Guys Go Crazy 40 – GGC’s Got Talent!

Video: Guys Go Crazy 40 - GGC's Got Talent!
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The heat is on in this GGC competition, with a club full of our hottest orgy-loving studs putting their bodies on display, and the only criteria our judges care about is how well you can spread that ass and work that cock! Oh, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give the judges some wicked blowjobs during the show! A little extra effort never hurts in a talent show, and soon enough that passion turns into one hell of a mega-orgy that for all intents and purposes makes everyone involved a winner! At this point the entire club is full of 18+ twinks and studs banging away at each other’s asses and mouths, and while they wish they could, the simple fact of the matter is that this gay orgy can’t go on forever without these gay boys blowing loads all over the place and making a mess of this club! A satisfying ending to the gayest talent show ever conceived.
ShowGuys #59: Todd & AG

Video: ShowGuys #59: Todd & AG
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Studio: ShowGuys Video
Todd and AG had done a movie together the week prior to this scene, but they did not get to fuck, so when the scheduled bottom cancels, AG is delighted to jump in. The chemistry between the two is palpable and AG is eagerly anticipating getting fucked for the first time by Todd. Todd as always is immediately rock hard, and AG shows off his legendary deep-throating abilities. After a while they trade places and Todd proves to also be an excellent cock-sucker. By now AG is also rock hard and Todd enjoys using both hands and mouth on AG’s dick. But we soon get back to AG swallowing Todd’s iron rod. The two studs greet some of their friends in the chat room, and fulfill some requests. Sam has AG lie on his back, and Todd sits on his face, and they give us some great sixty-nining, followed by great views of AG’s open hole and long dangling balls. The chat room wants to see Todd’s ass as well, and the guys oblige. AG continues with his deep-throating, but both guys and Sam want so see Todd’s monster split AG’s hot hole. So, after donning a condom and applying quantities of lube, Todd lies down with his dick sticking up like the Washington monument, and AG eases it up his ass. The thick pyramid shaped instrument slides in, and its size and hardness make even AG, one of the world’s best bottoms, groan. AG turns around and we get a front view, or the chat room’s favorite frog position. Next AG lies on his back and Todd thrusts into him, giving some of the best penetration shots of the scene. The guys take a short break, but soon Todd is again inside AG, this time standing up. AG sucks Todd some more, and Todd enters him in the missionary position. The constant pounding on his prostate pushes AG over the edge and he shoots his load. Todd pulls out, strips off the condom, and the two sit side by side. AG uses his hands and mouth on Todd’s beautiful cock and Todd jerks off to his own wrenching climax. The guys kiss, and a fabulously hot scene ends.

Stars: Todd, A Gabriel

Training Hard

Video: Training Hard
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Studio: Rock Hard Entertainment
At this military camp, there’s only one way to train. And that’s Hard! If you’re not prepared to give it all you’ve got, then don’t even think of coming here! This is a military base that requires its studly soldiers to be in tip – top sexual shape! You’ve got to experience the hard cocks and gaping assholes as the cum flies all over in this hard adventure!

Stars: Michel Bittencurt, Felix Leins, Matheus Axel, Douglas Torres, Renan Favregati, Roberto Gaucho

Kyle: Then & Now

Video: Kyle: Then & Now
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Studio: Gemini Studios
This video documents one of my most popular models as he goes form an 18 year old boy-toy to a 23 year old man. It is interesting seeing how his face and body have matured and how much more comfortable he is with his sexuality. Though he is straight and I have never seen him with another man except in the studio, he has become able to enjoy playing with his ass and experiencing intense anal orgasms. And look hot as hell as he’s doing it!

Scene 1:

Kyle was just 18 when we shot this video. He had gotten naked, shown his ass and jacked off before, but today was to be a different kind of shoot. Let the cameras roll as Kyle does his first butt play! The camera zooms around taking all of Kyle as we start. He is shirt less wearing a pair of khaki shorts. He quickly strips and we get some shots of his fat uncut cock peeking through his fly. He gets in bed naked and starts working on his cock.

The phrase ”chubbing up” really applies to Kyle as he definitely has a chubby cock! When he’s hard I toss him some lube and he starts fingering his ass. He isn’t thrilled when I toss him a butt plug and it shows on his face, but he goes ahead and inserts it anyway. His hard dick throbs as he fucks his ass with the toy; maybe it feels better than he’s like to admit! His balls bounce as he jacks his dick and we get some great hard-dick close ups! Then its time for another toy!

This time it’s a small vibrator. He really isn’t thrilled about the vibrator until I tell him the more he does; the more he makes. This was only his third or fourth shoot and he had never done anything like this! But money talks.

He greases the vibrator and works it deep into his ass. He jacks his hard cock and wonders what else he has to do! Next he has to do a glass dildo and he looks at it with trepidation. Being a good sport and really wanting a good paycheck he gamely goes along with it! He gets it all the way in and jacks his cock some before deciding it is too big. His smile while he’s talking about it is so angelic, handsome and sexy you will melt! Next he tries a big red butt plug. He gets it about half way and then re-lubes before trying again but he just can’t do it. ”Way too big,” he says.

He has better luck with a large vibrator which prepares his little hole for our infamous beer bottle. Kyle works the bottle deep into his butt and starts jacking his rock hard cock and talking about what he’s doing. He flips over on his stomach and does some the toys again in that position and I get to play with his hard cock and cum filled balls; even fucking him some with the vibrator!

Kyle flips over on his back and has all the toys spread out between his legs and it’s a great fantasy picture! He poses with the toys, shows you his just fucked ass and then stands by the mirror to pose and jack off some. He sits down and jacks his dick shooting his load in his hand. I ask him to taste it and he does, but it gags him. How cute straight boys are about cum! But I have to admit he’s a trooper he’s willing to learn!

Scene 2:

Fast forward 5 years and Kyle is 23. He is more self confident and his body has matured as we shall see very soon! He strips and gets in bed and we talk about his last two shoots where he fucked Austin and then Austin fucked him! He shows you his ass in a tight close up and even makes his little pink hole wink! He gives you some sexy butt shots with his legs in the air, and on his knees doggy style. I get to finger his tight hole before sliding a butt plug in. I notice his cock is getting hard as his ass is violated!

On his back, we can see how hard Kyle’s cock is as he slides another toy in his ass. It’s a purple diamond dildo and it almost disappears! He jacks his cock and then moves on to the smaller vibrator. He fucks his butt and jacks his dick and seems fairly comfortable looking forward to more. So next is a larger vibrator which he takes without problem. He gets on his knees so I can fuck him doggy style with the toy.

His next toy is our beer bottle which he has taken a number of times. He works on his cock and when he gets it hard, he pulls the bottle out and his cock jumps. Next is a big green zucchini which goes so deep that it stays in place hands free. He spends a lot of time on his knees before pushing the green dildo out just using his but muscles. But his ass doesn’t stay empty very long as I slide a big glass butt plug in. His cock stays hard with the plug and he tries a pocket pussy on his dick.

I keep giving him a new toy to try so after the plug and pocket pussy; he tries a cucumber which vanishes! After experiencing the total cuke, he expels it hands free and goes to the huge ManRammer dildo. He works the huge latex cock into his ass as he jacks his cock fucking his butt in long strokes. It looks like such fun that I make him put his hands behind his head as I fuck him with the toy. ”Fuck me,” he says and I enthusiastically comply! Kyle gets fucked on his back with his legs up and doggy style spreading his cheeks wide. He moans, groans and whimpers as he’s fucked and its hot!

Next Kyle sits on a hot pink latex cock and rides it facing us and then backwards. He has expended so much energy that now he just wants to get off, so that’s what we concentrate on. He beats the hell out of his cock and cums with the fake dick buried in his ass (all 7 inches of it!!). After a brief rest he tells us what he did, how it felt and shows us the damage to one of the hottest holes I have ever seen!

Stars: Kyle

My Dads Butt Buddies #2

Video: My Dads Butt Buddies #2
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Studio: Bacchus
They are the closest of friends and forever pals, and best of all; these dads don’t need any gals! They are best butt buddies with all gay, hardcore benefits! Packed with all the blowjobs, ass licking and anal sex you’re looking for, this flick will have you cumming in no time! You gotta love those sexy Daddies!

Stars: Jesus DeLeon, Super Frank, Riley Duval, Kent Burke, Marshall O’Boy, Joey Lexington, Steven Richards, Neil Evans, Chance Taylor, Paul Carrigan

The Switch Is On

Video: The Switch Is On
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Studio: Catalina
A young naive country boy wants nothing more than to venture into the big city and make a name for himself. But this young buck had no idea what the big city was going to throw his way. Not only does he find his fortune, he has many bisexual encounters on the way. And each one was more than worth it!

Stars: Megan Daniels, John Rocklin, Allan Fox, Jeff Quinn, Mike Miller, Kevin Williams, Steve Ross, Dave Phillips, Breezy Lane, Elle Rio, Jeff Stryker, Danielle

ShowGuys Volume 303 – Matt Hyland & Troy Taylor

Video: ShowGuys Volume 303 - Matt Hyland & Troy Taylor
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Studio: ShowGuys Video
One of ShowGuys’ all time favorites from our New York days, Matt Hyland, is visiting South Florida and here he is meeting Troy Taylor for the first time. The look on both faces bodes well for the sexual antics that are to come. Both guys love to kiss and show it. The shirts come off, revealing Troy’s smooth torso, but Matt has stopped shaving his chest and the hair running down into his shorts is very sexy. Matt gets Troy out of his underwear; he is as usual hard as a rock, as is Matt when Troy strips him. Matt’s dick is even bigger, if possible, with the huge bulb on the end, and Troy immediately gets it down his throat. Troy is justly famous as a cock sucker, and Matt loves what is being done to him. The studs change position and Matt proves to Troy that he too can suck dick with the best. Sam has them get on their knees to show off the two steely weapons – a most impressive sight, and the two kiss and worship each other’s bodies with their mouths and hands. Troy gets back to sucking Matt’s cock, and then lies on his back, Matt straddles his head, and Troy sucks on Matt’s balls while sticking his own rod of iron straight up into the air. Matt drops forward, and the guy’s sixty-nine. They turn over and show off their asses.

But the magic moment has arrives. So Troy hands Matt a condom and lubes up his own ass. Considering Matt’s sheer size, Troy decides he wants to start by sitting on the monster. So Matt lies down, Troy gets on top, and eases Matt’s long, thick, hard cock up his ass. Troy starts slowly, but soon is bouncing up and down on Matt’s shaft. Next Troy turns around, and gives us a superb frog, his own dick so hard it looks as if it could break off. Troy lies back on Matt, and they roll into the spoon, and Matt’s weapon keeps on assailing Troy’s eager hole. They take a break, then Matt re-condoms, stands up, Troy gets on his hands and knees on the bed, and we suddenly have doggie style, and then, to please a late arriving viewer, go back into the frog position. Finally Troy gets on his back, and Matt re-enters him in the missionary position. And, as usual, this soon causes Troy to shoot one of his high arching orgasms, hitting his own face. Now Matt pulls out and jerks himself to his own satisfying cum shot. And everyone watching agrees that it is great to have Matt Hyland back, especially with someone as hot as Troy Taylor.

Stars: Troy Taylor, Matt Hyland

Spunk Sluts

Video: Spunk Sluts
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Studio: Staxus Collection
Young, hard and gagging for a shagging, these Dirty Spunk Sluts can’t get enough bare cock into their mouths and up their tight, teen butts! Eight scenes of the sluttiest British bareback fuckers.

Scene 1
The first scene begins with two young boys on a bed. With their jeans already hanging down showing their pants, it’s easy to get them off as they fall into a 69 to slurp on each other. Taking their time to feast, one finally gets to his knees and his mate positions himself behind his juicy butt to slowly push his throbbing teen cock deep into his anal cavity. They flip for a deep and hard boning before both jack off onto a skateboard.

Scene 2

A barbeque in the warm sun is an ideal way to spend the afternoon, but two lads have other ideas as they strip off in the garden and engage in a suck and rim job on each other. Feeling the need to seed, the blonde lad parts his young mate’s cheeks and fucks him before unloading on his face.

Scene 3
Back in the bedroom, two young guys drive straight in and suck the faces of each other. Stripped naked, they take turns at rimming the other’s tight and puckered hole, as tongues slip easily along the crack before delving into the adorable ass in front of them. They suck each other through tighty-whities before discarding these for a heady 69. One young lad impales himself on his friend’s hot stick and rides disco rhythm until both are ready to blow their loads side by side.

Scene 4
An after-work drink turns into something a little more interesting as two young excs peel off for more than office brain storming. It’s more like lick and spit as tender arseholes are lubed and tongue fucked before throbbing boners edge their way to the entrance of office heaven.

Scene 5
In the living room, two young office lads make out on the bed. A cute blonde lad is gagging for cock and his ginger haired make gives it to him – raw! After getting fucked hard by his mate’s big dick, the blonde gets a face and mouth full of spunk.

Scene 6
A hot, fat-cocked skinhead farm boy lets his cute, blonde-haired mate suck him off in a field. The skinhead also wants a taste of the cute blonde and sucks his cock and eats his arse out deep. Bent over an old tractor tyre, the skinhead plows his mate’s hole. They head back to the farm house and shoot their pent up loads.

Scene 7
A bareback fuck ensues! What better way to end a hard session in the gym than with an equally hard session in the locker room. After cock chewing through their jockstraps, weapons are freed for a deep-throat suck buntil one lad goes behind his friend and spreads his muscled cheeks to reach his brown star. The tongue fucking is reciprocated and a finger and thumb used to open up this tight tunnel some more before a bare cock is slowly pushed into the muscle tube. These athletic guys go at it hammer and tongs before they both shoot a wonderful wad of man-cream!

Scene 8
Buff Jon James shows his friend just how good cock can feel. On the sofa, the beefed up, big dicked lad bangs his tight mate before shooting his load all over his face and tongue.

Stars: Julien Breeze, Johan Volny, Jon James, Cameron Jackson

Cumlicious 2

Video: Cumlicious 2
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Studio: Jeremy Roddick
Four scenes packed with hardcore guy on guy butt sex! These hot twinks are all over each other from the beginning to the end, passionately kissing and licking all over before jumping into some of the anal action you’ll see this year. They may not be flashy, but they know what they like and they take it!

Stars: William Prince, Yuri Gurganov, Alexi Sin, Ashton Hardwell, Hayden Colby, Johan Lapointe, Jeremy Roddick, Deano Valentine

Southern College Boys #3 – Straight Boy’s First Time

Video: Southern College Boys #3 - Straight Boy's First Time
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Studio: Steve Myer Productions
I met David at a restaurant he was working at and initially shot a solo j/o video of him. That went well, and he asked if there was anything else he could do. Well solos only go so far, so I mentioned having him do stuff with guys. He’s straight, but needed cash, so he was open to whatever.

Eli really thought David was hot and asked if he could do a video with him so I paired them up. The idea was that Eli would fuck David (since David didn’t think he could stay hard enough to fuck a guy). But David is so tight, and Eli is pretty thick.

Eli used a dildo on David’s virgin hole, but it was soon very apparent that his cock wasn’t going in there that night. They both did oral, and after watching straight porn, David was able to get hard enough to give Eli a good pounding. Remember David had never even jerked off with another guy before this, so I hope you enjoy watching his first time ever with another guy.

David had just blown his load earlier, but he was still horny and wanted to show that he could still bust another nut. He started stroking his hard cock and ended up shooting another hot load of jizz on himself.

Stars: Eli, David