Domination Sauvage Part 2

Video: Domination Sauvage Part 2
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Studio: Diamond Pictures
Csaba Borbely brings us the best of his leather archives! Don’t miss the domination action! Enjoy six scenes of some of the hottest hard bodied hunks in the business. Here is where bottoms submit to pleasure. Dressed in leather boots the guys take dick long, hard and balls deep partaking in threesomes, group sex, and one explosive orgy for the finale.

Stars: Raul Mathews, Rick Peters, Carlos Baxter, Fred Goldsmith, Sylvio Panthera, Jerry O’Connor, Ray Phillips, Kevin Cage, Claudio Antonelli, Julian Vincenzo

Horse Hung Hairy Hole

Video: Horse Hung Hairy Hole
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Studio: MaverickMan22 Productions
We start off slow with this guy, but soon have him out of his pants and showing us that very thick pole. After a moment of showing off his body and getting a little oral action we head to bed. That morning is when the fun starts, as we come down the stairs after waking up we see our horse hung guy playing with his thick cock and we are quickly there to join in on the fun.

This guy is eager to suck down Hunter and myself as we use his mouth and ass while stroking and sucking that thick pole. It doesn’t take us long to blow our loads all over his chest, before he too cums.

Stars: Cole Maverick, Davis, Hunter

He Delivers

Video: He Delivers
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Studio: Bacchus
When you need some tasty pizza with an order of hot ass fuckin’ and some dick suckin’ on the side, who ya gonna call? The pizza boy – He Delivers! Just tip him well and he make sure to lick you from the head of your dick to the top of your crack, and then give you an extra special “topping”.

Stars: Dante Franklin, Erotic, Entice, Lil Red, G-Dawg, Red Bone, Kochiece, Red

More Than Just A Hunk

Video: More Than Just A Hunk
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Studio: Dominik Trojan Project
Director and talent scout, Dominik Trojan, is always looking for hunks that are constantly horny, seeking like-minded buddies for hot, frenetic, raw sex. Eager mouths, hot, willing asses ready for raw poundings, and juicy uncut cocks eager to spew forth their copious loads, only to be eagerly lapped up and swallowed!

Stars: Jordan Lopez

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes – Connor Maguire

Video: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes - Connor Maguire
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Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Connor Maguire is adorable with a muscular, hairy chest and a sweet smile. His lover undresses him, running her hands over his muscular body and even sucking his toes for a minute. Connor stands at attention, getting his cock sucked before dropping to all fours on the bed for a rim job. He returns the favor and then buries his cock deep inside her hot hole. He fucks the cute blonde in several positions until finally laying back and letting her jerk him off until he explodes on his taut stomach.

Stars: Connor Maguire

ShowGuys Volume 485 – Scott Tanner & Aaron Galloway

Video: ShowGuys Volume 485 - Scott Tanner & Aaron Galloway
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Studio: ShowGuys Video
Pornstar Scott Tanner is a blond, handsome, hung stud who loves fucking adorable twinks, and Aaron Galloway fills the bill perfectly. They start out kissing, with Aaron massaging Scott to a full erection through his shorts. Scott gets Aaron naked, exposing a very nice, cut cock.

Aaron starts sucking on Scott’s most impressive member, and then we get some more kissing while they jerk each other. Scott goes down on Aaron. Scott gets on his knees, his extra large balls dangling, and Aaron continues deep throating Scott, which causes his own dick to become hard as a rock. Aaron lies on his back with his head between Scott’s legs, so he can suck the low hanging scrotum while stroking Scott’s dick. Scott turns Aaron over onto his stomach and spreads his cheeks, then Aaron gets on his back and sucks Scott while Scott pulls Aaron’s legs up, shows us his hot hole, and sticks a finger in.

Scott lies on his back, Aaron gets on top, and Scott’s dick rides up and down Aaron’s ass crack. Aaron lies on his back, and Scott smacks his face with his with his dick, and then fucks Aaron’s mouth. But Aaron wants Scott inside him. So Scott condoms up, Aaron lubes up, Scott lies down with his head toward the camera, and Aaron, facing the camera, impales himself on the rigid pole. Scott pulls Aaron into the missionary position, and continues thrusting.

Aaron’s moans fill the studio. Scott lies down, and again Aaron sits on him with his back to the camera. Aaron holds on to Scott, who stands up while fucking the lad. Scott lies back down and Aaron bounces wildly on Scott’s weapon. Aaron turns around, and we get the frog. The more Scott fucks him, the harder Aaron gets. They roll into the spoon, then, after a short break, Aaron bends over the ledge and Scott plows him from behind. But Scott has to stop because he is so close to shooting.

Aaron takes a bathroom break while Scott jerks himself for the camera. Finally Aaron lies on his back, Scott gets on his knees over him, and the two jerk themselves. Scott’s moans tell us he is close, and soon he shoots one of his gut wrenching loads all over Aaron. They get on their knees, kiss one last time, and wave goodbye.

Stars: Scott Tanner, Aaron Galloway

Rough Fuckers

Video: Rough Fuckers
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Studio: U.S. Male
These Tough Brawler types have a lot of pent of energy, and what you think is their being angry and aggressive, is actually their testosterone raging. They need some ass and they’re not shy in their advances in getting exactly what they want. From alley-way cock-sucks, to P.O.W. face-fucking, or two athletes tired of juggling just balls, they all need that release!

Stars: Devil Alex, Black Angel (i), Roberto (i), Claudio Antonelli, Santos

Naked Tae-Bo

Video: Naked Tae-Bo
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Studio: Bare Naked Males
4 hot models work out to tae-bo butt naked for 45 minutes. This video is hot because all you see is ass holes, dicks flapping in the breeze! The models tell director/producer Sebastian Sloane that he needs to join them in their intense workout. Sebastian jumps in, and the models pull his clothes off. Sebastian’s butt naked working out with the models! You’ll have fun watching this video watching the guys sweat their nuts off!

Stars: Rob Patrick, Jared Adams, Trevor Stevens, Sebastian Sloane, Vic Stone

Colossal Cocks Collection Volume 2

Video: Colossal Cocks Collection Volume 2
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Studio: EuroboyXXX
After a kick-around, Stephen retires to his bedroom for some kinky fun and hole-stretching. Then Stephen expands his horizons in a threesome with Aaron and Reece. Cover Model Jason loves being in front of a mirror-having fun while pushing himself to his limits with a really big toy. Dirty slave pig Ali has a wild time with a huge dildo in a cage. His ass seems to have no boundaries. Brad’s a cute blonde rams a vibrator up his rear. In Brighton’s famous Hotel Amsterdam, two guys check into each others’ assholes. A big double-ended dildo leaves two guys plugged up and thoroughly satisfied. Kinky Flic auditions with some jacking-off and dildo play. Adam decides to loosen up a little bit with a toy and ends up spunking all over his hot bod. A dildo in a Jacuzzi seems nice, but these 3 studs take it to the next level with the real deal and Alejandro’s ass.

Stars: Anthony Squillari, Harold Zen, Michael Amerika

Auditions 42 – Horny Fuckers

Video: Auditions 42 - Horny Fuckers
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Manhattan has never seen studs like this! Lucas Entertainment always brings you the hottest amateurs for their Auditions series, and volume 42 is no exception. First up are sexy, horny newcomers CJ Madison and Devin Adams flip-fucking each other. Burly hunk Dirk Caber and blonde hottie Phillip Aubrey have hardcore sex. Russian cutie Valentin Petrov sucks and fucks Kyle Quinn. Muscle-bottom Marc Dylan takes a ride on Gavin Waters’ hard cock. And ultra-hung Barrington Brooks hammers Logan Stevens. Don’t hesitate getting hard and sweaty with these Horny Fuckers!

Stars: Devin Adams, Barrington Brooks, Marc Dylan, Dirk Caber, Gavin Waters, Logan Stevens, Phillip Aubrey, Valentin Petrov, Kyle Quinn, C.J. Madison