sebastian Sax, as they lose themselves having sex..In dark dirty places.

Stars: Alex Hawk, Alezgi Cage, Andrex Xandrex, Avi Strider, Chip Young, Dino DeFrancesco, Lucifer Angel, Sebastian Sax

Load After Load Of Juicy Goo!

Video: Load After Load Of Juicy Goo!
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The now famous Mating Season series from the After Hours collection delivered so much hot splooge that we simply had to get the best of those cum loads together in this spunk-fest. With so much fresh seed splashing around you won’t be able to resist adding your own wads as you watch cock after cock pumping out that delicious mess!

Stars: Fraser Jacs, Josh Charters, Josh Jared, Kai (Blakemason), Matt Brookes, Riley Tess, Bradley Bishop

Enter The DareDevil

Video: Enter The DareDevil
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Studio: Colby Knox
In this ColbyKnox update you get a sneak peek inside of the everyday life of a superhero. They may have mythical powers and spend most of their time saving the world but what does a sexy hero do in his free time? Today, we find this sexy super stud at home when he catches a burglar in his house. This super powered stud decides to punish him by making him shove his thieving cock deep into his ass of steel. This common thief had no idea that he would end up balls deep in the ass of a superhero today. Good thing our resident superhero is wearing his mask, it comes in handy today catching a giant load of cum in a massive facial.

Stars: Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox

Postcards From LA

Video: Postcards From LA
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In the first part of a series shot in LA, Liam Riley & Sean Zevran spend time together enjoying the city.and each other’s company on a warm winter’s day. Playful flirting and a sensual shower together leads to increasing sexual attraction that reaches critical mass. As Sean lies in bed stroking his thick cock, Liam stands nearby, also hard and stroking and when he’s bent over with near-feverish intensity he mutters in a semi-hoarse whisper, ” Fuck…I want you so bad.”
Taylor Reign welcomes Travis Yukarin in his porn debut at CockyBoys, but he doesn’t make it easy for the slightly nervous newcomer. Taylor, who Travis thinks is “hot stuff” stands near him, naked and hard, stretching and teasing him as his hands roam over his body and lightly stroke his cock. Travis has no choice but to get up from his chair and go over to Taylor, play with his ass and rub his muscular body up against his back. Finally, Travis turns him around and kisses him as Taylor’s steel hard cock rubs against the bulge in Travis’s briefs.
Jack Hunter & Ollie’s fun and flirty day at the beach winds down with a balmy sunset, but when they return to their room their simmering sexual chemistry bursts into a full flame of passion right as soon as they close the door. After deep kissing one another, Jack makes his way down Ollie’s hard body to his cock where his mouth engulfs his hardening cock. Soon Ollie is eager to return the pleasure..especially once he gets a look at Jack’s ginormous cock. He has to use his hands and his mouth to take on Jack, but Ollie perseveres in his oral challenge.
Sean Ford & Taylor Reign are out and about in LA but their attention is really more focused on one another. In spite of this pent-up sexual tension they take things slowly. They simply want this to last. On the sofa they luxuriate in sensual kissing which leads to Taylor slipping off Sean’s pants and sucking him at length,, with the same romantically inclined but unmistakable sexual desire. At one point Taylor rises up and without saying a word Sean takes out Taylor’s cock from his speedos and gives him the same oral pleasure.

Stars: Taylor Reign, Jack Hunter, Liam Riley, Ollie (Cockyboys), Sean Ford, Sean Zevran, Travis Yukarin