Heat Wave

Video: Heat Wave
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
There is a HEAT WAVE hitting New York City and all of the men are dripping wet with sweat and sex! An all-star cast steams up the summer with their smoldering bodies drenched from fucking. These men are ready to have blistering hot fun under the sun. From ass eating in the bay to outdoor shower hookups and pool side sex, every iconic city hot spot is overrun by hot-blooded men with a fever to fuck!

Stars: Zack Alexander, Rafael Alencar, Jeremy Bilding, Spencer Reed, Rod Daily, Adam Killian, John Magnum, Junior Stellano, Patrick Logan, Parker London

Heated Up

Video: Heated Up
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Studio: All Worlds Video
C1R Exclusive Jeremy Bilding has it all – handsome manly looks, a rock hard body and a long, fat cock that drives it home every time! When things get Heated Up, Jeremy and his buddies Arpad Miklos, Mason Jarr, Lane Fuller, Tyler Riggz (to name a few) fill the screen with some scorching sex. And when Jeremy goes to town on Brock Armstrong’s bubble butt, it’s an image that will be burned into your brain long after the movie ends.

Stars: Kent Larson, Lane Fuller, Mason Jarr, Arpad Miklos, Kevin Scott, Brett Mathews, Justin Corner, Gary Brickman, Ronnie Badell, Tyler Riggz, Jeremy Bilding, Brock Armstrong

Hot Cops

Video: Hot Cops
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Studio: Centaur Films
The first in a series of three videos involving some of the hottest men in law enforcement shot cinema verite style much like the famous TV show “Cops” and directed by Chip Daniels. This and the two videos that follow are renowned for their realism. It’s wild juicy cop-criminal sex in the seamy city of L.A. Follow these hot tops as they cop a fuck, catching rebellious youth with their pants down and their willing butts and mouths open. Watch our muscular big dicked men of the law, officers Romero and Rockland, as they chase down, strip search and bend over one horny young stud after another, thrusting the rod of justice deep into crime, force pounding their holes raw! All finally exploding in a late night jail cell initiation of asshole stretching, throat probing and juice blowing action! T his is uncensored XXX hardcore sex, up close, in your face and at its best!

Stars: Joe Romero, Vince Rockland, Jeff Jagger, Andrew Cole, John Atkins, Steve Sparks

Meat Packers Editor’s Choice Cutz #22

Video: Meat Packers Editor's Choice Cutz #22
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Studio: Spank It Up Videos
This movie features an all amateur cast of Black and Hispanic studs who want to get off and beat their meat just for you! These guys know they have it going on, and they know how much you like to watch them play with themselves! Make no mistake about it, these guys are packing some serious meat!
Gettin’ Fucked

Video: Gettin' Fucked
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Studio: CitiBoyz Video
Giovanni Summers and Justin Taylor headline this new “hybrid” feature with a sizzling hot all-new action performance and bonus solo jackoff scenes. We round out the video with three of our hottest fan favorites, completely re-engineered and re-mastered for a fresh, new look! Watch these boys masturbating for the camera, sucking each other’s cocks, and Getting’ Fucked hardcore!

Stars: Justin Taylor, Daxter Ryan, Jarrin North, Blu Kennedy, Trae Spencer, Brenden Michael, Giovanni Summers

ShowGuys Volume 367 – Jamie Donovan & Johnny Kfir

Video: ShowGuys Volume 367 - Jamie Donovan & Johnny Kfir
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Studio: ShowGuys Video
Jamie Donovan and Jonny Kfir are two very attractive and very hot young guys who love to have sex in front of a camera. This is their first meeting, and the slow, deep kissing heats up the scene from the beginning. Jonny gets Jamie’s tee shirt off, (revealing a very small patch of hair in the middle of his chest), and the making out continues. Jamie gets Jonny out of his shorts showing us the already hard, thick cock, and immediately starts playing with it. Jonny pulls Jamie’s brief off, and now the two naked bodies press tightly together.

Jamie now puts Jonny’s dick in his mouth and starts sucking, and then Jonny does the same to Jamie. Like Jonny, Jamie’s dick is incredibly thick but Jonny manages to get all of it down his throat. Jonny straddles Jamie and pulls his legs in the air so he can play with the beautiful bubble butt, then the two sixty-nine. Jonny turns around and Jamie’s cock rubs up and down his hairy ass crack. Jamie spreads Jonny’s ass cheeks and plays with the exposed pink hole, inserting a spit-covered finger. They get on their knees and kiss while pressing their dicks together, and then the two studs take turns sucking each other.

But Jonny decides he want to get fucked. So Jamie lies down, Jonny puts a condom on him, lubes himself up, and sits on Jamie’s hard, thick weapon. It takes a few moments, but finally Jamie is buried inside Jonny who begins to bounce up and down, moaning with pleasure. Jonny turns around into the frog, goes back on his arms, and Jamie shoves up into him, then the two youngsters go into the spoon position, with some incredibly penetration shots. They take a break, but now Jonny puts on a condom, Jamie puts lube up his ass, and Jonny gets his revenge. Jamie lies on his back with his legs in the air, and Jonny fucks him in the missionary position. And very soon Jonny’s dick up his ass causes him to shoot his load. Jonny lies back, and with Jamie beside him helping by playing with his nipple, Jonny jerks himself off to his own explosive orgasm. Two really beautiful young men kiss and wave goodbye, and a very hot, yet tender, scene ends.

Stars: Jamie Donovan, Jonny Kfir

Inn Bi The Road

Video: Inn Bi The Road
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Studio: All Worlds Video
Horny Czech soldiers, a blond maiden… anything can happen – and it does in Inn Bi The Road. A bisexual fantasy that leaves little to the imagination, it’s hard to tell where one person ends and another begins in this sordid orgy where the guys take turn with the girls and then take turns with each other!

Stars: Kristina, Toby, Kristoff, Gretchen, Pepa, Pavel Korsakov, Pavel Dubcek, Martin Pravda, Andel, El Greco, Hans Icker, Josep

Young Hung Brothas On The Down Low #3

Video: Young Hung Brothas On The Down Low #3
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Studio: Bacchus
Shhh! No one is gonna tell, cause if they get caught, it’s gonna be hell, but these heavy hung brothers just can’t stay away from all of that hot, down low action! These chocolate stick loves to lick the hard and suck out the creamy middle…And when they are done, they like to take over and give them a stroking they rightly deserve and pound their tight ass until the scream for more. They know this is not right, but who is telling?

Stars: Troy, Sebastian, Chocolate Thunder, Kevon, Jalin Jones, Ass Professor, Trap Boyy, Sean Gold, D Money

Big Apple Cherry Pop

Video: Big Apple Cherry Pop
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Studio: MaverickMan22 Productions
Hey Guys, here’s a great video for you from last year when we went to meet our ”SUPER FAN” Aiden in NYC. We timed it so we could be there for PRIDE and we had a serious blast. We were there for three days and on the first day Aiden came to welcome us to NYC.

We met him in the lobby of the hotel and when we walked up to him he was so so cute and sweet he brought us flowers! This sweetheart could possibly be our number one fan given all that he knew about us.

This half Egyptian and half Latino hottie had been emailing us since he was 18. Aiden big thing was that he has been saving his ass cherry just for us. Aiden is 20 now and has always been a top and LOVES to top but wanted us to be his first to fuck his sweet ass. So yes, this is a Virgin Cherry POP VIDEO.

Aiden is the quintessential beautiful boy: smart, funny, goofy, playful, cuddly and very sexy. He was just like a big cute puppy wanting to please us. We started out with exploring his body, stripping him down and tasting that huge cock. Then we slowly worked our way into face fucking him. He was eager to please us and it showed. He got right into deep throating us and eating our asses.

Then we took over and decided to get down to business and pop his cherry. He was LOUD and HOT during penetration and it took LOTS of lube. Once he started enjoying it, we fucked all over the room even (in the window). Let us know what you think and show some love for our bud Aiden. Thanks for stroking with us. – Cole and Hunter

Stars: Hunter, Aiden, Cole Maverick

ShowGuys #229: Jess Taylor & Ivan

Video: ShowGuys #229: Jess Taylor & Ivan
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Studio: ShowGuys Video
Since moving to Florida ShowGuys has been lucky in finding a large number of beautiful, sexy twinks, and Jess Taylor and Ivan are no exception. Although they are not boyfriends, they have played together in the past, and are very comfortable with each other. Ivan gets Jess’s shirt off first, and then Jess strips Ivan, revealing two hot, slim, toned bodies. They reach inside each other’s shorts and Ivan pulls out a long, curved and extremely hard dick, and is soon licking up and down the length, and sucking the head. But now Jess gets Ivan’s shorts off, and works his way down his body with his tongue culminating in sucking him to full erection. Ivan totally shaves his pubic hair, which makes him look incredibly young. Ivan turns over and shows us an ass as pretty as the rest of him.

Jess wastes no time putting his tongue in the pink hole. Jess next puts Ivan’s dick in his mouth and a finger up his ass, which drives Ivan crazy. But after some more cock-sucking, Jess puts on a condom, lies down, Ivan sits on him, and the long hard cock slides up into Ivan’s innards, which starts bouncing. Ivan turns around and gives us a superb frog. Jess keeps thrusting up into Ivan, whose dick bounces wildly up and down. After a short break, Ivan stands up, and Jess enters him from behind, and then pushes him onto the bed, and keeps on pounding. It’s hard to tell who is enjoying this more, the fucker or the fuckee. Jess lies on his back with his head towards the camera, and Ivan sits on him once more, and jerks himself. But Ivan decides he prefers to cum while being fucked in the missionary position, so the guys reverse positions and soon, with Jess slamming into him, shoots a huge load all over himself. Now Jess lies on his back, and with Ivan kissing him and sucking on his nipples, achieves his own mighty orgasm. And a wonderful, sexy show, with two incredibly beautiful young men, comes to an end.

Stars: Ivan, Jess Taylor