The Best Little Warehouse In L.A.

Video: The Best Little Warehouse In L.A.
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Studio: Catalina
Never mind the poor lighting and bad porn music, this pre-condom classic is terrific! From the infamous William Higgins comes some of the best little cocksuckers of all time! Complete with sloppy warehouse blowjobs, bareback anal and condom free cumsplats! These are your average blue collar buttboys bringing you a film with a little spanking, tons of fucking and some serious facials!

Stars: Frank Johns, Rick Kennedy, Terry Craig, Ed Michaels, Michael Christopher, Giorgio Canali, Mike Dean, Sean Fox, Morgan (male), Lance Whitman, Cliff Austin

Loads #17

Video: Loads #17
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Studio: Workin’ Men Videos
Workin’ Men Videos present “Loads 17.” Kick back, relax and enjoy another installment of Loads. Once again, we’re featuring some of the most rugged American man you have ever laid your eyes on! One by one, they jerk their cocks, jizzing all over themselves and whatever else is readily available!
Mount The Big One

Video: Mount The Big One
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Studio: Locker Room
These boys are rock hard and throbbing, just waiting for you to mount their massive cocks! They can’t wait for you to surround their man meat with your steamy mouth. They’re anxiously anticipating ramming your tight asshole with their huge poles! Get ready to Mount The Big One!

Stars: Drew Andrews, Hawk McAllistar, Dino Phillips, Dereck Bishop, Dean Maxwell, Anthony Vega, Eric Princeton

Pretty Boy Gang Bang

Video: Pretty Boy Gang Bang
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Studio: Sauvage
Robin Snoyer is the eponymous pretty boy, whose youthful lust for hard, throbbing cock and fresh, sticky cum serves as the focal point for a no-holds-barred suck-and-fuck-fest that’ll have you jerking like fury.

Before that sticky climax, however, cums an array of equally pent-up talent, all desperate for dick and the taste of jizz.

Believe us, if you like cute boys with spunk dripping from their open mouths and asses then this totally moral-free escapade is for you!

Being alone isn’t much fun – particularly when you’re missing your boyfriend as badly as young Daniel Wood is at the beginning of this scene. Fortunately, a knock at the door changes the situation completely, with the longed-for arrival of Marty Love marking the start of a stupendous sex session that’ll have you reaching for your cock even before the chiselled Love has carried Wood off into the bedroom! Wood, for his part, can’t wait to be sitting down on his partner’s smoothly-shaved cock; and a richly prolonged 69-ing session between the lads only adds to the anticipation. By the time the moment finally arrives, Wood’s like an animal on heat, taking every inch that his muscle-bound boyfriend has got to offer. A slightly creaky headboard either adds or detracts from the action (dependent on your point of view) but there’s no denying the sexual appetite here on display – neatly summarised by the generous squirts of jizz that both guys ultimately produce. In short, a romantically-inclined romp that does both boys credit and which will have you dumping a load (or two!) for sure.

Students drink too much – but that’s hardly a revelation! Sometimes, however, they drink so much that all their usual inhibitions get forgotten and they start doing things like making moves on their room-mates. Why it should take alcohol to get Alex Grander to make a pass at Caleb Moreton is anyone’s guess, mind – after all, with the sort of monster cock that Moreton has packed between his thighs, you’d have thought that Grander would’ve made his move ages ago! Still, some boys need a little Dutch courage; and, having woken his friend in the hope of a little hardcore action, soon discovers that his lusts are very much reciprocated. Cue a stunning session of nocturnal cock-sucking that eventually results in Grander impaling himself on his mate’s mammoth member. It’s a sight that’ll bring tears to your eyes and a great deal of blood to your crotch; as the horny hunk writhes and grinds his way towards ecstasy. It’s not long before the fellow has dumped a grand load of jizz over his own belly; whilst Moreton’s engrossed shaft spews into his ass to produce a mega-sticky crescendo!

Young Jack Walsh is a seemingly reluctant playmate. Truth is he’d rather be sleeping than responding to the attentions of the two Coxes, Nikolas and Nell – who, incidentally, are not related. Mind, they do share a couple of traits, it must be said. Firstly, they’re both as hot as fuck; and second, they’re each doggedly determined to make the most of Walsh’s firm, youthful body and won’t be happy until they’re ramming their big, throbbing shafts down his throat and up his ass! With respect, it’s a situation that their winsome companion clearly comprehends, as he finally throws back the duvet in acceptance of their attentions; and before you can say “Holy Threesome” the lads are all sucking away at each other’s dicks like there’s no tomorrow. Neither of the Cox boys are gonna be truly happy, however, until they’ve got Walsh banged up in an ardent spit-roast – an ambition fulfilled in the scene’s second half, as the hungry bottom’s last reservations are ruthlessly stripped away by his assailants. Victory obtained, it’s simply a case of underlining their achievement by splattering the entire contents of their balls all over Walsh’s pretty little face! Magic!

There’s a name for people who secretly watch other folk taking their ablutions, but given that in this instance it’s the gorgeous Alex Grander playing the part of ”Peeping Tom” we’ll overlook such negativity. Indeed, there’s something undeniably hot about the fellow stripping out of his leather trousers and jerking his big, fat cock whilst young Peter Till takes a shower, blissfully unaware of his admirer. That particular situation doesn’t last for long, however. Grander’s never been the sort of guy who can resist the sight of fresh flesh, and it comes as no surprise when he makes his move. After all, by this point he’s literally gagging to give Till’s generous rod a real hard ride – a wish that (as it turns out) Till is only too happy to fulfil. The stage is set, therefore, for a sweaty, ball-banging session between this fabulous pairing, that only comes to a conclusion when Till can take no more and proceeds to dump a fine wad of cream over Grander’s face. Pride of place goes to Grander himself, however, who shoots a wad over Till’s face with such ferocity that it very nearly blinds the boy!

It’s Robin Snoyer’s birthday – and the moment you’ve all been waiting for, as a collection of some of the horniest studs and cock-sluts in the Czech Republic gather for the sort of party that most of us will only ever dream of! Beginning with a magnificent threesome (featuring Snoyer, Nick Gill and Toni Wall) which is almost an unforgettable scene in itself. As it stands, however, this superb session of cock-sucking and ass-fingering is merely an introduction to the main action to come; with the arrival of half-a-dozen other horny guests (armed with birthday cake) marking the onset of a truly spectacular orgy that’ll have you working the rewind button to the point of breakdown! Centrepiece to the action, of course, is Snoyer; a young cutie who looks as wholesome and innocent as a slice of apple pie, but whose antics in front of camera soon prove that he’s anything but. He’s certainly a big hit with the likes of George Michael and Luis Bigdog, who have to take turns to thrust their hard cocks into every orifice that nature has given the boy; culminating in a frenzy of cum-shots that leave Snoyer’s face coated in load after load of hot spunk! In short, it’s total filth from beginning to end – and you dirty fuckers are gonna love every single second!

Stars: Thomas Lee, George Michael, Peter Till, Marty Love, Garry Flicker, Tood Kersey, Rico Bowie, Daniel Wood, Alex Grander, Caleb Moreton, Nick Gill, Robin Snoyer, Luis Bigdog, Nikolas Cox, Toni Wall, Nell Cox, Jack Walsh

Cram It Up His Ass

Video: Cram It Up His Ass
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Studio: Boys Club
Boys Club is back with hot gay anal action! Are you man enough to handle these men? It’s crazy cock gobbling! These guys love to have a hard cock crammed up their ass! Experience excessive hardcore roughing of the ass for five scenes of action for some of the best guy on guy action around!

Stars: Rick, Dion, Tad, Cameron Taylor, Justin Blade, Mario Raffanelly, Bruno Stigmata, Peter Mayor, Cory Woodall, Jack Spade, Alan Menlo

Fucked By My Gay Neighbor 5

Video: Fucked By My Gay Neighbor 5
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Studio: Epic Distribution
Neighborly hospitality comes to a whole new level today! They may have come over to borrow sugar, but they’re really interested in something else! What do you do when your hot neighbor is craving some sex? You give it to him good! Hot damn! There goes the neighborhood….that every hot and horny guy wants to be a part of. So cum on and meat your neighbors, stretch their ass and make them moan for unbridled and uncensored pleasure!

Stars: Alexander, Caua Martins, Michael Maion, Tomi Vernon, Bahiano, Skyler Bleu, Richard Wandley, Sean Michael Bradley, Nick, Felipe Todenzzo

Ryker’s Web

Video: Ryker's Web
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Studio: Ken Ryker Films
Believe us…you’ll want to get caught! Cum watch legendary muscled supergod Ken Ryker, as he uses that big cock to fuck his way thru three different scenes of tight anal action. There are plenty more men where that came from – including a hot sweaty fuck on a pool table and two frenzied threesomes that will leave you blowing your loads in record amounts!

Stars: Christian Taylor (male), Ian Gabriel (male), Thomas Payne, Anthony Holloway, Rhett O’Hara, Billy Herrington, Tino Lopez, Drew Larson, Ken Ryker, Trent Atkins, Johnny West, Rocky Castro

Spanking Vol. 10

Video: Spanking Vol. 10
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
William Higgins drives home another masterpiece with this showcase of Master/Slave scenarios. The military barracks are quiet, and a private gets lesson in discipline from his superior officer. From humility, to severity and exercise, and even pleasure!

The dungeon scenes in this movie are illustrious, and contain a plethora of acts, specially whipping, and spankings, both erotic, and callous as well! All scenes are followed with an interview of before and after, ensuring that all individuals were willing participants in each scene.

Fallen Angels

Video: Fallen Angels
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Studio: Eurocreme
Even the most innocent looking twinks can sometimes hide the sordid, sexually deviant minds, and this selection of eurocreme’s most beautiful stars take us on a journey of exhibitionism, hedonism and pure sexual fantasy as their tight young bodies writhe and tense against each other in hot, sticky situations that deserve us looking in great close-up angles!! From classic DreamBoy titles come these Fallen Angels, where Innocence really is only skin deep.

Stars: Ryan Morgan

Hot Footin’

Video: Hot Footin'
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Studio: Jackrabbit Releasing
Do you have a hankering for hot young guys? Do you get a raging hard-on over fancy footwork? Then open wide for Hot Footin’. The third film from new studio Jackrabbit Releasing (the debut title was the hot Bustin’ In; the second was the trick-happy Anal Pick-Up) is this fetish-fronted, frottage-happy, footplay-filled fun fuck flick.

Nearly two hours long and with six mostly sizzling scenes, I can safely say that all of your “dexterous digits” will be in hog heaven by the time you’ve finished watching it. Featuring cover model cutie Toby O’Connor and a delicious crew of ten eager-to-please, cock-‘n-foot-hungry dudes, Hot Footin’ will probably scorch your shorts.

Stars: JP, Vinny Lopez, TJ Jordan, Mauricio, Toby O’Connor, Casey Hamilton, Liam Caldwell, Joseph Dragon, Carson Thomas, Julian Vasquez, Chance Davis