Nate’s Hookups

Video: Nate's Hookups
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Studio: Nate Foxx Productions
Nate Foxx is up to his devious tricks again and it includes the chase of getting his men to partake in solo masturbations or a bit of foolish play. He is featured each scene, but there is only one male who loves more of Nate then he does himself and his name is Quentin Silver. Nate Foxx is the man to whip you into shape.

Stars: Sebastian Sloane, Quentin Silver, Nate Foxx, Jae West

Steve Richards A Cock Master

Video: Steve Richards A Cock Master
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Studio: Bacchus
Big and beautiful Steve Richards is an ass blaster and a real cock master! This is one hot and hung man who really knows how to use his tools! Steve really knows how to suck that cock really good and hard along with pounding his cock really hard into that tight asshole.5 scenes with Steve using his tool to the maximum.

Stars: Patric Ives, Scott Mann, Steven Richards, Joie Torres, Rey, Chris Perez

It Won’t Suck Itself

Video: It Won't Suck Itself
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Studio: Vivid Man
Four hours of suckin’ him off, Vivid homo style! These boys are real suck-ups!!! With big muscles, big cocks and a form round ass…these guys are willing to do whatever it takes to plunge deep into hungry mouths and tight assholes! It’s all about the heat between two well-toned bodies in this action packed anal reaming adventure! If you’re a fan of men having heart-stopping, hard pounding man-sex with no holds barred – then this is the DVD for your viewing pleasure!

Stars: Tanner Reeves, Jack Simmons, Tim Barnett, Wes Daniels, Scott Hogan, Marc Saber, Casey Williams, Dino Phillips, Gianfranco, Eric York, Alex Carrington, Brett Ford, Jason Ross, Peter Wilder, Steven Marks, Devyn Foster, Shawn Islander, Blake Harper, Sean Dickson, Adam Rom, Will Clark, BJ Slater, Mike Lamas, Michael White, Mike Chavez, David Cline, Marcus Day, Peter Anderson, Chris Knight, KC Hart, Chad Donovan, Tony Brocco, Ethan Marc, Jordan Young, Mac Reynolds, Adam Archer, Gareth Christopher, Jamie Hendrix, Devon Foster, David Kline, Derek Bishop, Storm (Male), Dean Pheonix, Steve Michaels

Santa Cums Early: Volcanic Red Bear Eruption

Video: Santa Cums Early: Volcanic Red Bear Eruption
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Studio: Zack Christopher Production
Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the holiday season and this HOT little red bear has quite the gift to give no matter what holiday you care to celebrate (or not). He’s a shy, adorable little thing hiding a HUGE explosive orgasm. He builds and builds and builds until he erupts with tons of hot jizz from his pulsating balls.

Scene 1-2:

He’s fresh off a jaunt of bookstore hopping the night before, but his balls are full and ready for more action! After a shy little shrug and a smile, we learn he’s Jimmy, 41 yo, 5′ 8 and comes in around 200-215, as he varies up and down. He’s got short shaved red hair, a red goat and a semi-smooth body. Jimmy sports a few tats here and there and has a nice cock and balls.

He’s known he was gay when he was 8 yo. You’ll love his story of his first time and how he still sees him! But don’t tell anyone, as it’s a secret! Jimmy, a dirty pervert in his own words, has taken over a year and a half to get on my couch! He’s shy. When the lights are on, he’s like a little boy, but then the lights are dim, he’s a sexual animal! Woof!

But we’re keeping the spot light on him, so we can see all his sexy flesh. And sexy, he is. If you like bears, you’ll LOVE my red Jimmy and his little Jimmy! As he takes of his shirt, we see some of his tat work and his sexy bear (bare) bod! His right nipple is pierced and he sports a little chain around his neck. As we get him out of his pants, we see he’s got a large tat running all the way down his left leg. He’s quite the tattoo canvas.

As he takes off his boxers, we get to see the rest of him and his almost hard cock. He’s got a nice one and it’s plumping fast! His balls are tight and ready. We notice he’s got a large hole in his ear where he has a flesh colored plug he has to wear for work.

Jimmy strokes his nice cock and makes it look almost as if he’s uncut. He tugs and jostles it, making it hard. I soon reach down and take it in hand and then work over his furry red ball sack. I move up his body and tug a few times on his nipple ring, which he gets very excited over. I pinch his nipples and get him aroused and horned up.

He’s a long way from orgasm still, but I decided to give you an early gift anyway. I cut in with one of my stationary cams and show you his incredible high flying orgasm. His whole body bucks and shivers and writhes. I’m sure yours will too.

Scene 3-4:

I work Jimmy’s sensitive nipples into a frenzy and he moans and gasps. Soon he’s reaching up my shirt to tease my nipples and feel me up, groping over my clothes and under. I stand over him as he lays on the couch and he shoves his face into my crotch, inhaling my aroma and feeling my hard-on pulse.

I jump back in time for a second and show Jimmy from another side, then come back to the present to show him stroking off. Suddenly there’s a noise from the other room is it Santa? The Grinch? No, it’s my other half doing laundry Jimmy is NOT his type and he’s bored (sigh). But Jimmy and I are getting all hot and bothered, and my Christmas tree might just go up in flames!

Jimmy is getting close now and he strokes with one hand, then the other. He’s starting to pant and moan and I know it’s go time. But then he suddenly collapses and says he can’t make it so I work up a huge wad of spit and drool it down on his cock that does the trick and he gets hard fast and cums hard! I combine all three cameras here to give you the eruptive blasts from multiple angles. Red hot cum bursts forth and shoots up in a flurry of squirts and cumballs. As the cum bursts forth, Jimmy gasps and moans and jerks furiously. His orgasm is all body encompassing.

As he slows down, his twitching subsiding, Jimmy smiles his sweet little smile and then wipes up his cum. Santa has definitely cum early!

Stars: Jimmy, Zack Christopher

Partners In Crime

Video: Partners In Crime
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Studio: Real Urban Men

REAL URBAN MEN, the only all male black studio to constantly bring you quality DVD’s with fresh, original plots and the hottest talent NYC has to offer, presents its newest release, “PARTNERS IN CRIME”.

REAL URBAN MEN proves, once again, that this unique studio is a step above the rest, as it presents black men as the sexiest men on video and not a gang of street thugs.

Stars: Kid, Venom, Golden, Nubius, Hot Rod, Moyea, Paris (Male)

Dorm Life Vol. 20 – Double X

Video: Dorm Life Vol. 20 - Double X
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Studio: Flava Works
In this 20th episode of the famous ‘Dorm Life’ series from, this is by far the hottest one yet! With SIX Scenes of non-stop fucking, sucking, cum swapping and raunchy safe sex! Twelve of our dorm’s sexiest boys get down and dirty in this film. A must have for your Collection!

Stars: Deka, Ken Mariano, Jesse Rabbit, Baby Star, Tyson TKO, Ninja Nixon, Hunter Santiago, Famous Kid, Kid Ray, Baby Nico, Cario Minaj, Marcos Smalls

Backroom Sex Party

Video: Backroom Sex Party
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Studio: Studs In Heat Media
When you hear of a bunch of guys getting together, the last thing that’s conjured up in one’s mind is that the guys are getting together for a good old fashioned sex orgy. But in the case of these good buddies, that’s exactly what they’re up to. They aren’t interested in a game of poker or chess or a sporting match of any sort. These guys are interested in having a down and dirty sexual experience, from a visit to the glory hole, to a good lay with your best bud pounding your brains and your ass out. By the looks of things, they all had a great time cumming and going!
What I Did For Sex

Video: What I Did For Sex
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Studio: Customboys Video
The Set Up
Glen and Rod are arch rival college wrestlers and they’re both training for the championship match. Glen’s failing one of his classes though and makes a deal with the Jerod, class brain, to get him to write an A+ paper for him so he can pass. For payment Glen has to model and pose for Jerod. Well, Andrew overhears this deal and makes a plan of his own to get it all on video so he can blackmail Glen into throwing the wrestling match and Rod will be so grateful that he’ll jump into bed with Andrew. Whew…and you thought “Dangerous Liaisons” was complicated!

The Classroom
Andrew was up so late the night before that he’s late to class the next day and his assignment is not complete. Mr. Brooks is not happy and he decides to make an example of Andrew by bringing him to the front of the class, telling him to drop his pants and bend over for a spanking with a rolled up magazine. The other students watch and soon everyone is fantasizing about a very special class project…the orgy. Even Mr. Brooks gets into the fantasy and has Andrew sucking his big hard cock in no time. Everyone is sucking up a storm and then Mr. Brooks plugs his hard cock up Andrew’s asshole and really shows him the penalty for not doing his homework. After everyone squirts their loads onto Andrew’s body the fantasy drifts away and everyone is back in their seats with hard dicks in their pants.

The Gym
Wrestling matches in this school are like basketball in the Hoosier state…the winner is King! To keep fit they all work out every chance they get at the gym. With all of those hard bodies and the smell of manly sweat, it’s easy to drop into a fantasy where “give me one more” takes on a whole new meaning.

The Match
The match-up between rivals Rod and Glen is finally underway and Rod, Blonde’s hero, is losing badly. Andrew fantasizes about nude wrestling in the Greek fashion then decides that it’s time to put his plan into action. Not everyone keeps their fantasies focused on the match and even Andrew dreams of shooting a gallon of cum onto Rod’s smooth chest. Andrew hides in the locker room and during a break between bouts he tells Glen that he either throws the match or he gets his cocksucking mouth plastered all over the campus. Rod is pissed but he has no choice unless he wants everyone to know he likes to take it up that ass.

The Party
Being a big-hearted guy Glen invites everyone over for a party. Andrew, Tully, Rod and Glen chill out and start up a game of strip poker. Everyone seems to be losing as the clothes disappear. Naked guys lead to sex and soon they’re all going at it in the living room. Rod and Tully pair off and Andrew and Glen get into some heavy cocksucking. Tully and Rod get off downstairs but Andrew and Glen move to the bedroom where they can fuck like crazy. Glen slams it to Andrew’s butt over and over, taking some revenge for his blackmail scheme, then blasts a huge load on Andrew’s chest.

Stars: Andrew, Rod, Glen, Tully, Jerod, Mr. Brooks

Mark – The Director’s Cut Series

Video: Mark - The Director's Cut Series
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Studio: The Body Shoppe
In the director’s cut, “Mark” is a seemingly shy fellow. His tone is rather low when he is being interviewed in the beginning. However, the director’s likes him because he has a rad bod to show off. As he undresses, you will be amazed at how great his pecks look underneath the lighting and how smooth his jizz shoots out of his cock.

Stars: Mark

TV Stephanie With Mature Geoff

Video: TV Stephanie With Mature Geoff
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Studio: DOM Promotions
Stephanie is a cross-dressing male who dons a blonde wig and some lingerie and he thinks he looks fabulous! And he’s not the only one! Geoff is an older gentleman who has a hankering for cross-dressing men and loves what he sees with Stephanie! Watch as they play…play with cocks, dildos, and everything else in between!

Stars: Stephanie (TV), Geoff