Gay Dreams 2 – San Francisco Nights

Video: Gay Dreams 2 - San Francisco Nights
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Studio: Raging Stallion
What kind of man do you fantasize about? Does your fantasy man have a well muscled, smooth chest? A handsome face? Strong legs and a rock hard cock? These men are your fantasy come to life: they’re muscled studs with drool worthy faces and cocks! Watch as these handsome devils give and get blowjobs, rimming and serious anal pounding. You’ll blow your wad before the first scene ends!

Stars: Michael Brandon, Sean Storm, Tag Adams, Andy Dill, Shane Rollins, Jay Black, Abram Rodriguez, Damien Drake, Brendan Austen, Robert Marx , Ryven

Lumberjack Gangbang

Video: Lumberjack Gangbang
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Studio: Blue Blake
Nine lumberjack tops, one straight bodybuilder forced to be their bottom. Enormous straight bodybuilder Duke Miller gets his hole and mouth used again and again till they’re raw by nine horse-hung lumberjack studs. See Duke swallow cock and give up his straight bodybuilder hole in a rough lumberjack camp. See nine lumber jacks abuse him, then dump their thick loads all over his man mountain!

Stars: Troy Michaels, Rhett O’Hara, Brad Rock, Duke Miller, Damian Steele, Staten McComack, Robert Harvey, Kelly Madison (Gay), Blue Blake, Matt Sizemore

Medic Men

Video: Medic Men
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Studio: High Octane
Herve’ Handsome presents “Medic Men” two full hours with 14 studs. The first scene opens Nicholas Babral finds himself in an ambulance, his arm in need of care. The friendly medics, Paul Kabit and Gabriel Galad, are all too happy to help out! Babral, has a ripped 6 pack and is beautiful indeed – quite a pick up (so to speak) for the two horned up paramedics. At first, Kabit stands to the side and plays with himself while the others suck dick, but he soon joins the melee.

All three men prove to be skilled oralists, and Babral turns into a spirited butt-boy letting both Kabit and Galad fuck his hole.

Stars: Fred Fele, Luke Jarkal, Thierry Golyo, Paul Kabit, Sandor Sablon , Attila Acel, Patrik Kacer, Anthony Babona, Francois Kagylo, Luis Celoz, Austin Macska, Nicholas Babral, Ron Strand, Gabriel Galad

ShowGuys #255 – Tony Michaels & Troy Taylor

Video: ShowGuys #255 - Tony Michaels & Troy Taylor
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Studio: ShowGuys Video
Two of our hottest, and most beautiful guys, Tony Michaels and Troy Taylor, finally meet up. Both are of Hispanic descent, but Tony is pale and blue-eyed, and Troy has darker skin and brown eyes. It’s obvious from the start that these guys are very much into each other, as evidenced by the deep kissing and heavy petting. Without any direction, the clothes come off, revealing two long, hard cocks. Tony’s is especially thick, and Troy is soon measuring it with his mouth. The more of Tony’s monster meat Troy swallows, the harder his own dick gets. And soon it’s Tony’s turn to swallow Troy’s beautiful man meat. They get on their knees and we get some dick dueling. Tony stands up, and Troy really gives him a thorough deep-throating, and then the studs reverse roles. Both cocks are like iron.

Tony lies down and licks Troy’s balls, and then Troy shows off his own deep-throating abilities, bringing tears to his eyes. The two studs give us some great sixty-nining, and then turn their backs to the camera, and show off their gorgeous butts. Troy gets on top of Tony, whose cock rides up and down Troy’s ass crack. But these guys can’t wait to get to the fucking, so Tony lies on his back, and Troy sits on his pole, which easily slides up into him. Tony doesn’t give Troy a warm-up period ­ from the beginning he is pounding that ass, and Tony is aiding and abetting the proceedings. Troy turns around into the frog; his dick is so hard it looks like it might break off, and Tony lambastes him. They take a break, and Troy tastes his pre-cum, and so does Tony. They take turns sucking each other, but soon Tony has re-condomed, and shoves his cock back up Troy’s ass doggie-style. This is followed by the spoon position; with Tony’s thick weapon splitting Troy’s ass cheeks. Next Tony fucks Troy in the missionary position.. After pounding Troy’s ass, Tony pulls out and the two jerk off. Troy shoots a huge, spewing load, immediately followed, with no warning, by Tony’s explosion. The scene ends with a shot of Troy’s cum-covered torso and the promise of a rematch where Tony gets plowed by Troy.

Stars: Tony Michaels, Troy Taylor

Canadian Classifieds

Video: Canadian Classifieds
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Studio: Brigade Studios
In Canadian Classifieds, men search the back page classified ads for Mr. Right (actually, Mr. Right for Now, to be honest!). First, Kevin Richard scans the ads in a magazine he picked up near the bus stop. He responds to the ad that G-Zon Beauleu place and gets topped on his couch for the cost of his local call. Next, James Girard looks over the classifieds for someone to top him. He calls Ken Rondolet’s ad and finds out they have something in common – they’re both horny at the same exact moment! Ken likes the odds and arrives to top James before his luck runs out. Then, Tommy O’rne gets hot and bothered when he checks out the Celestial Entertainment website. In order to relieve himself, he scans the personals in the classifieds of a bar rag that was lying around the house. Tommy invites Jacques Smyth over and moments later, Tommy tops Jacques, prompting Jacques to decide then and there to run the ad indefinitely. Finally, Jeremy DuNord calls one of the numbers in a campus classifieds and answers Billy Martin’s ad. Jeremy gets an education by topping Billy in bed in the dorm room.

Stars: Billy Martin, Jacques Smyth, Kevin Richards, G-Zon Beauleu, James Girard, Tommy O’rne, Jeremy DuNord, Ken Rondolet

Chip Daniels’ Video Studbook

Video: Chip Daniels' Video Studbook
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Studio: Centaur Films
Centaur Films presents ‘CHIP DANIELS’ VIDEO STUDBOOK this special 4th Anniversary Director’s cut is the hottest video compilation available. Re-edited and remastered from eight movies in the Centaur Collection just for you! They’re Chip Daniels’ favorites, and soon to be yours too! “CHIP DANIELS’ VIDEO STUDBOOK” starring 22 Hot Horny Young Studs: 11 scenes–110 action-packed minutes!

Stars: J.T. Sloan, K.C. Hart, Shawn Justin, Alex Kincaid, Nick Chevalier, Cole Tucker, Chad Donovan, Jeff Jagger, Kyle Brandon, Zachary Scott, Brock Masters, Chad Knight, Bo Summers, Kyle McKenna, Joe Romero, Vince Rockland, Chip Daniels, Logan Reed, John Ross, Sam Crockett, Sandy Sloane, Kevin Kramer, Johnny Hansen

Egyptian Dreams

Video: Egyptian Dreams
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Studio: DVSMen
Sure the pyramids and the mathematics contributions to the world as we know it now are impressive…but these Egyptians are better known for how they can raise a cock and stuff a tight asshole. Sit back, pull out your cock, lube up your hands and get ready to explore your “Egyptian Dreams”!

Stars: Pedro Foratto, Michel Bitencourt, Yanko, Marcelo Indio, Franky, Allan, Elias, Johnny, Rocky

Kyle Kravin’s Amateur Bareback Videos 17

Video: Kyle Kravin's Amateur Bareback Videos 17
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Studio: Magnus
Kyle Kravin is back and still dishing out the hard-core goodness that you have cum to crave. More first time fuckers go bareback! These amateur studs have laid down one rule–no condoms allowed in their beds! All bareback sex brings horny to a whole new level of man-to-man sex! They get rid of their inhibitions just like they did the condoms for some of the hottest bareback anal reaming you won’t want to miss!

Stars: Niel Sams, Walter Domingo, Mark Urban, Jeff Star, Marty Richards

The Pledge Masters

Video: The Pledge Masters
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Studio: Falcon Studios
Are you man enough for Hell Week? Superhung Steve Hammond is the “brother” you have to answer to in this frat. He serves up plenty of stiff discipline to the horny fraternity pledges in this sex-filled frat house. Boots, paddles and dildos all get a workout in this kinky classic. It’s enough to make any man go over the top. What a rush!

Stars: Mark Reardon, Chris Ladd, Mike Gregory, Beau Beaumont, Steve Hammond, Race Jensen, Brad Mitchell, Jack Lofton, Tom Steele, Alex Stone

Texas Twinks Volume 9

Video: Texas Twinks Volume 9
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Studio: Amateur XXX
Young & Horny! And BOY are they ever! Watch these barely legal boys play all over the place! In the bathroom…on the sofa…and, of course, in bed! Mom and Dad aren’t around and these you studs have lots of cum to pass around. Jake could wait until he turned 18 so he could show some skin. He’s a sexy, free- spirited individual who loves everything there is about sex and loves to show off his big cock. It’s David’s first time stroking until he spews his load in front of a camera. Next, Jake stretches Tray’s hole then reams him until he gives Tray a facial. And Cedric is a cutie with a near 7” cock. His motto is talk quiet – but whack a big stick!

Stars: Cedric, Tray, David, Jake