Fired Up

Video: Fired Up
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Studio: AlphaMales
Scene One: Daniel Dias, a tanned stud that will make your mouth water, ignores a call from his boss so he can continue his suck and fuck fest with Marco Sessions. Diving back into each other’s mouths, the hard face-fucking continues unabated, Daniel’s thick shaft soon getting it’s way and slowly plunging into Marco’s most delicious ass – but not before one of the hottest 69/rim positions we’ve had, Marco’s ass is just too tasty to pass that up! The sight of their muscle rippling from beneath their tanned, inked skin is heaven, so as Daniel really goes to town on Marco, then all bets are off and you’ll be hard pushed to make it to the end of the scene without shooting your load, it seems even Daniel has to slow down his thrusts to stop the party being over too quick, just imagine his quivering dick in your ass on the brink of explosion! Just watch out for Marco getting a mouthful and then spraying the camera in a crazy amount of jizz, brilliant!

Scene Two: It seems all the toolbox men do is fuck, not that we’re complaining, with our ring-side seats and close-up angles! Treated to hot muscled Brazilian Gio Cruz, a firm favourite of ours, and the pale skinned but very horny fucker Scott Hunter, looking great with his hairy chest and hungry ass up for anything as usual! Gio seems really, really into Scott, both of them kissing deep and hard, let’s hope the fucking matches this; and if Gio and Scott’s past scenes are anything to go by, there’ll be no doubt! Watching Gio get his mate’s hole nice and wet and open, ready for that super-thick dick of his to slam in. Flipping his bottom man all over the room, they finally settle on the rug and give us some of the most intense thrusting in history, Scott unable to do anything except lay and take it like a man, pulled this way and that and Gio does exactly what his wants to his ass. Once he’s had enough, he whips the condom off and sprays his load over the very willing cum hungry Scott, lapping it up like a dog on a bone!

Scene Three: For lovers of dark haired men with facial hair, this one if definitely for you! Although smooth bodied, Damian Boss and Leo Domenico are handsome bearded and hung like donkeys! As Leo chows down on Damian’s ever growing dick, following his strict instruction, both men just get hotter and hornier, and when Leo gets his ass pointing skywards it’s obvious it’s gonna be about that butt and Damian’s dick! Smooth but with a trace of hair, his cheeks are pulled open to show off that pink hole, all the while getting a throat stuffed with shaft, we know just what these guys are into and they are both going to get it hard! Sliding his fingers into Leo one by one, Leo can’t stop moaning out loud for more in his hungry ass, and Damian is more than happy to oblige him, unfortunately only getting to 2 fingers, they are replaced with his thick and very handsome dick, one of the best dicks on show to be honest, and watching it slowly tease his hole open before taking the whole shaft in, these horny toolbox fuckers are a perfect duo as they push and pull back in unison until they both dump their loads, along with you!

Scene Four: Calling in sick, the muscled Yohann Banks, looking a lot buffer than before, turns out to be in the middle of a long and fucking hot rimjob with shaven headed muscle stud Ben Statham! We don’t blame him for missing a day of work, we all would if it meant having this tattooed man eat our ass out with such pleasure as Ben is doing, giving him a real ass workout with his fingers and tongue as well as a hot face fucking, showing these manly hairy chests and beards with the dicks pushing out of their cheeks and standing proud from their muscled torsos!

Stars: Scott Hunter, Ben Statham, Yohann Banks, Gio Cruz, Marco Sessions, Damian Boss, Leo Domenico, Daniel Dias

Lava Flow

Video: Lava Flow
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Studio: HIS Video
Watch these big hunky studs jerk off in paradise! These hot men are getting oiled up and soaking up the warm sun as they stroke their big hard cocks, now that’s the ultimate fun in the sun! Cum and get greased up and cooled down in the pool with sexy nymphs who are jerkin’ off and pluggin’ their tight asses with dildos.

Stars: Mike Carpenter, Marc Andrews, Jack Walters, Richie, Danny Sommers, Chris Phifer, Tony Raz

Airport Security Vol. 4

Video: Airport Security Vol. 4
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Security at the airport these days is getting stricter than ever. In “Airport Security Vol. 4’ You’ll see just how these bad boy offenders will be treated once they’ve failed to follow airport guidelines. William Higgins brings to the screen three intense scenes of male on male, bondage, humiliation, hard fucking and creamy orgasms that will tempt you to find out what happens when the big beefy security guards get their hands on you and their cocks in you! A hot film filled to the hilt with the best Eastern European fucking.

Stars: Roman Duzda, Martin Sedivec, Jakub Vostal, Kamil Kladelko, Daniel Malecky, Rudy Bodlak, Milos Zambo, Paul Fresh, Mirek Ceslar

Wet Dream

Video: Wet Dream
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Featuring Pierre Fitch who appears in the first scene. The scene starts with Anthony Romero resting and Austin Wilde taking pictures of his sweet ass. He’s very horny and rouses Anthony. The two are joined by the tattooed stud Pierre. What a threesome, both Austin and Pierre fuck Anthony’s tight hole. Ben Rose is next in an interracial scene with a hot Latin. Gabriel Clark is next. Antonio Manero gets it in his ass by Tommy Defendi in the pile driver position. Then a solo masturbation scene and he uses a masturbation sleeve.

Stars: Anthony Romero, Pierre Fitch, Austin Wilde, Ben Rose, Tommy Defendi, Gabriel Clark, Antonio Manero

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes – Tyler Ford

Video: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes - Tyler Ford
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Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Tyler Ford is a 22 year old cutie from Washington state and currently studying archeology. Well, if human history has taught us anything it’s that humans like to fuck! Even though Tyler is planning on being the archeologist, it’s Reena who discovers a ‘bone’ after digging him out of his clothes. She sucks his cock and then bends him over to get a taste of his hairy asshole. Rock hard, Tyler slips his tool into Reena’s soft pussy. She cums hard and he stops to get a taste. His talented tongue has Reena going wild. They get back to fucking and Tyler has her cumming again and again. Tyler continues to thrust away until he can’t hold back any longer. He pulls out and shoots his load onto Reena’s warm skin.

Stars: Reena, Tyler Ford

The Few, The Proud, The Naked! 17

Video: The Few, The Proud, The Naked! 17
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Studio: All Worlds Video
This is all unrehearsed, totally real, all Authentic raw footage from the camera of Dirk Yates. “The Few, The Proud, The Naked! 17” is another incredible installment of the series. These seven able bodied, thick cocked, straight, military guys are ready to pose for the camera, stroke their cocks to porn and shoot massive loads of thick, creamy, cum! The film features Marine Bryce, who is back again to show off his hot military bod, soap up in the shower and bust a nut for his audience… This material is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Stars: Jason, Brian, Bryce, Joel, Joe, Kenny

The Hunter – Taming the Beast

Video: The Hunter - Taming the Beast
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Studio: Inferno
Taming his beast is hard, No more than trying to survive in the wilderness. Can he survive on ass pounding, and dick sucking, to make it though the week? What would you rather be? Would you rather be the hunter or the hunted? It depends, you can give or you can receive…either way. Cum watch and find out!

Stars: Tony, Bernard, Bernie, Morry, Wolfgang

Fantastic Nasty Bastards

Video: Fantastic Nasty Bastards
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Studio: Blueline Entertainment
Fresh faces and inexperienced cocks are ripe for the picking in this twink packed flick from Blueline Entertainment! These young twinks are doling out blowjobs and rimjobs like pros, but they’re far from it! You’ll see some condoms, but then other couples are just too eager and they fuck bareback. It’s all amateur action! You’ll love watching these adorable twinks suck, fuck, and explode all over each other!

Stars: Evan, Louie, Zac, Ashton (M)

To The Max

Video: To The Max
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Director Jake Jaxson loves to see muscular studs masturbating and fucking each other, and he knows you love it too! He’s brought together Anthony Romero, Gabriel Clark, Max Ryder, and sexy newbie Ricky Roman, and they’re performances are stellar! These are some of the hottest guys in the industry, sucking, fucking, and rimming each other until they explode in satisfaction!

Stars: Antonio Manero, Ricky Roman, Max Ryder, Gabriel Lenfant, Anthony Romero

Blonde Beach Boys

Video: Blonde Beach Boys
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Studio: Vivid Man
They’re blonde, ripped, hung and horny! “Blonde Beach Boys’ is nearly four hours of intense sucking, rimming, fucking, male on male anal action in one collection. This epic compilation of scenes from the early mid- 90’s features some of the hottest stars and the hottest bodies and cocks around. Nineteen scenes take you from poolside, living room, bed room and just about anywhere else you can imagine! Cut, uncut, muscle, twink, jock… It is all right here in this incredible film!

Stars: Matt Easton, Rick Rude, Johny Guitar, Chad Donovan, Brandon Taylor, Wayne Montgomery, Jamie Hendrix, Jeff Dillon, Andrew Colt, Wade Cane, Brandon Skyler, Eloc Vaughn, Scott Randsome, Steve Marks, Jason Reddy, Blade Thompson, Dax Kelly, Karl Redford, Adam West, Scott Russell, Bo Summers, Christian Fox, Brett Ford, Eric York, Dallas Taylor, Timothy Boyd, Johnny Rey, Brad Morgan, Chance Caldwell, Michael Fury, Rex Baldwin