Beach Party 7

Video: Beach Party 7
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Studio: Diamond Pictures
It’s time to grab your blanket and sun tan lotion! It’s time to have a party on the beach with some of your favorite muscle-bound and fit studs! There’s nothing like heading out to a beautiful location on the water and relaxing with some of your sexiest, studliest friends! Diamond Pictures has done it again with this latest edition of Beach Party and you need to get your hands on this one!

Stars: Renato Bellagio, Oliver Madsen

On Fire!

Video: On Fire!
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Studio: Jet Set Men
ON FIRE!, from Jet Set Men, accomplishes the almost impossible task of creating a believably realistic background of firefighting its training and day-to-day activities, as a setting for a gay sexual fantasy.

Firefighting is the last profession that demands truly physically fit men; Co-directors Chris Steele and Chad Donovan depict the firefighters’ real world and superimpose a gay male fantasy on top of it, one in which all the firemen are muscular studs, well-hung and ON FIRE, eager to have hot sex with one another.

As the film begins, we see guys from the Jet Set Township Fire Department – young men in training, working out on a hillside, rolling hoses, jogging down the road, getting both the encouragement and discipline of their superiors. The combination of young recruits and their more seasoned superiors create a realistic atmosphere. Footage from actual fire scenes are interspersed with the new to set the stage for the action to come. Co-directed and co-scripted by the successful team of Chris Steele and Chad Donovan, ON FIRE! takes the hoary old fireman/uniform premise and upends it on its supple ass. Even the stock footage of real-life destructive fires melds seamlessly with the cock footage of destructive ass attacks.

Stars: C.J. Madison, Braxton Bond, Jeremy Hall, Jonathan Lowe, Nathan Summers, Guy Parker, Max Schutler, Jason Reddick, Dean Phoenix, Aaron James, Sebastian Young, Jesse Santana

Sentenced Episode 3 – Intense Interrogation

Video: Sentenced Episode 3 - Intense Interrogation
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Studio: C1R/GHM
Big dicked studs Trenton Ducati and Billy Santoro “interrogate” pass around bottom Mike DeMarko in the third installment of SENTENCED: Intense Interrogation, directed by Chi Chi LaRue and available exclusively on

Good cop, bad cop? …all bad! In Episode #3, two detectives verbally harass their prisoner, Mike DeMarko, while he is handcuffed and helpless. When these two dirty cops shoot their loads, Mike is the cum dumpster! How will Mike get out of this one?

Trenton Ducati and Billy Santoro can’t decide who gets to play bad cop as they prowl around handcuffed pup Mike DeMarko. Intense questioning quickly escalates into Trenton sucking on Billy’s big meat rod as Mike watches. Mike looks hungry as the two cops strip down and pull and suck on each other’s stiff cock. Trenton leans over Mike and his painted on jeans as his tight, muscled ass get impaled by Billy’s rod. Trenton looks sexy as hell as he gets wood shoved deep into his fuck hole. Billy pulls out and lets Trenton stick his face into his hairy asshole. Trenton jerks his meat to keep it stiff while he licks and finger fucks Billy’s cock slot. Soon Billy’s hole is wet and relaxed and Trenton sticks him with his dick doggy style for the flip fuck! After Trenton plows Billy’s hole, Mike convinces the cops to free him from his cuffs for some handjob action. The horny cops blow their hot loads onto Mike’s clothes right before the pup takes the opportunity to cuff them to one another and make his big escape!

Stars: Trenton Ducati, Mike DeMarko, Billy Santoro

The Bulls of Tijuana Vol. 4

Video: The Bulls of Tijuana Vol. 4
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Studio: Toro Studio
There’s a quiet little bar in Tijuana that’s not very well known. It’s not a gay bar, but its close to several local bars that DO cater to young Mexican gay guys and the men who appreciate them. It’s the only bar in the area that has a pool table. One nice thing about the place is that every afternoon, around 2:30, they serve “botanas” or free snacks to the drinking customers. Young Mexicans come to the bar to play pool and meet friends. Some of them are gay, while others are hustlers or “mayates” as they’re called in Mexican Spanish. Most play pool, while others are “boleros” who shine shoes for a living. Occasionally, some will head off to the nearest inexpensive hotel with you. Of these, most are gay for pay, while others are truly turned on by guys – especially gringos or older North Americans who might be interested in having a relationship with a cute, uncut Mexican kid. Whatever their sexual preference, a lot of them are interested in making money by being in adult videos, while others are willing to do anything in a video for the right amount of money. This videotape and others in the series introduce you to some of the better-looking, horniest young men who hang around the bar. Collectively, they’re known as “los toritos de tijuana”.

Stars: David, Jorge, Napoleon, Juan, Ernesto, Fabian

The Best Of Thugporn 2

Video: The Best Of Thugporn 2
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Studio: Pitbull Productions
Scenes are from Pitbull Productions’ Bottoms Up, In the Heat, Lord of da Pinga, Dillon the One, Straight Meat, and Love of the Dick Volume Three. “The Best Of Thugporn 2” offers up thirteen hot Black and Latino dudes with long ‘n short dark hair; muscular and toned bodies; lightly hairy and smooth chests; plenty of tattoos; full and trimmed pubes; hairy and shaved bungholes; and uncut ‘n cut dongs.

Stars: Dillon (Pitbull), Midnight (Male), Viper (i), Joshua, Viper , Chaos, Lil Jay, Bandit, Double R., Supreme, Tiger Tyson, Ludacris, T. Malone, Carmello

House Of Wax

Video: House Of Wax
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Studio: Twisted Media
Welcome to the House of Wax, where bondage, humiliation, and subjugating young men is a work of art in progress! Young boys dominated by Daddies, clamps, pinwheels, blindfolds and anal play are just some of the kinky act these hung studs can expect from their masters before their smooth, hairless bodies…and cocks are covered with wax for the ultimate endurance test! But don’t worry! The guys are soothed with blowjobs and jerked off until they can’t help but gush that goo like they geysers they are for mutual satisfaction for both master and slave!

Stars: Justin James, Aiden Jason, Leo Foxx, Aaron Aurora, Ashton Bradley, Adam Watson, Caito Croft, Mylo Jordan

Squirts And Shots Of Hot Juice

Video: Squirts And Shots Of Hot Juice
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Cum take a load off and get ready for nothing but the best in explosive cumshots compiled strictly for the pop-shot connoisseur! You don’t have to fast forward to get to the one thing that matters…hung studs creaming each other with copious amounts of cum! Feed the cum addict in you and give them more spunk than they can shake a dick at. We guarantee this array of spray will keep you cumming back over and over again!
Suck My Dick, Bitch Boy

Video: Suck My Dick, Bitch Boy
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Studio: Sinister TV
In only 8 heated scenes, pretty boys suck each other’s center legs till they’re too stiff to stay full! Watch the interracial-amateur dick to mouth fest up until the facial! Some of these guys get way into it and make sure their partner gets their anus cleaned, or have their balls tongue touched. When all is said and done, there’s nothing better than a refreshing blow job to keep the day in order!

Stars: Gino Gultier, Sean Hollywood, Bandit, Bo Stevens, Chico, T.C. Stone, Gene, Shawn Islander, Jeff D. Cota, Danny, Little Rock, Dick Dangler, Rocky, Jay Garrett, Michael Rome, Teepee Hawk

Rascals In Heat

Video: Rascals In Heat
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Studio: Hollywood Sales
Welcome to the city of Paris where these young rascals prove that this is the city for sizzling hot action! These horny twinks are beefing up their Parisian vocabulary…and much, much more with a ménage-a-trois that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight! Paris is the city of love and these boys show their love with cock feedings, anal play, anal penetration and copious amounts of cream for those hungry mouths and smooth abs followed by a horny stud giving himself a helping hand and jerks his pulsing meat in a solo satisfaction scene – Oohh, La La!

Stars: Fred, Reno, Arnaud, Morgan(gay)

Crazy Weekend 2

Video: Crazy Weekend 2
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Studio: Dolphin Entertainment
If you liked the first volume of Crazy Weekend, you’re gonna love this follow up because they’re basically the same movie! Now, don’t get me wrong, the first film featured beautiful Russian twinks in some hot bareback sex with multiple cumshots per scene and clocked in at almost 3 hours – not a bad formula to copy, if ya ask me. We start off watching a group of young and sexy Russian kids having an alcohol and music fueled house party. They are all dancing around and having a great time, but one by one the boys start pairing off and disappearing for some hot and raw sex. Cute brunettes Dan Te and Evgeniy T are the first to sneak away to a quiet bedroom. The playful duo start off by wrestling with each other, working up a sexy sweat, slowly stripping one another naked until they’re bare ass and rock hard. Dan starts the cock sucking and lucky Evgeniy sits back and lets the skilled boy work him over until he shoots a big load into Dan’s open mouth. Dan’s servicing of Evgeniy doesn’t stop there and he flips the kid over and lubes up his hairy twink hole to get it ready to be rode hard. I don’t know how old Dan is, but he has fantastic skills for someone so young and lucky Evgeniy enjoys every second of it. Evgeniy must be a common name in Russia cause Evgeniy W is the close cropped, red-capped kid in the next scene and his dark haired bud Edan gets to explore every inch he has to offer. The two start by making out in a quiet dining room area and soon squirming around half-naked Evgeniy on the dining table while Edan feasts on his dick and ass. Unfortunately, that sweet hairless hole doesn’t get fucked – no one gets fucked in this scene – but these boys have such beautiful cocks and are such hungry cock suckers that it’s an uncut oral freaks delight – especially when Edan dark monster sprays Evgeniy’s innocent looking face. Hot! A pair of blondes is front and center as the next pair to slip away from the festivities to engage in a little fuckin’ and suckin’. Longhaired Lex is the first to drop to his knees. Of course, if you were presented with Felix’ uncut throbber you’d do the exact same thing. These boys take their time swapping very skilled blow jobs before Lex bends over the couch and offers up his meaty, tanned ass for Lex to pounding into a raw frenzy until each boy sprays the other down with their milky loads. Misha and Artur are enjoying a smoke and a drink in a quiet den while their friends carry on in the other room. The two chat and kiss and soon their libidos are revved, so the boys get right down to the action, trading blow jobs and servicing one another’s meaty poles. Soon lucky Artur gets his hairless bubble butt filled to the rim with Misha’s uncut plug. He rides that boy’s dick like a boy possessed until each is drained of a huge load of boy spunk. Seductively sexy Alexander proves that men make passes at boys who wear glasses when Tolik follows him into a quiet bedroom and the duo waste no time getting naked. The bespectacled Alexander looks particularly sweet with Tolik’s huge meat sliding in and out of his mouth but it’s not until he’s laying back, letting Tolik feast on his own monster that you realize just how hot this kid is. And once he’s balls deep in Tolik’s stretched out hole, you realized just how talented this kid is too. How do these Russian kids so good at fucking at such a young age? Russo with Martish wind up the film with another hard pounding fuck and suck session as this film approaches the near 3-hour mark! Now that’s a lot of hot bareback twink action from the good folks at Dolphin Entertainment. Let’s hope Crazy Weekend 3 is just around the corner.

Stars: Eugene White, Evgeniy T., Misha (Male), Alexander, Artur (Male), Felix, Tolik, Lex Wagner, Dan Te, Edan, Martish, Russo