Duels Au Foutre Saison 1

Video: Duels Au Foutre Saison 1
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Studio: Comme des Anges
In the complete first season of Fuck Games, ten young guns representing 10 countries give you an incredible glimpse into the passions burning between men.

Abdelkader Taleb (Algiers – Algeria) vs. Nils Angelson (Helsinki – Finland)
Never before seen Abdelkader is a Finnish footballer with an amazing ass and a hole to fill. Nils is a small guy, who after having been banged unflinchingly returns the favor and screws Abdelkader’s ass before blowing his load into his mouth. The two hunks scream with pleasure after both bottom throughout this scene. The pair part with faces and mouths messy with sperm. The score: Helsinki 2 – 2 Algiers. Draw.

Mirão Santo (Lisbon Portugal) vs. Baptiste Brovska (Moscow, Russia)
Baptiste Brovska is of Russian origin. His partner is Mirão Santo, a young Portuguese with fiery eyes; which one will get whose ass? Mirão takes control; Baptiste, his ass demolished, spent from being fucked, gets his partners load in his mouth, swallows, rises… and then Mirão gets Baptiste’s in his mouth. The Score: Moscow (double cum) 2 – Lisbon (sodomy a cumshot) 2. Draw.

Youssouf NBAKALE (Congo) vs Jaïro Caldas (Brazil)
With his asshole stuffed and spunked; there was nothing Jaïro could do nothing against Youssouf Nag, who left him no chance. Jaïro has been sufficiantly fucked … A clear victory for Africa, giving up everything in the mouth of the conquored. The Score: Brazil (a cumshot): 1 – Congo (sodomy and cum): 2. African victory.

Maxxime (Lyon France) vs. Nabil Ha’il (Morocco)
Nabil fucks Maxxime, Maxxime fucks Nabil but it is Nabil whose ass gets demolished again by the young blonde. With a mouthful of cum and a tired sore body, Maxxime looks to be the winner.

The Score: Lyon (two sodomy thoroughly then Mouthful) = 3. Casablanca (two wild sodomy and Mouthful) = 3. Total of three points across: Equality.

Heliot Cooper (Liverpool England) vs Bogdan Torje (Rome)
In this fifth episode Bogdan is pitted against Heliot Cooper. The action is fantastic and the cum shots intense. Flawless!

The Score: Zero Liverpool, Helio had no chance. It is even, Bogdan cums in the young Brits mouth. Three zero for the Roma.

Stars: Heliot Knight, Bogdan Torje, Nabil Ha’il, Youssouf Nbakale, Jairo Caldas, Nils Angelson, Abdelkader Taleb, Mirao Santo, Baptiste Brovska, Maxxime

Nathan Pops Cherry With Brez

Video: Nathan Pops Cherry With Brez
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Studio: BlakeMason.com
Nathan Brookes is back in the studio for his first duo and we couldn’t be more excited! What’s even more exciting? We’ve brought along Brez Wild, the lean smooth stud, to pop his cherry! The immediate chemistry between these two is pretty apparent as they passionately, kiss, strip down, and laugh with each other. After some sloppy wet oral action, including a sixty-nine, Brez suits up and has Nathan guide himself onto his rock-hard cock. But the look on Nathan’s face as Brez fucks him from behind down into the bed is as hot as it is priceless. After they fuck in missionary, you won’t want to miss the hot cumshots from both of these horny lads!

Stars: Nathan Brookes, Brez Wild

International Fuckers

Video: International Fuckers
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Studio: Rascal Video
In Chi Chi LaRue’s “International Fuckers” 14 of Europe’s sexiest sex pigs are begging to be fucked. With an all star cast of incredibly beautiful muscled stars, this truly international group explodes with the sloppiest cum shots from their massive cocks. Once again Chi Chi brings to the screen an outstanding film that is sure to please. Pairs, three’s and groups; “International Fuckers” delivers four hot scenes featuring men from around the world sharing the global language of sex!

Stars: Eddie Stone (i), Marcelo Corella, Christoph Scharff, Angelo Fuentes, Rafael Carreras, Tommy Ritter, Axell Caballero, Jan Fischer, Alberto Ventura, Richard Rocco, Marco Sisto, Tristan Bennet, Lucas Foz, Thom Barron

Dungeon Play #6

Video: Dungeon Play #6
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Studio: Bacchus
These boys like it rough with plenty of leather. The crack of the whip and the sweet smell of leather will have you begging for your master in no time! Go down to the dungeon and play for a while! So whether you like pain or you like it up the ass, you get both of them in this 6th edition of Dungeon Play. Have a spanking good time!

Stars: Sir Winkler, Boy Winkler, Jason Williams, Rhett Warner, Tony Akin, Brad Nichlas

Element Gets Hot

Video: Element Gets Hot
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Studio: The Great Canadian Male
Pablo has come back to work with hot new guy Element. Element is a tall, dark and handsome dude with an uncut cock that he just loves getting sucked. The new guy seems a little shy at first while Pablo slowly licks and sucks his dick. The pair trade places in scene two when it’s Element who decides to taste Pablo’s delicious man meat. After all that oral it’s time to get off and that’s just what happens, and it’s very sticky and sweet!

Stars: Element, Pablo

Covert Missions 12

Video: Covert Missions 12
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
Guest director Mike has the opportunity to film the mission that has been assigned to Active Duty’s finest recruits, Bryce, Brock and Nick These guys are ready to show the goods by doing an amazingly hot three-way together. Brock also gets the chance to get fucked bareback by Bryce and Nick in two separate scenes that we get to watch! Wesley has a hot solo in scene four that’ll leave him covered in his own spunk. Find out what our nation’s finest do while under cover in “Covert Missions 12”!

Stars: Brock, Bryce, Wesley, Nick

Strong & Hard

Video: Strong & Hard
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Studio: Crunch Boy
Jeff Stronger stars in “Strong & Hard” a film by Jess Royan. Join the bearded stud as he fucks four different Euro hunks deep below in a stone cellar where the gritty location can only be rivaled by the hard gritty sex between these horny men. With Pedro Paliza, Mickael David, Rayan Conors and Romeo Courtois “Strong & Hard” highlights the sexual prowess of Jeff Stronger as both top and bottom. Come down the stairs and see what happens.

Stars: Rayan Conors, Mickael David, Romeo Courtois, Jeff Stronger, Pedro Paliza

Ready To Serve

Video: Ready To Serve
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Studio: Catalina
Are you ready to serve? Your country is waiting for you. Be among the first to stand up to your civic duty; learn to salute the flag and obey the line of authority. You, too, can be all that you can be when you join in to keep this country great. These guys know all about putting their ass on the line because they’ve be doing it with their buddies back home. Now, it’s up to each raw recruit to satisfy the urges that have their big, proud cocks standing at attention. You bet-cha, they’re ready and willing to serve!

Stars: Sean Steele, Chris Mckenzie, Alex Thomas, Zeff Ryan, Sean Carrera, Storm (Gay), Zachary Dietrich

Getting Tail In The City

Video: Getting Tail In The City
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Studio: Factory Video
Hot guys visiting San Francisco take in more than just the sights! Millions of tourists come to San Francisco every year, but some of the very lucky ones end up riding more than just cable cars! Watch as burly bears and tiny twinks fuck and suck in the city by the bay!

Stars: Joey Alias, Jean Levert, Clint Taylor, Dan Alcock, Trevor Hobbs, Glenn Wolf

Russian Spermoboys Are Fucked And Spermed #1

Video: Russian Spermoboys Are Fucked And Spermed #1
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Studio: French Spermoboys
He’s a sexual beast. A French serial fucker. The ultimate fuck machine, Olivier Gourrin, is one of those guys who just exude sex. With his handsome face set with smoldering eyes, tight smooth body and his meaty uncut cock, Olivier slams his way through four delectable twinks and muscle boys in Russian Spermoboys! This is French barebacking at its very best. Filmed in a manner that gets you up close to the action and positions Olivier twists his greedy bottoms into, RSB’s drips with the spunk we love, shot from a cock we can’t get enough of.

Stars: Valery Smolenski, Milan Sokolov, Luka Baranov, Alexei Tovaritch, Olivier Gourrin