Fuck Damian Hight

Video: Fuck Damian Hight
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Damian Hight is down to fuck…and you’re getting a front row seat of all the action! Teaming up with Sunny Blue, these horny studs hold nothing back in this hardcore amateur scene!

Stars: Sunny Blue (Male), Damian Hight

Boys First Time 27

Video: Boys First Time 27
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Studio: Reality Dudes
Don’t miss the 27th installment of Boys First Time! These young, cum-filled studs are cumming together for an all-out fuckfest that will keep you on the edge of your seats! From wild flip-fucks to hardcore ass-poundings, nothing is off limits for these horny boys!

Stars: Alejandro, Jacques Lavere, Evan Mercy, Chase Young, Johnny Murad, Aiden Ross, Jay Wayside, RB White, Mchino, Matthew Young, Shane

Big Wood

Video: Big Wood
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Studio: Falcon Studios
The woods are lusty dark and deep … and nine intrepid scouts are out for the adventure of their lives. Along the hidden trails, within their private campsites and around some rustic cabins, there is pleasure to be found and our horny cast is on the prowl eager to stake their claim and watch their mighty timbers rise and fall.

Stars: Mitchell Rock, Zac Blake, Landon Conrad, Landon Mycles, Steven Diagle, Aden Jaric, Chaz Riley, Dominic Pacifico, Jayden Grey

Personal Touch

Video: Personal Touch
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Studio: Pride Studios
PrideStudios.com is proud to presentPersonal Touch. Alexander Greene is here to see Dr. Matt Stevens because of some pain he’s been experiencing in his groin. He hasn’t been having sex lately, but his balls really ache. Dr. Stevens takes one look and sees what the problem is instantly. Alexander’s balls are big and swollen, so he tells him that they need a release. Dr. Stevens tells him not to worry, and that his own personal touch is the best remedy. Also starring Dolf Dietrich, Bryan Cole, Tex Davidson, Davey Anthony and more! Each of these hunky, horny men use their own personal techniques and healing touches to fix everything from a pesky Prince Albert to a sprained ankle to a tree trimming. A Pride Studios original series.

Stars: Alejandro Fusco, Tex Davidson, Jesse Santana, Justin Beal, Alexander Greene, Bryan Cole, Isaac Hardy, Matt Stevens, Davey Anthony, Dolf Dietrich

Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend 2

Video: Dawson's 50 Load Weekend 2
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Studio: Treasure Island Media
If you think he stops at 50 loads you don’t know Dawson! Dawson was determined to set a world record for cumloads taken… and he succeeds! In this second half of Dawson’s 50-Load Weekend, superslut Dawson gives in to his craving for more cocks and more spooge up his perfect little ass. He’ll take it from anyone, anywhere: Dawson is truly the hungriest cumwhore in the world!

Stars: Marc Short, Matt Walker, Tony Rocco, Pat Jackson, Tom Finn, Mark Sergeant, Joe Sarge, Jace Hawk, Antonio Montez, Jack Forest, Kevin Slater, Dawson, Seth Scott, Kurt Kaiser

Outdoor Fornication

Video: Outdoor Fornication
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Studio: Amateur Studs
These studs love to fuck…outdoors, in the middle of the day, with no holding back! Don’t miss FIVE explosive scenes of wild public fucking that puts the hard in hardcore!

Stars: Mike Tiger, Sunny Blue (Male), Sofiano Latino, Pitbulle, Jean Franco, Kamel, Jess Royan, Diego Delavega

Bound Gods – Mouthy Slave Has The The Gratitude Beat Back Into Him

Video: Bound Gods - Mouthy Slave Has The The Gratitude Beat Back Into Him
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Studio: BoundGods.com
After mouthing off to the house doms, Brock Rustin stews in a filthy cell– gagged, bound and resentful. Christian Wilde arrives, set on reeducating the ungrateful slave. The slave still thirsts for cock, so Christian has the slave gag on his massive dick while he slaps sense back into him with a heavy leather paddle. Attitude improving, Christian suspends the slave’s arms above his head and tenderizes the slave’s meaty ass with a cane and flogger. Whatever will remained in the slave shatters under the pa*n. The slave dutifully submits to his dom again. In celebration of the rediscovered gratitude, Christian fucks the bound slave and covers his back in hot candle wax before cropping it clean. The slave graciously takes a wad of Christian’s load all over his face. Now back in the good graces of the house, Christian permits the slave to cum– right onto Christian’s foot, which he promptly cleans with his tongue.

Stars: Christian Wilde, Brock Rustin

Twink Gets Nailed

Video: Twink Gets Nailed
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Studio: HotDicks
Paul is going door-to-door, trying to gather signatures for his candidate for the upcoming election. Carl asks him in and agrees to provide his signature if Paul will help him out. Carl puts his hand on Paul’s leg and gropes his cock. Since Paul doesn’t resist, Carl continues and is soon sucking him off. They retire to Carl’s bedroom and they 69 and Carl starts fucking him. They fuck each other and cum in each other’s mouths.

Stars: Paul, Carl Hubay

Cock Lovin’ Cum Addicts

Video: Cock Lovin' Cum Addicts
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Studio: Zack Randall
These twinks can’t get enough of warm, gooey, thick cum…and they’re doing what it takes to get every bit of it that they can! With SIX scenes of hot action, this collection combines sexy solos, one-on-one blowjob sessions, and hardcore fucking!

Stars: Ty Evans, Brian Lovescock, Sean Adams, Zack Randall, Alfonso (M), Alec Ditz, Marcus Rivers, Tyler Hancock

Breeding Draven Torres

Video: Breeding Draven Torres
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Breeding Draven Torres has him getting plowed and sucking cock like never before! This hungry bottom can also top with the best of them. Draven is versatile and down to fuck so bring it on and breed this boy. This cum thirsty trick cannot be satisfied!

Stars: Preston Johnson, Lex Antoine, Tyler Reed, Draven Torres