Drafted 3

Video: Drafted 3
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
Most think of Mason Wyler as a piggy, hungry bottom boy. But he’s also one hell of a top with a big thick uncut cock. Mason’s proven himself to be a hot recruit, and we close out his Drafter series with one of the hottest scenes he’s done for us yet! Cole makes his comeback, and Brent Corrigan gets to ride King Cole’s horse-sized cock.

Stars: Chaz, Brock, Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler, King Cole, Kaden Saylor, Reese Reynolds

Peepshow Loops 74 (All Male): 1970s (Color)

Video: Peepshow Loops 74 (All Male): 1970s (Color)
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Studio: Blue Vanities
Classic vintage stag films, American and European porno loops, arcade nude, and strippers. Blue Vanities presents the greatest and hottest films from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. An exciting nostalgia trip. Includes:

1.MICHAEL & PHILLIP (Pt. 1), 2m, Magnum Griffin Films #2

2.MICHAEL & PHILLIP (Pt. 2), 2m, Magnum Griffin Films #3

3.PUMPING NINE, 2m, Magnum Griffin Films #5

4.ANDY, JEFF & MAX, 3m, Magnum Griffin Films #7

5.BOX CAR, 3m, Magnum Griffin Films

6.JOE MARKUM & JIM WILSON, 2m, Magnum Griffin Films

7.FOREST FANTASY, 2m, Magnum Griffin Films

8.JIM & JOHN, 2m, Magnum Griffin Films

9.BUDDIES, 2m, Magnum Griffin Films

10.CELL BLOCK, 2m, Magnum Griffin Films

11.HOT TUB BOYS, 3m, Magnum Griffin Films

12.LOCKER ROOM, 3m, Magnum Griffin Films #41

13.BEST OF MG (Pt. 2), many, Magnum Griffin Films


Stars: Joe Markum, Jim Wilson

Jockalicious 3

Video: Jockalicious 3
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Studio: Jeremy Roddick
Jeremy Roddick presents “Jockalicious 3”, starring Jeremy Roddick, Kobe Cash, Shane Frost, Cliff Beltane and Joshua Major! These jocks are XXXtremely horny! They just can’t wait to take cock in the mouth and get their tight assholes pounded in doggystyle position! Don’t forget to check out our solo scene, it’s one you don’t want to miss!

Stars: Jeremy Roddick, Cliff Beltane, Kobe Cash, Shane Frost, Joshua Major

Straight To The Point Volume 18

Video: Straight To The Point Volume 18
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Studio: Next Door Studios
When you’re thinkin’ with your other head…a hot mouth’s a hot mouth…and a hole’s a hole! Watch these horny young bastards jump the fence and go for the sex…whatever their excuse! Shit…you know damn well they like it! Maybe they’re gonna switch sides…what d’ya think? More like…you bet your ass (and theirs) they’re more than just entertaining the idea!

Stars: Christian, Clark Kent, Brenden, Shane Erickson, Patrick Rouge, Dylan McLovin, Marcus Mojo, Jeremy Bilding, Jonny T, Philippe Delvaux, Marcus Steele, Chad Clovis, Ricky M.

Best Of All: Matt Sterling

Video: Best Of All: Matt Sterling
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Studio: Huge Video
The master of porn, Matt Sterling does it again with BEST OF ALL: MATT STERLING. He brings to the screen an unforgettable cast of superstars. Together, they take you on the ultimate sexual experience! This film is a must-have for the avid porn collector. Featuring the hottest scenes from his all time greatest films – Bigger Than Life, A Matter of Size, Like a Horse, Sizing Up, and Inch By Inch!

Stars: Jeff Stryker, Marky Mark, Scott Avery, Mike Ramsey, Joe Craig, Tom Mitchell, Kevin Williams, Robert Harris, Jim Pulver, Brian Michaels, John Farley, Jeff Quinn, Tom Brook, Doug Cory, Bill Henson, Joe Purcelli, Eric Ruff, Brad Walsh, Gavin Jeffrey, Ted Dowell

Dirk Yates Private Amateur Collection Volume 99

Video: Dirk Yates Private Amateur Collection Volume 99
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Studio: All Worlds Video
Dirk has been shooting hot and horny military men long before the Camp Pendleton Scandal which captured worldwide attention in 1993. There are more servicemen concentrated in San Diego than any other city in the world and Dirk knows how to find them. He gets these men to strip down and bare it all.

Because it is never rehearsed, you can always count on these men doing what cums naturally, even with their fellow servicemen. Every last detail is recorded, including their conversations. Dirk’s private amateur collections are home movies, unrehearsed and hot, just the way you like it. So sit back and get a load off. You’ll be amazed at how he gets these boys to stand at attention.

Nate Foxx And Erec Estrada

Video: Nate Foxx And Erec Estrada
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Studio: Amateur Cock Club
We decided to bring both Nate Foxx and Erec Estrada back for more! Here these two are making out, swapping blowjobs and passing back and forth the Real Touch sex toy and a Fleshlight. They both cum inside the Real Touch. First, Erec shoots his load in it (you see his cum fly) and passes it off to Nate. Nate’s using Erec’s cum as lube for the device. Soon Nate’s shooting his load into it, too… Big ropes of cum!

Stars: Erec Estrada, Nate Foxx

Spanking Vol. 7

Video: Spanking Vol. 7
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
Bow down to the mad monk and submit your ass to the cause. Getting spanked for your dirty deeds is like breath of fresh air. Over his knee they will go and spanked up his hand turns red. The men who believed they were once to cool to endure have become submissive because at the end of road was a hell of a nut.

Stars: Dlouhan, Mirek Voight, Radim Tichy, Radim Vohanek, Tomas Janicek

Steve Richards Fills All Man Holes

Video: Steve Richards Fills All Man Holes
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Studio: Bacchus
Super stud Steve Richards is one fierce top! He ploughs his way through one man-hole after another in an all butt and mouth pounding adventure that proves Steve is here to please! He even can take down a bear like Eric Evans and make him moan in ecstasy. Cosmotop is a bottom, and Mark Vandervilt gets his daddy hole caved in! Steve fills all holes!

Stars: Eric Evans, Steve Richards, Tony Madison, Cosmotop, Mark Vandervilt, Dylan Ryder (Male)

Billy’s Vacation

Video: Billy's Vacation
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Studio: MaverickMan22 Productions
Hey Guys, Hunter and I have a surprise video for you all, starring our boy, Billy. This is a rare treat because as you all know, Billy has retired from doing videos and we have been holding off on showing you the last of Billy’s vids. We want you to savor them hahaha…we only have 2 more after this one I think, so enjoy.

This last video with Billy was filmed almost 2 years ago when he came to visit us on vacation. He was missing us and we were missing him, so we flew him in for a few days of fun in the sun.

We had an amazing time as usual, spending a lot of time at the beach and by the pool, having laughs and chilling out. Billy had not had sex for a while before his visit, so he ran us thru the ringer and we loved every moment; lots of tickling, sucking, bareback fucking and fucking in this one.