Arabian Fever

Video: Arabian Fever
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Studio: Alexander Pictures
Arabian Fever will give you the hunger for hot, Arab cock if you don’t already have it!
Arabian Fever is the latest addition to the Arab-themed series of films from Alexander Pictures. It features the hugely hung, uncut men that we are used to from Alexander and doesn’t let us down a bit when it comes to hot sex, stretched assholes, and heavy cum shots. There’s enough cock and cum in this film to satisfy all of us horny fucks.

Diya Aldin, Falah Mujib, Madanih
When the scene opens with three hot studs in traditional kurtas, you know it’s going to be another Alexander Pictures fuck-fest. Falah Mujib unveils Diya Aldin’s donkey dick and immediately goes down on it. Before long the sloppy mouthed cocksucker is going to work on Madanih too, as both men stand over him with their bones in his face. The blowjobs go on just long enough that you’ll start to worry that Diya’s cock might not split open any ass for your viewing pleasure. Have no fear! That giant shitter-splitter is swallowed up by Falah in a very impressive fuck scene. Falah is my favorite kind of bottom, too. He’s hung and stays hard the whole time he’s getting opened up. Once he’s had his fill, so to speak, the three guys shoot some impressive loads on the glass table-top. Would’ve preferred to have been under there dripping dicks myself, but alas, I too only get video.

Tahir Abban, Shihad, Basil Karim
It’s another hot three-way in this sultry Arabian fantasy as we open up to Tahir Abban and Basil Karim feeling up Shihad as Shihad gets a handful of meat of his own. Shihad’s obviously hungry for dick and pretty quickly gets his mouth on the fat prick of Tahir. Basil seems very pleased by this as he mutters off screen, jacking his own hard-on before getting on his knees for a turn as cocksucker. Tahir clearly enjoys getting blown but decides something tighter is in order so he stands up and forcefully turns Shihad so that his ass is presented for inspection. After giving Shihad a fucking he won’t soon forget, Tahir turns Basil over and gives him a pounding that has this bottom moaning like a bitch. Shihad glazes his own flat stomach before Tahir pulls out of Basil’s ass and offers his own load up as icing. Basicl isn’t far behind as he slides his massive foreskin back and forth over his dickhead and squirts all over the place. If you’re like me, you’ll want a snack nearby to satisfy the urge to lick something up while watching this flick.

When Najib walks into the shot you can tell this is a muscle-stud who’s in love with his own body. It’s also easy to see why. He’s built like a brick shithouse and it’s not to make up for any lack in his pants. He’s got a big ol’ dick, too. He massages his muscles and teases us for a good while before unveiling a very impressive tool. He beats his dick like it owes him money and then squirts on a mirror looking at himself in the reflection. Sexy fucker. The worst thing about JO scenes on video is that you can’t reach to help them out.

Abbud Azim, Bashshar, Ferran
It’s a big-dick-pileup in this scene. Abbud Azim, Bashshar, and Ferran are touching, kissing and caressing each other until the heat is too much and they need to get down to business. Once the first boner is out and getting sucked it isn’t long until Abbud and Ferran are taking turns fucking Bashshar in the ass and down his throat. They swap off until they are close to cumming and then kneel over him and deliver their cum to his chest. Bashshar isn’t far behind and powers out a nice load of his own. It’s a hot scene that leaves will make it hard to wait for the rest of the movie.

Ramzi, Rabah Rafi, Yazeed
These three fuckers are sitting back playing with each other’s dicks until you about go crazy. Ramzi is the first to unveil a huge, uncut monster. What a fucking cock! Before long Yazeed has risen to the occasion as well and he gets some great head while Ramzi is eating Rabah Rafi’s ass and using his giant cock to tease his hole in one of the hottest shots of ass play I’ve ever seen in an Alexander Pictures release. Getting that fat dick up Rabah’s hole was a process I am happy to have witnessed. Once he was in, Ramzi was non-stop fucking that hole and ruining it for any lesser men. You think the scene is about to end but Ramzi grabs Rabah by the arm and leads him back to the couch and sits that ass right back down on his dick so that Rabah can jack him off with his hole. After a second ride on Ramzi’s ram, Rabah finally wraps that shit-hole around Yazeed’s hard cock. All three guys end with superb cumshots. It’s a helluva wrap-up to a helluva fuck scene.

After teasing us with his body and his bone between each of the other scenes, we finally get to focus fully on Khaladun. He lays that long lean body of his back and goes to town. Having been pulling on it for a while he produces a tasty looking load that I’m sorry to say seems to have gone to waste. It was a great ending to another hot Alexander Pictures flick, though, and one I mirrored at the end myself.

This is the newest feature length film that focuses on the fantasy that is Arab men. Arabian Fever will give you the hunger for hot, Arab cock if you don’t already have it and will quench your desire a bit if you do.

Stars: Falah Mujib, Diya Aldin, Basil Karim, Abbud Azim, Yazeed, Bashshar, Shihad, Ferran, Khaladun, Najib, Madanih, Tahir Abban, Ramzi, Rabah Rafi

My Boyfriend Is Gay 3

Video: My Boyfriend Is Gay 3
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Studio: Male Reality
These boys are trying to stay on the down low by having girlfriends, but they can’t control their desires forever! When given the opportunity, they eagerly give blowjobs to their guy friends! But they don’t stop there! Watch as these ‘straight’ boys suck each other’s cocks, kiss passionately, get serious about some rimming and give and take hardcore anal sex! Each scene ends with explosive, delicious cumshots!

Stars: Dominik Sharp, Thomas Fiaty, Marc Nelson, Nick Gill, Ali Montero, Val Horner, Nick Daniels, Martin Love, Simon Clay, Jacob

Give Me Your Bareback Dick

Video: Give Me Your Bareback Dick
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Studio: Dudes In Heat Media
You won’t want to miss the action loaded with hot guys and plenty of bareback dick to give and receive! Five tight-holed bottoms are horny and ready, begging you to “Give Me Your Bareback Dick!” After slurping and slobbering all over each other’s cocks, they bend over and take a raw fucking like never before. Watch gooey cum loads dripping from asses, onto their faces and into their open and eager mouths!
I’m Just A Toy For Black Boys

Video: I'm Just A Toy For Black Boys
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Studio: DVSMen
100% white ass wreckage! If you love seeing black dick in a tight white ass this is the film for you! These white boys have a serious case of jungle fever … of the gay variety! Nothing makes these white boys hornier than serving black guys in any way imaginable! Cum and see stars like Christian, Sebastian, Luciano, and Dowson as they take black/ white relations to another level!

Stars: Mike, Dowson, Angel (M), Canu, Leon, Luciano, Sebastian, Christian

Bareback Fuck Buddies 5

Video: Bareback Fuck Buddies 5
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Studio: Cocksure Men
Bareback Fuck Buddies 5 is nothing short of hot bareback hunk action…over 2 hours of raw drilling fun! Eleven well-built, muscular, masculine, and very horny young hunks who love intense dick sucking and butt fucking action…bareback. Starring: Zack Cook, Blake Carson, Shawn Hunter, Rusty Stevens, Ryan Buckley, Duke Lewis, Brock Armstrong, Jonny Magnum, Enrique Currero, Collin & Hurley.

Stars: Blake Carson, Duke Lewis, Brock Armstrong, Ryan Buckley, Rusty Stevens, Shawn Hunter, Jonny Magnum, Zack Cook, Enrique Currero, Collin, Hurley

Meat Packers Editor’s Choice Cutz #10

Video: Meat Packers Editor's Choice Cutz #10
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Studio: Spank It Up Videos
A few of our most erotic men are stroking it again … again … and again! The magic sticks are back in the tenth edition of this epic solo series and they’re ready to bust all for you! This is an all amateur cast of Black and Hispanic studs who are packing some serious meat and they just love to stroke their meat sticks all for your viewing pleasure!

Stars: The Gunna Man, John Jay, Baby Boy, Mack, Rob, Nino

Oreo Bi Threeway

Video: Oreo Bi Threeway
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Carl Hubay seduces a black coworker of his at a Company picnic, sucks him off and then gets Shaun, the unsuspecting coworker, to fuck him hardcore. Then Daisy, Carl’s secretary, walks in and joins them in a wild threeway that you won’t be able to forget. Finally, Carl and Daisy share Shaun’s cum in a wet kiss.

Stars: Carl Hubay, Shaun, Daisy

I’ve Never Done This Before 3

Video: I've Never Done This Before 3
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Studio: Eagle Video
Seven hot scenes inside! When the camera’s rolling…these real amateurs are attempting to break into porn careers, give it all they’ve got. See these hotties for the first time–before they become stars…or vanish into obscurity. Join these macho studs as they take thing into their own hands. There’s nothing like a personal touch and the stark reality of knowing that people will be cumming along with you to make you cum hard and fierce!

Stars: Tyler (M), Pepa, Lazlo, Mario

Raw Mix Up Vol. 1

Video: Raw Mix Up Vol. 1
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Studio: Rockafellaz Entertainment
The first in a hot new series, Raw Mix Up Vol. 1 features 10 hot young Ebony hunks in 5 scenes of raw guy-on-guy ass pounding. Each scene, filled with intense passion, will have you on the edge of your seat and you dick hard at attention! This is one hour and eighteen minutes that you won’t want to end!

Stars: London D., Speechless Rockafella, Damori Rockafella, Leo Rockafella, J.D. Blackstone, Manny Baby, Remy Mars, Ricky D. Rockafella, K. Fierce Rockafella, Rock Rockafella

Jailhouse Breeders

Video: Jailhouse Breeders
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Studio: U.S. Male
Jailhouse Breeders features guys behind bars that love to use their stiff, throbbing cocks. When there are no women around, a hole is a hole. That’s the kind of mentality these guys have once they’re in the slammer. A skinny bottom gets used and is passed around by the horny tops in this jail! And with names like Dave Graham, Brent Soow and Gabe Russel, you can be sure the man – on – man action will be taken to another level!

Stars: Gabe Russel, Roberto Allegretto, Brent Soow, Win Soldier, Dave Graham, Steve Spy, Black Angel, Rabbit