Twin Factor

Video: Twin Factor
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Studio: Diamond Pictures
There are studly hunks littered throughout this movie! The man on man action takes place in a warehouse that specializes in muscled up, hung studs who are looking to put some hard work in – literally! This clearly is not like any warehouse you’ve been to before. And when the man on man action starts to heat up, you will want a front seat for the action!

Stars: Fabrizio Mangiatti, Fernando Mangiatti, Glenn Santoro, Evan Rochelle, Mario McCabe, Rogerio Mateo, Austin Rogers, Helmut Muller, Peter Stallion, Julien Veneziano

Peepshow Loops 334 (All Gay): ’70s & ’80s (All Color)

Video: Peepshow Loops 334 (All Gay): '70s & '80s (All Color)
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Studio: Blue Vanities
Classic vintage stag films, American and European porno loops, arcade nudes and strippers. Blue Vanities presents the greatest and hottest films from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. This title contains 100 percent gay content. You’ll see nine scene of hardcore gay sex.
Amateur Bareback 3

Video: Amateur Bareback 3
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Studio: Sebastian’s Studios
We always heard that skin against skin during sex is the best. These best friends decided to try skin on skin or in their world it is called bare backing. However, these friends are not girlfriends but boyfriends. They are also totally inexperience in this type of sex. We HEARD that plunging your hard dick in a tight ass is the BEST experience there is.
Bear Bondage

Video: Bear Bondage
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Studio: CyberBears
Watch two of our most skillful leather master bears give it to a pair of eager, willing bondage bottoms. JYD’s back in command of the floggers, and his creative use of leathergear gets the ever-popular Bad Dog as hard as they come. Then JB takes newcomer TygrrBoy, gets him on his back, wrists and ankles bound, and pushes him right to the edge–and over! You’ll laugh until you cream when you see how this one ends.

Stars: J.B., JYD, Bad Dog, Tygrr Boy

ShowGuys Volume 405: Brett Anderson & Nicholi

Video: ShowGuys Volume 405: Brett Anderson & Nicholi
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Studio: ShowGuys Video
When Nicholi paid South Florida one of his rare visits, he vowed he would get fucked by every gay guy in the state, and ShowGuys was happy to help him. Nicholi loves older men with hairy chests, so in Brett we gave him his ideal top. Nicholi starts out stark naked, while Brett is clothed. But Nicholi soon has Brett’s shirt off, and is locking lips with him. Next Nicholi pulls Brett’s trousers down, and kisses up and down his body while playing with his dick, which hardens before our eyes. And once Nicholi has it in his mouth it rises to its full potential.

Nicholi stands up on the bed, and now it’s time for Brett’s tongue to wander over his body, ending with his cock in his mouth. Nicholi lies down, and Brett continues sucking him, then pushes Nicholi’s legs in the air, and shoves his tongue up his ass. Brett lies on his back, Nicholi sits on his face, and fucks himself on Brett’s tongue. Now Nicholi lies down, Brett straddles his head, and Nicholi sucks on his balls while reaching up and playing with his nipples. Nicholi goes up on his shoulders, and Brett chows down on the eager ass.

Brett lubes up a large dildo, and after opening up Nicholi’s hole with his fingers, shoves the toy in and out of the lad. But the dildo brings Nicholi too close to the edge, so he stops Brett, and after sucking him back to full erection, puts a condom on Brett with his mouth, sits down on Brett’s cock, and starts bouncing. And after a few minutes, Nicholi turns around and gives us a great frog. Nicholi takes a break and Brett chats with Sam while playing with himself. Nicholi returns, leans over the railing, and Brett fucks him doggie style.

Next Nicholi lies on his back with his legs in the air, and Brett plows him in the missionary position. Sam asks Nicholi if he would like to cum with Brett’s dick or a dildo up his ass, and Nicholi opts for the dildo. So Brett gives Nicholi a very large toy which he proceeds to shove into him, while he jerks himself off. And very soon Nicholi unloads a huge amount of white hot cum. Brett lies back, and jerks off, while Nicholi is biting on his nipple. And very soon Brett explodes with his own cum shot. The two kiss once more, and it is obvious that Nicholi’s visit to Florida has started out with a bang!

Stars: Brett Anderson, Nicholi

Young, Hung And Full Of Cum Volume 2

Video: Young, Hung And Full Of Cum Volume 2
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Studio: Amateur XXX
In Young Hung and Full of Cum 2 we meet more twinks who can’t keep it in their pants, especially when they can show off for the camera. This second batch of fresh-faced newbee twinks are hot and horny and can’t wait to get off in front of the camera. Inhibitions are cast aside…and their libidos and dicks take over!

Stars: Bailey, Woody, Jonny, Haden, Bauer

Come Of Age

Video: Come Of Age
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Studio: Bijou Classics
When a young country boy with long golden hair, an athletic build and bronze-colored skin arrives in Hollywood from Nebraska, he is introduced to the joy of gaysex during a series of highly capricious encounters involving other sexy youngmen. If you desire a real movie to delight you with intimate lovemaking, heartwarming passion and oversized manmeat, then this timeless cinematic milestone is definitely for you!

Stars: Mark Taylor, Tom Winston, Ralph Martin, Ron Durango

Pay Up

Video: Pay Up
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Studio: Studios
Horny Faggot Pig wants to suck and choke on my big dick real bad! That shit ain’t free! PAY UP! Suck that dick! Eat that cum! Next this pig goes and sells his car. He pays to sniff my ass. He can’t help himself and needs to put his gay tongue in it! Real master- slave action. 100% amateur.

Stars: Str8ThugMaster, GayPigSlave

Extreme Anal Dungeon Part One

Video: Extreme Anal Dungeon Part One
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Studio: Dick Hunter Video
This video definitely lives up to its title! In fact, it’s probably some of the most intense dildo play you’ve ever seen! Rough and rugged Rex Hoals is superb as Daddy Redbear, and gives his slave’s hole a thorough workout with a variety of toys, including a mammoth black torpedo.

Part One also contains B&D, CBT, whipping, spanking, electro-shock, oral, and much more!

Stars: Tripp Starr, Rexx Hoals

Military Dorm

Video: Military Dorm
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Studio: Alexander Pictures
Military Dorm is the first of a two-part fantasy about hot, muscled military studs. The movie is as if everything you’ve jacked of to in your mind has found its way onto screen through the ministrations of Alexander Pictures. From big-dicked fuckers like Esteban Paes to Alexander regular Tommy Lima, this flick gives a bird’s eye view of what we all want to believe is going on in those military barracks.

Scene One:

Romulo Santos, Alef Carvalho (misnamed in the scene opening as Fransisco Leme), & Rodrigo Bekmann

Straight to every guy’s fantasy, this scene opens with a sexy Alef Carvalho stripping down for a shower in the Military Dorm. Sometimes a guy’s soft dick can be even hotter than hard when it’s a situation we aren’t supposed to be seeing. While Alef showers, Rodrigo Bekmann and Romulo Santos enter into the shower area chatting. The three of them take a shower like every one of us has at the gym. They are checking each other out and getting their cocks up to impressive measures. You know where it’s headed but Alexander makes the lead-up last long enough to get you wanting it even more. Once Alef is on his knees taking turns on his new buddies’ cocks, though, the action never slows. It goes from there to a spit-roast with Alef in the middle. With Rodrigo up his ass and Romulo down his throat, Alef is a happy pig. The guys both take full advantage of his two holes by switching off halfway in. Alef is the lucky recipient of a couple of big cumwads from these guys before finishing himself off on the locker room bench.

Scene Two:

Josue Oliviera, Francisco Leme, & Manuel Jacques

More fantasy comes to life on screen as we see Josue Oliviera and Manuel Jacques lazing about the dorm in their shorts and muscle-shirts rubbing on their horny cocks. It’s exactly what we’ve imagined as they start by showing off and comparing but end up tasting each other’s dicks. It’s when Manuel is tasting Josue’s ass that Franscisco Leme walks in and seems none too happy at being left out. Josue goes right to full-inclusiveness, though, while Manuel continues eating ass. It’s another spit-roast as Josue gets meat in both ends. Manuel fucks like he’s needed it for a long time while Francisco is happy to lean back and get serviced. Francisco picks up the pace, though, when it’s his turn at Josue’s fuck-hole. The three guys cum right over the camera. It’s an Alexander POV that always makes me want to be on my knees in the middle of the shoot.

Scene Three:

Martino Paiva, Esteban Paes, & Riu Melo

This whole film is an exhibitionist/voyeur’s dream. Once again there are a couple of cute guys going at it only to get caught by a moby-dicked comrade. Alexander has once again matched up the twinky Riu Melo with an obscenely huge cock. When Esteban Paes walks in on Riu making out with Martino Paiva, he’s already getting hard and his prick is threatening to tear its way out of his shorts. Luckily, Riu is there to catch it in his mouth. Esteban smacks Riu’s face with his cock enough to really get the attention of Martino who’s jacking his own dick on the locker room bench next to his cocksucking bud. Riu’s equal opportunity, though, and works on his friend’s dick too before Esteban sits back and lets both boys go to work on his phenomenal schlong. Once Esteban stands up, though, he forces Martino forward onto Riu’s cock and starts smacking his exposed ass with that legendary dong. With some elbow grease and persistence, he finally gets it up Martino’s shitter even as Martino tries to get away from the pounding of a lifetime. Not to leave anyone out, Esteban comes round to slide his prick up Riu’s hole as well. After having given each boy a thorough fucking Esteban dumps his nut on Riu’s flat stomach. Both boys follow up with a nice load of their own to punctuate a happy day in the locker room.

Scene Four:

Estevam Lobo & Pinto Gomez

Back in the dorm, Pinto Gomez is pulled away from resting in bed by the expoloring hands and mouth of Estevam Lobo. Estevam can’t wait to get that big, black cock in his mouth. Pinto lets him suck on his dick until it’s good and hard before hopping down off the bunk and shoving his bone into Estevam’s tight ass. Estevam is an aggressive bottom and pushes back onto Pinto’s boner as hard as he’s pushing forward into Estevam’s ass. There’s a lot of grunting and moaning as these two go at it like a couple of animals in rut. After getting it from behind, Estevam sits down on Pinto’s dick and fucks himself before it’s back for more sucking. Estevam shoots a huge load on his own thigh before getting a pearl necklace from Pinto. These guys are hot fuckers who get straight to and through the action needed to drain their balls.

Scene Five:

Jorge Roiz

Sometimes in the military the best time a guy has is the spare moment alone to goon out on his own body and cock. Jorge Roiz has a body that you could get get lost licking. Amazing muscles, slim and well hung, it’s hard to imagine looking like him without having to jack off any time you could. He gives a good show of his body and his cock in this solo scene. He clearly likes giving himself a good washing and making sure everything’s perfectly clean. He soaps up his ass and his cock only to realize that his cock sure does seem to like getting washed. It ends with him clean but leaving a mess on the bench. Sorry I wasn’t there to clean that up!

Scene Six:

Tommy Lima, & Vincente Lourenco

World-class bottom Tommy Lima closes this film by showing how well he can take cock with Vincente Lourenco. Vincente throws a fuck like his life depends on it. There’s not a lot of foreplay before Tommy’s ass is being terrorized by a top who really knows what he’s doing. He gets behind Tommy but not on his knees. He fucks old boy in a squat the whole time. He changes up speed, rhythm and angle enough to keep even Tommy Lima moaning and groaning right up until he pulls out and drops a load over Tommy’s back. Tommy turns over and gives us a great view of his hard body while he beats his own dick and squirts. It’s a hot fuck and Vincente is feeling up Tommy’s ass as the scene closes as if he might just climb inside for another go.

This first dvd left my hand tired and my dick sore. I’m betting you’ll have a hard time not draining a couple loads yourself. Then there’s part two! It promises more hot dreams come to life as only Alexander Pictures and his South American studs can offer.

Stars: Manuel Jacques, Tommy Lima, Esteban Paes, Pinto Gomez, Rodrigo Bekmann, Francisco Leme, Estevam Lobo, Josue Oliviera, Martino Paiva, Riu Melo, Romulo Santos, Jorge Roiz, Vincente Lourenco