Mauvais Garcons 2

Video: Mauvais Garcons 2
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Studio: Le Kiff
Kameron Frost and Mike Tiger are in an abandoned building. Mike loves Kameron’s thick cock. Mike turns against the wall and the sexy blonde slides his cock into his ass. The two cum together. Next, Lyam Dylan and Kader Jawel are in a warehouse. They are full of male hormones and there’s plenty of cock to eat, rimming and anal fucking. Fabien Kiffeur is eager to empty his balls. Then Kamel Crunch is looking at DVD covers in the sex shop when he sees Ronan KS go in the back room. Once in the dark these two twinks have fun with each other’s cock. Lastly, Clemboy loves two cocks in this threesome. Lyam Dylan and Kader Jawell give him a great facial.

Stars: Mike Tiger, Clemboy, Ronan KS, Fabien Kiffeur, Sunny Blue (Male), Kameron Frost, Lyam Dylan, Kader Jawell, Kamel Crunch


Video: Workload
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Studio: Jet Set Men
‘Moving can be a bitch. All that packing and unpacking. These hung studs are up for the action and willingly lighten their loads with their major tools Workload brings a whole new meaning to turning on your utilities. Have you ever lusted after the hot utility installer? You’re not alone. Sometimes setting up your new apartment can take forever – especially when you’re all tied up and locked in a closet. Even with all the details involved, there’s still plenty of time for fucking. This apartment sees a lot of action in the first day of business.’

Stars: Alan Gregory, Nick Capra, Logan Robbins, Kevin Armstrong, Tyler Saint, Beaux Banner, Jordan Vaughn, Eddie Stone (i)

The Extreme Boyz Chronicles Volume II

Video: The Extreme Boyz Chronicles Volume II
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Not for the faint-hearted, this graphic sequel to Volume I once again features the wanton delights of slave-boy Tal this time set against the devilish mercies of Spencer and Draiven, both of whom seem only too aware of what their underling enjoys doing in his spare time. As such, Tal is suspended by his ankles, has the soles of his feet whipped, and has hot wax poured over his body, all for the amusement of Master Draiven, who clearly wishes to point out to the lad just who exactly is in control.

Stars: Lance Bolter, Tal, Draiven, Spencer

Cottage Boy

Video: Cottage Boy
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Studio: Eurocreme
This French countryside is beautiful and here lies a beautiful French cottage. Leo Marco is the care taker and this cottage becomes a hot-bed and breakfast of sex, broken relationships and the blossoming of an unexpected love story. The storyline is fantastic, fit young bodies and gorgeous countryside and some of the hottest twink sex.

Stars: Leo Marco, Lucas Davidson, Zac West, Lyle Boyce, Kayden Gray, Niall Roberts , J.P. DuBois

Micah Gets Drilled

Video: Micah Gets Drilled
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Studio: The Great Canadian Male
Micah is new to the Canadian Male family. Micah loves cock in his ass and loves to be fucked hard. He’s willing to get into any position as long as it’s nice and deep. Brad does the honors of breaking his ass in. At the end of this drilling shoot they take a nice hot shower together.

Stars: Micah (Male), Brad

Dicktators 6 – No Mercy

Video: Dicktators 6 - No Mercy
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Studio: Black Rayne Productions
It should be enough that these thugs around the way don’t play when it cums to getting down and dirty. But what makes them Dicktators just so happens to be what these cock hungry bottoms are looking for. That’s right! They’re called Dicktators because they walk softly, but carry a big stick…between their legs! Watch these meat packing, hole drilling bruthas sink these flesh seeking missiles deep into a tight hole, gape it out and then seed it in five 100% hardcore male-on-male RAW action!

Stars: True, Hotrod, Dagger, Ignition, Chase Coxxx, Drilla, Kappa, Diamond Boi, Phoenix, Chino

Black In Nature 4

Video: Black In Nature 4
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Studio: Monster Big
Black in Nature 4 is a power-packed installment in an awe-inspiring series. It’s a must-see for those of you who crave more phenomenal sex with more of the hottest guys!’

Stars: Mo Joe, Mr. Buck, Pleasure Boi, Damari, Phoenix (GAY), Casanova, Intrigue, Jermany, Black Rod

Spy Games Part 1

Video: Spy Games Part 1
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Studio: Dolphin Entertainment
A severe car accident has occurred near the Maykovsky subway station. The FSB received notice that one of the autos involved in the accident belongs to the Swedish Embassy. The driver behind the wheel was Albert Sonki, a Swedish diplomat who was dead on scene. After the FSB discovers the highly classified information inside the vehicle, they are given 72 hours to expose the moles of the organization. The FSB director commands that due to the risk of leaking information, new graduates of the FSB should be used instead of the more experienced top agents.

Stars: Igor, Dainis, Ivan, Alexander Mac, Maris, Vlad, Marius, Oleg Vorobyev, Danny DeNiro, Lex Wagner, Mario Fox, Vovik, Evgeniy

Man 2 Man

Video: Man 2 Man
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Studio: Factory Video
Cock2Cock, Dick2Hole, Mouth2Ass, Mouth2Cock. It all cums down to… MAN2MAN. Get ready to have your hole reamed hard and nasty by a big hungry cock! These boys are seriously into some hardcore dick digging action, only real men allowed!

Stars: Steven Richards, John Truitt, Steve Parker, Alec Brawley, Max Reed, Marc Sterling

Straight Sam Strokes His Meat

Video: Straight Sam Strokes His Meat
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Straight Sam talks about his experiences then jumps right into the feature presentation! Watch as his nice large paws grip his thick stick! His smooth, fit and toned bod is what brings all the boys to the yard. It’s a shame he isn’t collaborating with someone else’s ass or mouth! Hopefully we see more of him!

Stars: Sam James