House Party

Video: House Party
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Studio: FratMale
Director Joe Serna welcomes a fun filled night of fratmales and an old fashioned house party. What do you get when you mix hot frat guys, a party and no girls? You get a fratmale house party. A bunch of young college studs who are horny as fuck and will do whatever it takes to bust their nut.

Stars: Trey Bentley, Nicky Norway, Stefan Nash, Triston Darden, Brandon Riggs, Bray Love, Danny McCoy, Aaron Anderson, Jackson Miller


Video: Four-Play
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Studio: Video 10
The four stories in FOUR-PLAY illustrate how some men can turn almost any situation into the perfect opportunity for sex! First, it’s the middle of the night and Alain notices that Joey’s jerking off in the next bed. Alain quickly offers a helping hand, then gets Joey to top him before you can say cock-a-doodle-do-me! Next, Alexandre Plientemps runs into his friend Suny Tessier buying soda at the store and invites him home where Suny tops Alexandre, quenching more than his thirst! Then, Nicky Wells thinks he’s safe in bed until Kevin La Peltrie breaks in to rob him. Nicky gets the upper hand and plays Tops and Rubbers with the thief when he tops him in bed. Finally, Victor Henri is a boss who gets the tables turned on him when he mistreats his employee Matieu Tailon one too many times. Matieu tops Victor over the washing machine and never does windows again!

Stars: Kevin Le Peltrie, Suny Tessier, Alain DuPont, Joey Lismir, Victor Henri, Matieu Taillon, Alexandre Pleintemps, Nicky Wells

It’s The After Party

Video: It's The After Party
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Studio: Top Dog Production
Whether it’s at a seedy gloryhole or a dimly lit back room, these strangers are taking advantage of finding themselves alone together by swallowing each other’s cocks and fucking like crazy! It’s hot, it’s dirty, and it’s satisfying! Be sure to check out the bonus scene featuring two cock hungry jocks that can’t keep their mouths off one another!

Stars: Julien Welman, Luc Delair, Diego Arroyo, Fred Sneaker, Dog Ryan, Stany Falcone, Enzo Rimenez

Bullet 11 – Battle Of The Bulges

Video: Bullet 11 - Battle Of The Bulges
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Studio: Ari Productions
Bullet 11! Dateline Frontline, Battle of the bulges confrontations escalate to final climax. Both sides report heavy cumshots and high number of hard-ons. These boys are out in the desert training for some upcoming battles, but you know what happens when the boys all get together for some outdoor training, the battling boys turn a hard day’s work in to a fun workout!

Stars: Keith James, Thom Katt, Eric Lange, Denny Gardner, Anthony Cox, Brad Peters, Steven Moore, Sparky O’Toole, Brandon Wilde, Tony Davis, Matt Forrest

Boys First Time Vol. 4

Video: Boys First Time Vol. 4
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Studio: Reality Kings
The Boys First Time series is where amateur boys get loose for the first time. Reality Kings brought you the first all-amateur gay site on the web, now they bring you the fantastic fourth edition in the series. If you like guys swinging the other way for the very first time, as well as being filmed in the process, than this film is for you. Five full scenes of fine young guys fucking, plus one bonus scene.

Stars: Keegan, Devonte, Trystan, Aiden (M), Jess Taylor, Jason White, Eric Blaine, Travis Scott, Shane Stone, Brock, Ivan

British Beef – David Jones

Video: British Beef - David Jones
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Studio: Dude Lodge
Nick Baer presents British Beef soccer star David Jones, in his first nude photo shoot. After showing off his awesome bare feet and muscle bound rump, Davey gives us a great solo jack off scene, modeling his bare feet, and taking a nice hot steamy shower. Full frontal male nudity, color.

Stars: David Jones

In The Name Of Leather

Video: In The Name Of Leather
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Studio: French Connection
In the ’80’s he was known as Mac Larson, and he revolutionized the world of gay films with his intense images of incredible sexual encounters among some of the most beautiful and sensual men ever seen. “In The Name Of Leather” explores the bizarre and often shocking world of male fetish needs. Superstar and superstud, Daniel Holt, lets his emotions get the better of him as he shows us his strange and compulsive fascination with his lust of leather! A true collectors’ absolute must!

Just mention the name Joe Gage and you’re talking about the all-time legend in gay filmmaking! In the early ’80’s he used the name of Mac Larson to hide his real identity in that difficult and censorship dominated era. But whatever name he uses, his “shot-on-film” classics are the benchmark by which all gay films will forever be judged.

Daniel Holt stars as a man who confesses his compulsive fascination for leather and the men who look so irresistible wearing it. We take you to an interview with the East Coast’s most desirable stud, where he is asked to try to explain his bizarre and unsettling fetish. Finding the studio strewn with leather garments and all manner of huge sex toys, Holt begins an orgasmic odyssey that borders on the unspeakable, and gives the camera a mind-boggling glimpse into what strange demons drive this man to the edge of reality.

This long lost classic is a must for your collection, incredibly erotic and an invaluable look into our storied past!

Stars: Daniel Holt

Paid To Be Laid

Video: Paid To Be Laid
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Studio: Raw Reality
Raw Reality brings you 100% bareback! Real life twinks taking real life loads in four scenes. This takes you behind the scenes of the real British bareback business. These escorts are chosen by our stars, called up, paid and fucked raw on camera. See what really happens and how much the most experienced paid lads really get down and dirty. Watch as we pair two rent boys together to see the sparks and loads really fly.

Stars: Addin, Kai (Male), Zak, Zack, Nick, Jason, Alex, Frankie

Sex-Ed 101

Video: Sex-Ed 101
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Studio: CitiBoyz Video
Wait till you watch the four solo jack-off vignettes made into one sensual scene. See Tryvor who is 19; stroke his meat in the video store that he works at. Tristan who is 20 wakes up hungry in the middle of the night. So when he sees the whipped cream and bottle of chocolate syrup he makes his own sundae with his own special man-cream.19 year old Christian is so horny after class that when he comes home he locks himself in the bathroom to masturbate. Brett’s 18 and likes to jerk off for his friends to see on a web cam.

Stars: Tryvor O’Brien, Brett Wolf, Derrick Windsor, Troy Timmons, Tristan St. John, Evan Lucas, Chris Cortez, Christian Connor, Donavin Fitch

Latin Gay Studs 4

Video: Latin Gay Studs 4
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Studio: Epic Distribution
Epic Distribution presents “Latin Gay Studs 4,” starring Ed Junior, Pablo Montejo, Jason Mello, Christian Romero, Gabriel D’Alessandro, Thiago Johnson, Alexander Senna and Caio Sauza. Hot and horny Latin studs get together for some anal-pounding fun! Join the Latin passion and watch these guys work their cocks deep into some Latin ass!

Stars: Ed Junior, Caio Sauza, Christian Romero, Alexander Senna, Gabriel D’alessandro, Jason Mello, Pablo Montejo, Thiago Johnson