The Omen Of Damien Silver

Video: The Omen Of Damien Silver
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Studio: Knightbreeders
A compilation of barebacking scenes set to the 1922 film Haxan. Witches, the Devil, grotesque demons; all of these evil entities make their presence known in The Omen Of Damien Silver. All the guys in this film are costumed in a collection of wickedly delightful vignettes. Artistically interesting, this amateur film embraces the dark side of Damien and his friends.

Stars: Bruno 666, Salvatore Silva, Joe Cab, Nick Maken, Gael De Leo, Damien Silver, Zan Alexander, Christian Hunt, Cross, Ben Dover, Ben

Fetish Sex

Video: Fetish Sex
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Studio: Crunch Boy
Tony Rekins gets a blowjob and fucks the paperboy. Matt Kennedy is taken by twenty four year old OZ TBM and they love to suck each other in the sixty nine position. Bruno loves Tony Rekins feet, socks and sneakers. And Bruno cums on his feet. Beautiful and hot nineteen year old Johns L’Hetero does a solo masturbation scene.

Stars: Johns L’Hetero, Matt Kennedy, Anthony Kiffeur, Tony Rekins, Oz TBM, Bruno (CrunchBoy)

Seven On One Gang Bang Experiences Film 2

Video: Seven On One Gang Bang Experiences Film 2
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Studio: Eagle Video
Now this is a party to get an invite to! Calling up a bunch of friends, he’s all set with snacks and drinks. Soon he’s got them showing their hot chiseled bods off, getting ‘em worked up. Shirts were off for the photos and quickly the pants. This turns into one hot wild orgy with these hot studs.

Stars: Dmitru, Jiri, Lukas Lucky, Marian, Libor, Jan, Rocky Summers, Pavel

Straight Thick Muscle Cock

Video: Straight Thick Muscle Cock
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Studio: CH2 Productions
He’s big, muscular, smooth, tattooed, he’s got a thick uncut cock that is aching to be sucked or plunged deep inside a warm wet hole. Who cares that he’s straight, he’s gonna get off and it doesn’t matter if his partner’s got a cock or not! In STRAIGHT THICK MUSCLE COCK you’ll witness this massively built stud as he gets sucked by his hot buddy with chops and Mohawk. After he gets enough head, he’s going to push that monster to the hilt straight up his horny buddy’s hole. The pair fuck like rabbits before our stud shoots his creamy load!

Stars: Max

Spread Dat Butta

Video: Spread Dat Butta
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Studio: Pitbull Productions
This is the greatest thug porn in the world! Lil Nellie’s been dating KB’s sister for a couple of months. He comes over to pick her up for a date, but she’s not home so he decides to wait for her. KB has somehow discovered that Lil Nellie’s also been fucking his sister’s best friend and he threatens to rat Nellie out if he doesn’t play ball and suck his cock. It takes KB actually getting his sister on the phone for Nellie to agree and sink to his knees, mouth open wide. But hey, after a few minutes of juicy, wet cock sucking, Nellie realizes this isn’t so bad after all, in fact, it’s damn hot. Now he wonders what it would feel like to get fucked. KB doesn’t need any further encouragement, he’s more than happy to turn Nellie out and power fucks him till they both nut in a screaming climax! Phat Daddy and Casanova Blue go to an out of town basketball game. Only problem, there’s only one motel room left so they have to double up and share it. Casanova’s exhausted and goes right to bed. Phat Daddy’s horny and can’t resist playing with Casanova’s tight bubble butt. Ah, but is Casanova really asleep? Or just waiting for Phat Daddy to plug him with 12 inches of thug dick? Those screams you hear are not of pain but pure thug pleasure!

Stars: Loverboy, Casanova Blue, Lil Nellie, KB, Phat Daddy, Kaven Sincer, Corey Corey, Ass Professor

Straight Boyz Edging Vol. 1

Video: Straight Boyz Edging Vol. 1
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Studio: CH2 Productions
Straight boyz… There is something about them that just drives us crazy! They’re so hot and since they’re off-limits, even hotter; but some of these guys will swing the other way every now again, and when they do… let the loads fly! Right here in STRAIGHT BOYZ EDGING VOL. 1, we’ve got a selection of those horny young straight dudes who just need to get off, but not so fast! When you’ve got yourself something so rare you don’t want to let it go! Watch as the bros in this film get their cocks stroked, sucked and even fuck and get fucked!
Dirty Pool

Video: Dirty Pool
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Studio: HIS Video
“Dirty Pool” produced and directed by Sam Abdul. These studs love when they’re all on vacation at a hot spot. These studs remember the pool boy and all the rimming, blowjobs and anal fucking. Featuring Michel D’Amours in which you can watch in scene three. There’s plenty of hot action in the shower, by the pool and indoors.

Stars: Danny Bliss, Justin Young, Alex Carrington, Grant King, Jesse Tyler, Rob Cryston, Michael Ashley, Nick Manetti, Michel D’Amours

Cum & Get It

Video: Cum & Get It
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You are going to love this dirty, hot, filthy volume, both cum-hungry bottoms and big, uncut-dicked tops are eager to get off! Five scenes of gorgeous twinks getting it on fast and hard are featured in CUM & GET IT. These boys waste no time stripping each other down, ramming their fat cocks down slippery throats and up inside tight asses. Let’s make one thing clear… There are no innocent players in this game as these young bucks try their best to climax as quickly and as hard as possible! From anal cream-pies to amazing “look Ma, no hands” cum-shots, CUM & GET IT drips with satisfying visuals…
A Beautiful Behind

Video: A Beautiful Behind
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Studio: All Worlds Video
What happens when you love asses too much? Do you start seeing them? Do you start wishing you could lick them? Or fuck them? Well, the main character of this video has that same problem. And I think we can all be thankful for that, because he shows us his fantasies and his desires and we get to see some fantastic action delivered by some of the cutest and adorable guys around.

Stars: Paul Johnson, Zane West, Parker Williams, Gregg Rockwell, Rob Kirk, Scott Thornton, Kyle Richards, Jay Ross

His Cum Was In My Ass

Video: His Cum Was In My Ass
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Studio: HotDicks
HotDicks present “His Cum Was In My Ass,” starring Carl Hubay Jr. and Ryann. It’s been two years since Ryann graduated and moved out of town. He visits Coach Carl to renew their sexual rendezvous that was so pleasurable for the both of them. They suck and fuck each other bareback and Ryann cums in Coach Carl’s ass. Carl returns the favor by dumping a huge load on Ryann’s face.

Stars: Ryann, Carl Hubay Jr.