Bound To Serve

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Studio: Blackhawk Studios
Blackhawk Studios presents “Bound To Serve”. The dominate masked men can’t wait to ram their big cock down their sub bottoms throat and penetrate their tight asses. They wear bondage harnesses and fuck spooning, missionary and doggy style. In the end it’s ATM and a nice warm load on their face. Did I mention some of these bottoms are bound in a straight jacket, that’s so hot and they can’t wait to serve their master.
Czech Up Vol. 17

Video: Czech Up Vol. 17
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Most people hate keeping their appointments with their doctors. But when you have hung and horny docs like these – you will keep cumming back for more! Lukas is in the doctor’s office for a follow-up after breaking his leg. During his exam; his legs are put into stirrups to give Tomas and Jan better angle for sucking his cock and balls! Lukas bottoms both the doc and patient until all three erupt in and drench each other with cum! Jan Panik is a new army recruit and is scheduled for a Czech up. He doesn’t know what to expect, but it soon becomes apparent what these two staff members want from him! They slip a condom on Jan’s rock hard cock to practice their flip fucking technique with this twinky soldier-to-be! Patrik, having completed his examination informs Jan that he has passed inspection and can leave. What a lovely Czech Up, and very nice to see Jan in his first guy-guy sex. When Mirek and Roman are called to Jan Mendel’s for a house call it’s the perfect opportunity to work on their bedside technique! When the good Doc pulls out his fleshy thermometer to take a rectal temperature…his injury is soon forgotten as the sucking and anal probing action lead up to a triple cum drenching this patient won’t soon forget!

Stars: Patrik Lukasz, Tomas Kukal, Lukas Pribyl, Zdenek Berdak, Mirek Ceslar, Roman Ditrich, Jan Sadecky, Jan Mendel, Jan Panik

Christopher Rage’s Orgy

Video: Christopher Rage's Orgy
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Studio: Spunk Video
A 1983 pre-condom classic from Director Christopher Rage, Orgy is a hedonistic trip for those who need more than one, a visual treat for any pornovoyeur … a grand opera of randy men attempting to please one another and get the release each one needs.

We dare you not to blow a load as the film “climaxes” with a steamy hot nine-dude bareback orgy with bears, twinks, leather and black -someone for every taste!

No foreplay, no pretense, just men who know how to please!

Stars: Lorenzo Vidal, Bosch Wagner, Leslie Williams, Colon Topar, Scorpio, Jay Richards, Daniel Holt, Jim Davies, Dwan

Men Of The World Athens

Video: Men Of The World Athens
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Studio: Men Of The World
World Of Men presents another installment of their insanely popular films. MEN OF THE WORLD ATHENS takes you to the mythic shores of the Mediterranean, where the gods are made of flesh and rippled with muscle. The four scenes of this film were shot on location in Greece and you will not believe how well the location sets off the incredible hunks in action!

Stelio Colt has his back against the wall…uhhh, okay…so it’s really a rock. But you see, there’s a reason for it and it’s because of Gio Pilou. The young, slender twink crouched down, sucking the long cock being fed to him. As we arrive, they stop and Stelio introduces me to his cocksucker, who then gets back to work. Servicing dick is a serious business in Greece! Stelio face fucks him hard and Gio is more than capable of taking it as he deep throats the older top’s meat. When Gio stops to take his clothes completely off, Stelio has a go at Gio, sucking before turning him around to give his hole a workout: with tongue and fingers first, then filling the young hole with the entire length of his cock in one smooth plunge. Gio takes a hard and deep pounding, while Alex Iron watches from behind a ridge, nearby. Stelio suddenly passes his limit and can’t hold back anymore. He quickly pulls out and shoots a thick load of Greek jizz all over Gio’s face and the slender twink is more than happy to lap it all up as if it were yogurt, feeding on the big meat to clean it up. Gio then shoots his own load while still sucking on Stelio’s cock and both dive into the water for some well-deserved refreshment.

While swimming I meet Strato, I take him back to camp and we find Stelio balls deep in Jeremy’s mouth. We interrupt them and soon decide to go back home where Strato and Jeremy continue what they started on the beach. Strato is the first to get a cock in his mouth but soon Jeremy wants to feel one down his own throat and swap places. There’s only one thing Jeremy likes more than sucking cock. And that’s getting his ass worked. He lies on his back, holds his legs open and presents Strato with a smooth, tight hole. Strato laps at it to make it wet and ready before sliding deep in it. Jeremy moans his way through the fucking and they change position and Strato fucks him from the back before they both lie back and Jeremy shoots on Strato’s face and then Strato jizzes all over himself.

Leave it to the Greeks to combine some good fucking, sun, and ocean breezes. While walking with Stelio, we spot Theo S occupying a prime spot on the rocks. While we admire the hunky Greek, Alex Iron comes up from behind. He says something I don’t understand and he walks away to join the hunk below. From the way they behave, it’s clear they know each other. In fact, they obviously know each other SO well that they don’t waste any time and start working each other’s cock straight away. As they manhandle each other and kiss, the men get hard and escape into the shade. Theo’s a hungry cocksucker who loves a big piece of meat stretching his jaw and pounding the back of his throat. He eats Alex’s cock like it was his last meal! Then it’s Alex who goes to town sucking, taking Theo’s thick cock in his mouth before taking advantage of what Theo has to offer. When Theo turns around and offers up his hole for Alex to stuff, the super hung stud fucks him hard and deep. It’s like a tiny piece of pita overstuffed with a huge amount of…yes, we’re going there beef. Alex ends up showering Theo’s face with a massive load that’s far from Green Goddess and fingers the freshly fucked bottom until he sprays his own load of thick white man juice.

As Stelio Colt and I make our way back to the car, another day at the beach draws to a close. But the fun continues! Almost as soon as we hit the parking lot, Stelio spots a friend of his, Tom Neris. The man is hunky, dark, and sexy in a brooding sort of way. He joins us and we set off. As luck would have it, we don’t drive very far before we recognize Jeremy Shane waiting for the bus. We stop to offer him a lift and head back home for an evening drink on the terrace. But wouldn’t you know it? While I go off to get the drinks, Jeremy stuffs his face with Stelio’s cock, obviously hoping to finish what he started the day before. From nearby, Tom watches, slowly stroking himself, one hand in his pants. He soon stands and joins the two horny Greek men. Tom shoves his uncut cock in Stelio’s mouth and fucks his face quite aggressively! Stelio enjoys sucking dick but he’s more of an ass man and eventually starts working Jeremy’s tight hole before spit roasting the Greek pig with Tom. As the sun sets, we move inside where the men switch places, with Jeremy still the fucked pig in the middle. Tom slams in and out of the hungry bottom but soon ends up in the middle of a fuck sandwich when Stelio walks up behind him and shoves his dick in Tom’s manhole. And sweet little Jeremy? He gets a reward from his new Daddy playmates in the form of a double cum facial. Wonder if that’s how he keeps his skin so smooth?

Stars: Stelio Colt, Stratos St. Galen, Theo S., Tom Neris, Alex Iron, Gio Pilou, Jeremy Shane

Down Home

Video: Down Home
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Studio: HotOldMovies
Brad and Mike live on neighbouring farms. Once in a while they meet on a hill overlooking their places for an afternoon of down home sucking and fucking. Brad introduced Mike to the pleasures of male love but in no time Mike was teaching Brad some new tricks. The action begins with these two handsome naked men sucking each other’s meat. From this they quickly move on to some of the hottest ass licking ever viewed. Eventually Brad turns to offer his well sucked hole for stretching by his friend’s hard thick cock. Number 3 from the “Horse” series.
Straight Gym Buddies Wank Together

Video: Straight Gym Buddies Wank Together
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After working out in the gym, Andy and Bailey are two best buds who are ready to blow a load off and relax! After undressing and showing off their smooth chest and hard abs, they jump right into jerking their meat. They are a little hesitant to use toys until they see the flesh lights I have pulled out. Just the anticipation of sliding their lovely uncut dicks inside a real man’s sex toy made them rock hard and uber horny. Pumping and then fucking away, these guys are in the zone – so much so that Bailey tries his best not to cum…but he loses control shortly before Andy erupts with a geyser of jizz for a very satisfying after work-out work-out.

Stars: Andy L., Bailey N.

Uncut Fuckers

Video: Uncut Fuckers
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Studio: Cocksure Men
It’s a foreskin festival as seven awesome uncut studs put on a show for you. Mario Romo wants a blow job from studly star Dean Monroe, but the action escalates into a wild flip-flop scene with Dean cumming while still getting hammered, and Mario following shortly after. Macho Robert Van Damme and drop-dead gorgeous Marcus Ruhl try to outdo each other flexing and posing their buff bodies, but soon enough the posing becomes foreplay, then steamy fucking. Marcus begs for Robert’s cum in his mouth and Robert doesn’t disappoint. Adam Hardy and Chris Tyler are both RIPPED and ready to play. Chris jumps on top of Adam and rides him. Chris slams his ass up and down on Adam’s thick rod, taking every inch while his cock flops around wildly. Adam continues to punish Chris’ hole until he blows his load all over Chris’ chiseled 6-pack abs. Chris also pops onto his tight stomach, shaking in delight. Bedroom-eyed Marko Lebeau hooks up with BIG-dicked Mario Romo. Marko can barely fit Mario’s thick cock in his mouth! It’s Marko’s hairy hole that Mario really wants and Marko is happy to give it up to him. Marko is the first to cum and shoots all over his furry stomach. Mario soon paints Marko’s chest white with a load of his own. Extra bonus scene: Will Steiger – direct from Switzerland – shows off his sexy body and uncut cock in a hot solo.

Stars: Marko Lebeau, Mario Romo, Marcus Ruhl, Adam Hardy, Chris Tyler, Dean Monroe, Robert Van Damme, Will Steiger

Curious Straight Boys 2

Video: Curious Straight Boys 2
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Studio: CH2 Productions
These under-sexed studs are ready to satisfy their insatiable lusts and curiosity as they explore their sexual limitations! They have always been curious about what it must feel like to have another man’s lips wrapped around their rigid shafts. Better yet, what it must feel like to sink balls deep into a tight, but willing asshole! Watch as this willing bottom serves up his hungry mouth and tight little ass to these men to satisfy the needs beyond what any girlfriend can provide!
Big Dick Society 2 – Dicktimized Disc 1

Video: Big Dick Society 2 - Dicktimized Disc 1
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Studio: Jet Set Men
Disc one of BIG DICK SOCIETY II – DICTIMIZED, directed by Chris Steele, stars Trevor Knight, Cort Donovan and Jet Set Exclusives David Dakota and Marcus Steele. In the movie, the Big Dick Society has become so popular that the boys open a business in Hollywood, after co-owners Trevor and Cort discover that guys will do anything to wrap their lips around a big fat cock. ‘Dicktimized’ features 11 models with nearly 8 feet of rock hard cock (92.5” in all) and includes 18 cumshots! DOUBLE DISC SET! And if you haven’t seen the first, make sure to check out BIG DICK SOCIETY!

Stars: Cidd Pierce, Derrick Long , Jude Colton , Trevor Knight, Slade, Austin Grant, Cort Donovan, Marcus Steele, David Dakota, Rod Daily, Cody Carter

Big Sticks

Video: Big Sticks
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Studio: Academy
Oh that wonderful sport that takes us through spring summer and fall, Baseball, and the players… What we wouldn’t do to get them out of those uniforms! Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the muscle bound boys… Buy me some blow jobs and ass fucks, I don’t care if I never get back the cum I lose! Let me root, root, root for the good boys that take it up the ass, if they don’t cum it’s a shame. For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out, at the old ball game! Big Bo plays hard-ball with his big stick!

Stars: Tad Ramsey, Tanner Reeves, Rob Cryston, Jason Broderick, Johnny Rey, Bo Summers, Johnny Guitar, Joe Hesse, Rick Rouge