The Haunting

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Cockyboys presents “The haunting”. It’s a compilation of three short films and an epilogue. The two lovers Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi get a cabin in the woods for a short vacation. They soon disappear. Later on, Dale Cooper is assigned to investigate the couple’s disappearance and get the proper evidence. When he arrives where they were last seen, things take a turn for the supernatural. Doors open, lights go on and off, and load noises rattle the walls without explanation. A mysterious strange boy in a hunting coat appears occasionally to Dale on the side of the road, on the lawn and in his dreams. This boy wants something from him. He appears in his room one night.

Christian Wilde (Naked Sword exclusive model) plays Klaus Heist, a highly successful yet greatly disturbed artist who is severely lacking creative inspiration. After doing some research online, Klaus learns of an isolated manor for sale in the woods rumored to be one of the most haunted properties in New York. On impulse, he purchases the house with the hope of encountering the supernatural and drives there the following day.

A spritely young real estate agent, played by Max Ryder, can’t believe he’s sold his first listing in just a day — especially since it’s notoriously known for being haunted — and he greets Klaus enthusiastically upon arrival. But Klaus has other plans. Without warning, he slams the chipper little punk against the wall and fucks him hard… in every single room of the house. Because if that doesn’t provoke the spirits to reveal themselves to him, what will?

When the plan does not work in his favor, an even more flustered Klaus kicks the useless agent out of the house he now owns and retreats to his room to paint. Without the spirits connecting to him, he decides to flip the tables and create a tribute painting for them.

What he discovers in his work is not fright, but an act of love — a guilt-ridden church pillar’s son submitting himself to his forgiving valet, their lives lost but their passion still alive and pulsing through the house. With Arnaud Chagall as the pillar’s son and Ricky Roman as the valet, Klaus is not haunted but moved by their redemptive passion fucking.

An Epilogue: Jake Steel and Dale Cooper were two actors in The Haunting who just seemed right for each other. They never shared a scene together, but this was shot behind the scenes and what chemistry they shared. As victims of the entire paranormal goings on in the house, the two were able to share a unique sexual bond in the same way the ill-fated yet forever-in-love boys did before them.

Stars: Ricky Roman, Dale Cooper, Dillon Rossi, Arnaud Chagall, Max Ryder, Jake Steel, Christian Wilde

Barebacking Boys From Russia

Video: Barebacking Boys From Russia
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Studio: Evil Playgrounds
Smooth, young, ripe for the picking; these Russian twinks are at the peak of their perfection. “Barebacking Boys From Russia” brings the most beautiful five young men together to have the kind of bareback sex that only twinks can perform. Their bodies are fit, silky smooth with the softest skin and hardest uncut cocks around. These boys passionately kiss, suck and fuck in beautiful interiors in four sexy scenes, three of which are bareback and the fourth a solo with blonde stud Lotto.

Stars: Lotto, Dantes, Pablo, Louis, Sergio

Talent Scout

Video: Talent Scout
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Studio: Adamo
Everywhere you look there is fresh new talent that is waiting and wanting to be in a porn movie. See how these scouts locate the hottest boys for our viewing pleasure. Some can be found on a playing field, in a bathroom, at the mall and sometimes just walking down the street. See the final moment when all the men are lined up on the casting couch giving their best performance!

Stars: Fabio De Rossi, Flavio Rossini, Riki Giuliano, Luca Colnaghi, Jacopo Barri, Daniele Barbareschi, Massimo Righi, Raffaello, Roland Miller

Barebacking Fuck Buddies 9

Video: Barebacking Fuck Buddies 9
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Studio: Cocksure Men
Just two guys hanging out, buddies, friends and what starts out as a back rub escalates into a bareback fuck-a-thon when Kris Jamieson and Rick McCoy get together. Later Rick gets down with Dylan Now, who has just met online; they certainly become fast friends indeed. Gorgeous, muscled, Middle Eastern Ali and tall, smooth Jake Andrews can’t get enough of each other – they’re already kissing when the camera starts rolling, and even after cumming, the fucking continues! Finally it’s real life couple Mitch Vaughn and Spencer Williams who share an electrifying passion that is guaranteed to get you boiling hot!

Stars: Spencer Williams, Dylan Now, Ali Elan, Jake Andrews (i) , Kris Jamieson , Mitch Vaughn, Rick McCoy

Str8 For Gay

Video: Str8 For Gay
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Studio: Crunch Boy
Crunch Boy presents “Str8 For Gay” a collection of four awesome scenes in one hot, hole filling, cum spilling film. Deep underground in a stone cellar three pairs of guys are going to get real dirty for the camera and it’s back up stairs in the bar where a trio really gets into it with each other. Sucking, fucking and hard uncut cocks, these European men have got sex on the brain and they’re going to make sure they bust a nut.

Stars: Mickael Anderson, Romeo Julio, Seb El Leon, Minotaure, Enzo Di Karina, Matt Kenedy, Kameron Frost, Juan XXL, Dog Ryan


Video: Roboter
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Studio: Cazzo Films
It’s a beautiful summer day, Max is innocently relaxing and sunbathing by the lake when denim, suspender and boot clad bad boys Bruno and Edward appear out of nowhere. The strange men are on a mission to turn the hottest guys into their own sex-bots to return to their headquarters. It’s here in this hidden warehouse where they prop him up and take turns fucking the smooth muscled bottom’s brains out. The pair ride him until he can’t stand it any longer…and, horny as hell, Max shoots his load. With his truck Dominik delivers fresh meat for the gang, but tattooed hunk Josh has been reserved especially for him. On the loading platform Dominik starts by licking out Josh’s ass then drills it with his power tool. When he’s finished he shoots his cum-fountain on Josh’s body. Rubber-pig Jay Roberts is madly longing for a stiff dick. His buddy Breno is happy to help him out. First he throat-fucks Jay and then he rams his rock-hard boner into that bubble butt until he can’t take any more. Just for fun Breno and Jay set the starved fuck-machines Dirk Berger and Mikey Lane against each other. Greedily they dart at each other’s cocks and asses. Blond hunk Dirk shoots his load for the first time when he eats out Mikey’s black bubble butt, afterwards he shoves his cock up Mikey’s ass. And then it’s Mikeys turn to pound away at Dirk’s hole causing yet another eruption from the insatiable hunk. Edward needs the sturdiest fuck-machine to handle his monster cock. Ivan is perfect for the job. Edward stuffs his monster-cock as far down into Ivan’s throat as it will go. After that he’s has a field day with Ivan’s hole, fucking him silly, before releasing him back into the world.

Stars: Bruno Lopez, Dirk Berger, Dominik Belko, Jay Roberts, Mikey Lane, Breno Lopez, Ivan Rueda, Max Schutler, Josh Barnett, Edward Fox

Who’s Yo Daddy #2

Video: Who's Yo Daddy #2
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Studio: Pitbull Productions
Pitbull Productions searches to determine who’s the biggest, baddest brother of them all! The battle of the super cocks continues! In this corner we have topper brothers Phat Daddy vs. King Dingo in an epic battle of dueling dick thugs sporting 11-inch cocks. Watch as these dick-heavy thugs throw-down in a fuck-off. Using their god-given, over-sized cocks as weapons, they fuck eager takers to decide which bro is the biggest mofo around. And the term weapon is not so far-fetched. You try shoving one of these clubs up your ass and you, too, will agree that this stuff is lethal. At the very least, this action is ASSault with carnal intent. And the winner is?

Stars: Phat Daddy , Brooklyn (Male), King Dingo, Twern, Seduction

Bros Before Hoes – Let’s Just Do Each Other

Video: Bros Before Hoes - Let's Just Do Each Other
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Studio: GayLifeNetwork
”Let’s Just Do Each Other” That’s what Josh Bensan is asking Tyler Bolt because he is a horny boy on the prowl. Afton Nills directs this installment of his “Bros Before Hoes” set. Sexy, smooth twinks having wild twink sex is what this is all about and you’ll see why when Tyler stops over for some play time with Josh.

”In today’s world, you always have to favor your Bros, before fucking those hoes! Check out Afton Nills’ newest adventure Bro’s Before Hoes featuring Jason Alcok, Tyler Bolt, Taylor Lee, Jae Landen, Devon Westfall, Josh Bensan, Brice Carson, Kain Lanning and Tyler Hollis fucking all their Bros before their hoes!

Josh Bensan is kind of a man eater. He has a whole list of guys he calls whenever he feels in the mood, and for the most part they come rushing over. Tyler Bolt showed up pretty quickly with a lollipop in tow and a very horny attitude. Josh sucks Tyler and then pounds him in his sweet twink asshole.”

Stars: Josh Bensan , Tyler Bolt

A Dream Of Body

Video: A Dream Of Body
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Studio: Bijou Classics
Ted is a special guy; one that many of you would give anything to be like. You see, Ted has a very active imagination and he his favorite thing to fantasize about is his various erotic fantasies. And whatever Ted imagines actually happens! Ted dreams about sex with a beautiful blonde boy, brothers, circus acrobats, leather men; being in Shakespearean times, playing sexy cowboys and Indians, or having an orgy with logs of men! Ted does it all!

Stars: Marty Oliver, Clark King, Larry Hannify, Garth Lennox, Ted Lee, Bob Weaver

Workout Blowout

Video: Workout Blowout
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Studio: Over There Productions
A nice shower and nice swim in the pool to keep their bodies fit and tight. But afterwards it’s rimming, blowjobs and fucking doggy style- standing. The more exercising the more these guys get turned on by each other’s fit bodies, uncut cocks and big dicks. Look he gets a blowjob when he’s ion the exercise bike. These hot guys don’t care if their sweaty or not, they want to give each other a real workout.

Stars: Pavel Opily, Petr Danky, Rostislav Krasnt, Radim Opatkny, Dan Novotny, Ronan Volon