Men Of Montreal Vol. 12

Video: Men Of Montreal Vol. 12
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Studio: Men Of Montreal
Men Of Montreal proudly presents an anthology filled to the brim with pure Quebecois sex appeal and hot amateur gay sex. In Volume 12, you’ll be sure to love the ridiculously adorable Mario Torrez as he fulfills a fantasy of his own when he gets the chance to fill Christian Powers’ tight hole. Gabriel Clark and Samuel Stone look dashing in their power suits; they can’t help but to skip their conference call and have some X-rated fun in the hotel room instead. When Marco Gagnon’s scene partner ditches at the last minute, he and Marko Lebeau set out to Montreal’s Gay Village in order to find a volunteer replacement – Brad Rioux is eager for the job as well as Marco’s perfect cock. Enjoy this, and much more!

Stars: Gabriel Clark, Marco Gagnon, Samuel Stone, Mario Torrez, Alec Leduc, Christian Power, Pascal Aubry, Kyle Champagne, Damian Hope, Brad Rioux, Alexy Tyler

No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling Vol. 33

Video: No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling Vol. 33
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
William Higgins brings us yet another “No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling” These guys are ready for anything and love to wrestle in the nude! Watch their bodies as they become tangled together, a feast for your eyes. These hot boys take it to the gym and try to sort out their differences. Watch as they grapple and throw each other to floor! With their perfect, muscular bodies, you never know who’s gonna come out on top. After that it is time to hit the shower boys! Enjoy!

Stars: Zdenek Tluclek, Honza Forst, Roman Koroza, Vasek Konik, Terry Torson, Julius Sekac, Tomas Ludva, Zdeno Jaro

Worked Up

Video: Worked Up
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Studio: Mustang
With muscles bulging and jockstraps straining, our cast of eight get hot and sweaty… and all Worked Up. Director Erik Rhodes puts his men through their paces, letting all the brawn, all the sweat, all the built-up desires dictate the action. Don’t miss this explosive FOUR SCENE collection from Mustang Studios!

Stars: Tom Wolfe, Jayden Grey, Scott Campbell, Phenix Saint, Parker Perry, Samuel Colt, Hunter Marx , Jim Ferro

My Homo Romance

Video: My Homo Romance
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Studio: Homo Emo
My Homo Romance is a collection of scenes brought to us from These twinky boys are uncut and have a hunger for dick. The smooth and sexy guys are experienced and are no stranger to some hardcore anal action. Watch as these young men fuck like they are wise beyond their years!

Stars: Zaccary Plastic, Danny Star (twink), Deano Star, Alex Kane, Brooke Summers, Phoenix Link, Josh Osbourne, Elliot Hawke, Leo Poynter, Lucas Price

My Client Couldn’t Cum

Video: My Client Couldn't Cum
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Studio: HotDicks
Carl has a date as an Escort with a guy visiting Las Vegas and accompanies him to his place for an hour’s worth of fun. They suck each other’s cocks and then he fucks Carl bareback. But, he’s having trouble staying hard, so he fucks Carl with a dildo. Carl continues to suck on him and try to get him to stay hard, but, it’s not working. Finally, the client agrees that he won’t be able to cum. He asks Carl to cum in his mouth. And says that he will be satisfied with that.

Stars: Carl Hubay Jr., Richard

Five Guys Naked Card Game and Circle Jerk Cum Contest

Video: Five Guys Naked Card Game and Circle Jerk Cum Contest
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Studio: Straight Naked Studs
Wiley, Cain, Blinx, Danny Boy and Slip play cards and gamble for each other’s clothes. One by one each of the guys get naked. Once all the guys are naked they begin to competitively masturbate. Five, hot, young skaters and thugs give new meaning to a group circle jerk as they sit in a circle and masturbate. In a chain reaction all boys fire off their cum loads!

Stars: Cain, Danny Boy, Wiley, Blinx, Slip

Cock Fight

Video: Cock Fight
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Studio: Monster Bang
Get ready for four body-slammin’ rounds of sex combat to determine the hottest fucker in Raging Stallion’s stable of studs. You decide when you watch ‘Cock Fight!’ the latest big dick, energized wet dream from Monster Bang and the cutting edge and fertile imagination of award-winning director Steve Cruz . Three incredible men lay it all on the line. Former Men of the Year Shawn Wolfe and Landon Conrad, plus riveting newcomer Adam Ramzi, fuck off in every carnal combination three head-to-head matches and one all-out, winner-take-all three way. The goal is to out-suck, out-kiss, out-rim, out-fuck and be the last man cumming in the final round. This XXX sendup of trash-talking, man-on-man competition adds cheering audience sounds and trainers who get their guys psyched up. When the sexual sparring begins, it’s not so much who does what as it is who does it first, and when the trainer throws in the towel, it’s to mop up the heavy loads of jizz.. Adam is ripped and pounces with boundless sexual gusto, and a hard on to outlast the any contender. Will that win him the coveted prize? Landon is massively muscular and magnificently ferocious. He gets what he wants…will he take home the trophy? Shawn is the dark horse, a power sexual beast who knows where his strengths lie. Will he rise to the top and win it all? Pounding, slamming and drilling with high intensity and physical sex. The harder they fuck the harder they cum.

Stars: Landon Conrad, Adam Ramzi, Shawn Wolfe

Robby Masker & Lucas Fall

Video: Robby Masker & Lucas Fall
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Studio: Pegasus Studios
Lucas fall walks into the room where Robbie Masker is in bed reading. He suggests there are better things to do and begins kissing Robbie. The two take turns sucking on each other cocks. Then Robbie takes his big uncut cock and penetrates Lucas’s tight ass. missionary style. Lucas jerks off until he cums on himself.

Stars: Robbie Masker, Lucas Fall

Barebackin’ Brothers! – Director’s Edition

Video: Barebackin' Brothers! - Director's Edition
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Studio: D&E Productions
Originally released in 2003, this film was then discontinued and been off the market since 2005. We have decided to add two addition scenes, digitally re-master the film and improve the sound to bring you our latest release DVD called Barebackin Brothers! The name say’s it all, Barebackin Brothers…watch as these hot bro’s allow us to film them having sex for the very first time! The most secret of Taboo’s as you watch these hot brothers suck and fuck each other RAW!

Stars: Trenton Crosse, Jonathon Hugh, Alex Crosse, Raul Diaz, Ryan Johnson, Luis Garcia, Mauricio Garcia, A.J. Johnson, Jimmy Hugh, Christian Diaz

Shayne Gets A Beating From Sean

Video: Shayne Gets A Beating From Sean
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Studio: Twisted Media
Sean has been saving up a cum load, and now that he has a sweet and innocent young twink prisoner he’s going to give him every drop of it! Shayne is shackled, his hands bound by heavy chains. He can do nothing as Sean spanks him, then wanks him and makes him cum hard. But he gets a reward for being obedient as Sean strokes out a big load for Shayne to drink!

Stars: Shayne Green, Sean McKenzie