Football Hero 2

Video: Football Hero 2
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Studio: Icon Male
Retired professional football star Hugh Hanson (Hugh Hunter) has agreed to coach a local football team, but as his own former coach (Max Sargent) tells young lover (Doug Acre), that’s like putting a wolf in charge of the hen house! Hugh’s jealous, power bottom boyfriend (Armond Rizzo) suspects that Hugh won’t be able to resist the hot, young football players, and he’s proven right when Hugh seduces gorgeous young athlete Ethan Slade. Meanwhile, team players Kory Houston and Andrew Austin decide to take a break from summer training for some sexual playtime of their own. Starring Hugh Hunter, Max Sargent, Ethan Slade, Armond Rizzo, Kory Houston, Andrew Fitch and Doug Acre.

Stars: Doug Acre, Ethan Slade, Armond Rizzo, Andrew Fitch, Max Sargent, Kory Houston, Hugh Hunter

Bound Gods – Two Doms Take On An Eager Painslut With a Huge Cock

Video: Bound Gods - Two Doms Take On An Eager Painslut With a Huge Cock
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Alex Greene is a painslut who only desires to serve the house, so Christian Wilde and Wolf Hudson arrive to test his devotion. They taunt the slave, asking him what he’s good for. Alex answers that he can take a beating, suck cock, and clean. Unimpressed by that answer, Alex is made to lick Mr. Hudson’s boots while taking a flogging from Mr. Wilde. Mr. Hudson pulls Alex back up to his knewws to see if the slave’s cocksucking is really up to snuff. Meanwhile, Mr. Wilde pulls out two buckets and has the slave hold them out as more and more weights are dropped into them. As his arms strain to hold the heavy load, the doms cover Alex’s balls with painful clamps and shove his head from dick to dick. For the next stage of the test, Mr. Wilde and Mr. Hudson bind the slave down to a box. The slave gags on Mr. Hudson’s dick while Mr. Wilde whacks deep red welts into his meaty ass. The doms trade sides, Mr. Hudson fucking Alex relentlessly as Alex blows Mr. Wilde. They flip Alex over and switch once more, Mr. Wilde going deep into Alex’s ass and Mr. Hudson going deep into Alex’s throat. They move Alex into more strenuous bondage, suspending his hips from the ceiling as his wrists and ankles are pinned to the floor. The double team continues while Alex is zapped with electricity. Mr. Hudson decides to glaze Alex’s face first, with Mr. Wilde following closely with a huge load of his own. Alex gets thrown back to the floor as Mr. Hudson fiercely jerks a load from the the slave. The slave cleans up his cum and is brought back into the air, as the doms congruate themselves on a job well done.

Stars: Wolf Hudson, Christian Wilde, Alex Greene

The 1000 Load Fuck

Video: The 1000 Load Fuck
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
In this “shocking work of porn genius,” Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media deliver the ultimate in raw raging cum-fueled man fucking, The 1,000 Load Fuck. This over-the-top video features eleven scorching bareback scenes. Hundreds and hundreds of sperm-donors helped stage the main attraction – an incredible fuck in which Ian Jay takes a thousand fucking manloads, over a gallon of cum up his ravenous young ass. Featuring “Madmen” Dawson, Brad McGuire, James Roscoe, Jerry Stearns, Keer, Calvin, Derek Anthony, Jessy “Play Hard” Karson, and Seth.

Stars: Lito Cruz, Keer, Paul Stag, J.C. Woof, Trevor, Derek Anthony, Seth, B.J. Slater, Calvin, Andre Barclay, Brad McGuire, Chad Rock, Dawson, Jessy Karson, George Glass, Bryce Anderson, Tober Brandt, James Roscoe, Jerry Stearns, Ray Dalton, Ian Jay, Craig Daniel

Alien Spermanators

Video: Alien Spermanators
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Studio: Knightbreeders
Don’t miss this vintage animated film from Knightbreeders! They came to fuck in peace! Indulge in FIVE explosive scenes of wild outer space sex, alien group sessions, and much more!

Stars: Senora Simona, Carlos Dickson, Max Tequila, Bill Rage, Jake John

Real Deal

Video: Real Deal
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Studio: Amateur Studs
These super sexy studs are the Real Deal…and you’re about to find out why! With FIVE explosive scenes, watch these gorgeous Euro hunks cum together for a hardcore fuckfest that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats!

Stars: Oz TMB, Mike Tiger, Kevin Sportswear, Tony Madrid, Desire Dange, Ange Lyon, Lucas De La Luna, Will Helm, Kameron Frost

Wank Parties Plus From Prague Vol. 22

Video: Wank Parties Plus From Prague Vol. 22
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
If you love sexy guys from Prague then you won’t want to miss out on Wank Parties From Prague 22! These boys sure do know how to party! That’s why they’re back doing what they do best. All you have to bring to this party is a rock hard cock and an eagerness to spread those cheeks and drill balls deep!

Stars: Vaclav Chovanec, Rado Zuska , Romi Zuska, Petr Zuska

Fuck Your Way To The Top

Video: Fuck Your Way To The Top
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Studio: Phoenixxx Studio
These horny jock guys and young twinky boys know what it takes to make it in the world of business, and in these five scenes they really don’t hold back when it comes to using their best skills and assets to get what they want. It’s all about climbing up that career ladder and doing whatever it takes to get ahead, enjoying every second of it too as they share their hungry mouths, throbbing dicks and tight welcoming butts with their colleagues in the office. Whether it’s a cock-loving boss abusing his authority to get his boner inside a sexy employee, a customer service agent teaching a colleague a lesson, or a horny suited guy taking his professional relationship with his equally hungry colleague to the next level, these professional boys and jock men all know how to put in a good days work in the office!

Stars: Tyler Andrews, Kris Anderson, Micah Andrews, Jordan Ashton, Trevor Bridge, Mitch Vaughn, Dustin Fitch, Julian Smiles, Braden Klien, Jesse Jordan (i)

Muscle Hole Fuckers

Video: Muscle Hole Fuckers
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Studio: RawJoxxx
Ryan Rizzo shoves his muscled cock into Zack Black’s slut hole while Denis Reed warms up Trent Tarzan’s muscle butt. Zack Hood comes back to rawjoxxx studios to use Andy West and his hot fuck hole while Ryan is ordered to fuck Trent’s used hole!

Stars: Denis Reed, Zack Hood, Andy West, Zack Black , Trent Tarzan, Ryan Rizzo

Blacker The Berry Sweeter The Juice

Video: Blacker The Berry Sweeter The Juice
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Studio: All Worlds Video
This all-black cast samples the nectar of the Gods and can’t get enough of sweet cock and tight man holes. With a cast led by the super hung Kevin Kemp and Flex Gamble, you won’t want to miss a single momemt!

Stars: Ricky Parker, Dante Franklin, Kevin Kemp, Flex Gamble, Drakkar, Tabu, Mocha (ii)

D.O.C. – Drunk On Cum Parts 1 & 2

Video: D.O.C. - Drunk On Cum Parts 1 & 2
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
Paul Morris’s homage to cocksucking, cum-hungry men. Called ”outrageous -an instant classic!” D.O.C. features sperm eaters Billy Wild, Mike O’Neill, Eric Lange and many other oral addicts sucking cock and swallowing down every juicy hot load! All hot, and all over the place!

Stars: Andy Dill, Erich Lange, Tom Tomorrow, Dick Richards, Eric Borden, Mike O’Neill, Jay Long, Dhamiboo, Brian, Billy Wild