Hardkinks Rec Party Vol. 1 – Sergio Mutty & Alex Foxhound

Video: Hardkinks Rec Party Vol. 1 - Sergio Mutty & Alex Foxhound
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Studio: Hardkinks
Fresh from Attack Bar in Madrid, Hardkinks throws their first Recparty movie and you definitely won’t want to miss a single moment. The sexy men of Hardkinks and fans unite to kick the temperature up to new heights. Becoming a porn star while you do it with your favorite actors? Now, it’s possible!

Stars: Sergio Mutty, Alex Foxhound

The Locker Room

Video: The Locker Room
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Studio: AlphaMales
Inside the Locker Room lies a group of testosterone-driven, sweaty and chiseled muscle men who are looking for a place to relax after an intense work out. As each hunk walks in, his body is drenched and the scent in the air is perfect for some big dicked play and hard ass fucking! Cruising is out the window as these hunks know exactly what’s going to happen, and offer up no resistance to the fact! Packed full of American stars Dirk Caber and Alessandro Del Toro, teaming up with Brit hunks Dolan Wolf, Nick North and many more, it’s not just sweat they leave the room stinking of, but gallons of spunk dripping off their heaving muscles and onto the floor below.

Stars: Nick North, Alessandro Del Toro, Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, Bruno Fox, Craig Daniel

No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling Vol.29

Video: No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling Vol.29
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
In volume 29 of No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling, William Higgins brings us even more sexy men fighting for control! These smooth and oiled European men are fighting for dominance and look great doing so. When they jerk off, the real battle comes to see who will cum first! Enjoy these creamy men with perfect physiques!

Stars: Mikhail Nesersev, David Koral, Kamil Jezek, Jan Panik, Daniel Korda, Nikolay Arbesov, Anton Kretek, Slavek Kopr

Seth Tied And Tortured

Video: Seth Tied And Tortured
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Studio: Twisted Media
Strapped down, legs spread and balls locked in, Seth Roberts is about to have his hole abused with dildos bigger then a mans arm in this video! Watch and take pity on this cute American stud as he moans from the pressure as his ass hole is widened and stretched. Sebastian is then given a much needed milking and left bound.

Stars: Seth Roberts, Sebastian Kane

Biker’ s Liberty

Video: Biker' s Liberty
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Studio: Falcon Studios
The sailor and the biker, It’s a classic fantasy and a high-volume wet dream! Big blond Tim Kramer, the bike-riding leather man and Mac Turner, in swabbie whites, come together for a sizzling encounter of domination and willing submission. The towering leather-man whips out his favorite toys and works Mac with leather and rubber dildos until he’s calling out for more!

Stars: Lee Ryder, Sky Dawson, Mac Turner, Tim Kramer, Mark Taylor, Terry Samson, Kris Bjorn, Tom Burk, Tim Burr, Kevin, Jon King

Fraiser And Robbie Instantly Clicked

Video: Fraiser And Robbie Instantly Clicked
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Studio: BlakeMason.com
There may have been a bunch of shoots that have definitely brought me much pleasure, but there is no denying that this one is no exception! From the moment that they meet, Fraiser and Robbie clicked and the ensuing action was awesome, passionate and lustful… they wanted each other so bad that I know they didn’t have a care for Shayne and I who were manning the cameras – and that’s just the way I like it! Raw, abandoned sex coupled with desire and real sexual need is the name of the game here. Robbie just can’t get enough of Fraiser’s mammoth uncut cock in the early stages of the action, but then it does seem to be him who’s taking the lead. But you know what? Fraiser’s also pretty good at devouring cock and these two just seemed to be starving hungry for it… Oh, to be on the receiving end of those hungry mouths, eh? And then it just gets a whole lot more intense when Fraiser sits his tight arse down on Robbie’s magical dick. It fills his deep down, wanton desires completely and now that Robbie has completed his initiation in to what it takes to be a true BLAKEMASON top, well, Fraiser just wanted more and more! In fact, I had to work overtime just so these two could enjoy each other to the utmost… I guess it comes with the territory… along with lovely, pent-up cum shots 😉 Oh, there’s also 8 minutes of bonus footage with this one too!

Stars: Fraiser, Robbie Rivers

Peckerwood Dickdown

Video: Peckerwood Dickdown
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Studio: Joe Schmoe Productions
Dametry brought his boy Skittlez by and fucked the shit out of him. Black Joe and the much younger Tango get busy. These two scenes are as amateur as they cum! Joe Schmoe brings you only the most hardcore and unedited porn you can find out there. Enjoy the show!

Stars: Eric

Pumping The Iron

Video: Pumping The Iron
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Studio: Pride Studios
With a cast led by Logan Vaughn and Zeb Atlas, High Performance Men is bringing you a group of ripped hunks that are definitely PUMPING THE IRON! For a long while, Logan has worked hard on his physique but he wants to get bigger. He decides to check out Zeb Atlas’s gym to train with the best. Guess what happens next… Enjoy!

Stars: Rikk York, Sam Northman, Christopher Daniels, Zeb Atlas, Drake Jaden, Alex Adams, Logan Vaughn, Matt Stevens

Fleshlight Jerking With Erik

Video: Fleshlight Jerking With Erik
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Studio: Boy Feast
Erik is a horny twink who loves nothing more than beating his meat in the shower…and lucky for you, here’s a front row seat of his private bath time antics! This time, he has some special jerk off toys to enjoy in his cock pleasuring sessions too! We join him for a morning wank in the bathroom, and get to share his fun as he slides his long boner in and out of that toy until his cum is pumping out!

Stars: Erik Tribold


Video: Underwraps
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Studio: Rage
When Ted Shane’s stardom reaches insane heights, his sexuality is pushed behind closed doors. As of matter of fact, if it weren’t for his bodyguard, Mac, all of his secrets would come to light…especially the country club sex incident. The tennis instructor indiscretion. And of course, the episode with the producer. Jim Steel will hide none of it. Join him in a sizzling look at superstar sex and its consequences. Under wraps? Not any more.

Stars: Zak Spears, Jason Andrews, Carl Radford, Brian Anger, Bruno (i), Tanner Reeves, Cort Stevens