Color Me Fucked

Video: Color Me Fucked
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Studio: Monster Big
These guys are curious … Not only about having sex with another man … but with having sex with a man AND a man of a different color! The action is pretty relentless as the studs in this movie waste no time as they just want to get down to sucking and fucking each other silly!
When A Man Wants A Man

Video: When A Man Wants A Man
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Studio: Huge Video
See what happens when these hot young studs explore their sexuality in When a Man Wants a Man. These guys are looking to explore their sexuality and the only thing that can satisfy them is another man! Cum watch as these guys get on their knees and suck cock and get fucked up the ass! These men are craving men!

Stars: David Thompson, Peter Bishop, Brant James, Joe Ruffini, Mario Montero, Gavin Michaels, Ray De Vazquez

Dirty Fuckers

Video: Dirty Fuckers
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Studio: Dirty Fuckers
“Dirty Fuckers” features hot bareback action! Cum hungry twinks in 5 hot ‘n sticky bareback scenes. Featuring Kevin Cox and 10 more guys in perverse sexual explosions, including a scorching orgy scene! From shower scenes to cum-eating to voyeurism to forced group sex to toys, this film definitely lives up to its name. Every scene is jam-packed with sexy twinks and muscled studs desperate to shoot their loads into any ready hole they can find! The sex is extreme and raw, full of intense frustration that builds and builds into explosive cumshots. Features sexy blond twink Kevin Cox and classic hottie Johny Hunter. None stop bareback fucking and cum eating with too hot to describe smooth Twinkie uncut studs, Has cum up the bum, in the mouth and all over.

Cum & Piss
The first scene shows us the young DJ host explaining how he came across one of his sexual experiences, the experience he has is with a sexy hell, blond smooth slightly tanned Twinkie, in the blonde’s bed. The blond toned stunner, keeps asking his dark haired, Twinkie DJ mate to fuck him, as if he’s just discovered being a bottom. Anyway after a horny fuck the DJ boy cums on the blonds face and body, they both smear the DJ’s sperm all over the blonde’s own torso.

The second scene sees us with what starts off as a hot threesome, with two Twinkies filling their mates mouth with their cocks, getting him to eat their cum.

The third scene starts off with the DJ boy Twinkie peeing in a urinal and he soon gets another Twinkie to suck him off.

Blind fold me; you’re a bad boy!
Some playful rough sex takes place with two hotties, one blind folds the other and enjoys treating his, can’t see Twinkie mate, to some ass slapping and cock sucking. Watch out for the sexy undies and bubble butt arses. The blondest lad out of the two lads gets his mate to loosen him up with a dildo, before his mate fucks him good and proper. A cleaner boy soon hears the two lads outside the doorway in the passage way and so the cleaner boy soon opens the door partially and watches the two lads at it and wanks on his own meat stick.

Dildo boy, cum in my bum please
A dark haired Twinkie starts off by pleasuring himself in the shower with a dildo and the blond haired mega hot cleaner from the last scene who didn’t get the chance to finish his wank, asks his very frustrated shower boy, if he can join him. The shower boy soon begs the cleaner lad that he wants to sit on his stiff blond rock hard cock and of course the cleaner boy lets his shower Twinkie squat on his throbber. These two lads are clearly very frustrated as this ends up being a very intense physical session they both have together. I’m surprised they didn’t crack some of the tiles, check out cum in the bum and a bit of cum eating, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Shower fuck gang bang orgy!
The final part of the film starts with group action in the shower, with lads being lads kind of stuff then one of the Twinkies gets chosen to be group fucked, they all have a go pounding into their bottom boy orgy chosen one. Cocks end up in both ends of the chosen one, something that just turns them all on more and more. The chosen one, ends up being a cum eating slut boy!

Stars: Jack Wilson, Kevin Cox, Thomas Dyk, Johny Hunter, Julien Breeze, Zack Hood, Nick Daniels, Nicholas Kimmy, Tom Barnz, Joshua Black, Kenny Fox, Mark Nelson, Paul Studi, Marty Reilly

Sticky Buns

Video: Sticky Buns
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Studio: Vivid Man
Vivid presents new to DVD four hours of non-stop butt-tonguing and ass fucking! Hairy butts, bubble butts, silky-smooth globes, sweaty mounds, pink rosebud to gaping hole slathering. These crack attackers are in ass heaven. And we all know what comes after a good ass licking!

Stars: Tanner Reeves, Devon Rexman, Jason Broderick, Johnny Rey, Brett Ford, Scott Baldwin, Vic Hall, Karl Redford, Rod Sloan, Jordan Young, Jesse Skylar, Bo Thomas, Reese Strong

Cum Eating With Trey Richards 2

Video: Cum Eating With Trey Richards 2
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Studio: Sebastian Sloane Productions
Trey Richards enjoyed his first time guzzling cum so much he’s back and begging for a second helping! Trey blows Hunter Gage and he doesn’t spare an inch as he goes at it, sucking fervently until he finally pulls the nut from that well-endowed prick. Then, Nate Foxx sucks off Trey Richards until he blows a load. And last, Trey sucks Anthony dry.

Stars: Anthony, Trey Richards, Nate Foxx, Hunter Gage

Black Dads On The Prowl #2

Video: Black Dads On The Prowl #2
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Studio: Bacchus
They hit the clubs to strut and howl; these black dads are on the prowl! Ebony daddy is on the hunt for some fine, young ass and he plans to get it–now! These hot black dads will gladly take a hard younger cock in their well-muscled asses and return the favor as they lay down their monster-sized chocolate rods in those willing young mouths and butts. When these guys are on the prowl, get ready to be pounced upon!

Stars: Ricky Parker, Larry Barnes, Infinity, Michael Rome, Soloman Gregory, Juice, Sexcyone, Thugzilla, Semaj, Darone Black

Accounts Layable

Video: Accounts Layable
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Studio: Hollywood Sales
Hung Michael Brandon and Mike Vista kiss. Mike slips Michael’s hard cock out of his pants and sucks him. After Brandon blows Vista, he turns Vista around and eats his ass. After 69ing, Brandon plays with and then fucks Vista’s ass. Vista cums during penetration and eats his cum. Brandon licks cum off of Vista’s stomach.

Kurt Wagner and Rick Fernandi kiss. They suck each other, and Kurt tims Rick’s ass. Kurt strokes Rick’s Italian, uncut dick while he fucks him, bringing Rick to orgasm. Kurt cums on Rick’s balls and licks his cum off of them.

New-cummer Gabe Rivers drops to his knees for hairy Chase Allen. Chase blows much younger Gabe. Gabe’s erect penis bounces as he sits on Chase’s cock. He ejaculates during penetration and eats cum.

Ethan Richards and Danny Chance kiss. They suck each other’s equally huge cocks. Danny strokes his hard cock as Ethan plows his ass. Danny can’t touch himself of he will cum. He does cum with Ethan inside him, and Ethan eats his own cum.

Stars: Chase Allen, Kurt Wagner, Mike Vista, Gabe Rivers, Rick Fernandi, Danny Chance, Michael Brandon, Ethan Richards

Dirk Yates Private Collections – Where Are They Now

Video: Dirk Yates Private Collections - Where Are They Now
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Studio: All Worlds Video
Dirk Yates has been shooting military guys for over 20 years. Here are some of his most memorable models as they return once again… a little older but just as HOT! First up is big dicked, tattooed Brian Handcock. He appeared in one of Dirk’s hottest videos, GOD WAS I DRUNK. Dirk brought Brian a hot Marine to play with – sexy bottom Cade strips and gets down on his knees and worships Brian’s huge cock. Cade shows Brian just how tight and hot his sweet, smooth bubble butt can be and takes the big man meat all the way up his ass. Next is former Marine Dave, who did a bunch of Dirk’s Private Collections and was known for showing off his big dick. Dave gets an ex-Navy guy, Danny, who walks right in and goes straight down on Dave’s throbber. He shoves his finger in and out of Dave’s love pucker as he chows down on the fatty. Dave gives up the gold and lets Danny fuck his butt. This was a first time for Dave! Third is none other then the legendary Axel Garret. He’s Dirk’s all time favorite and has matured like fine wine. From his boyish good looks days, Axel is now one sexy, handsome man – still in incredible shape and his cock is as beautiful as ever. He puts on a one-man show that sizzles. Dirk ends with yet another big dick jarhead, Lance Landers, who strokes his dick while he chats. Dirk gives Lance two military guys to play with, Danny and Sledge. Danny goes straight for the big cock. Both Lance and Sledge take turns giving Danny’s eager fuck hole a working over with their thick man poles. Totally Dirk, totally raw, totally hot!

Stars: Brian, Dave, Sledge, Axel, Danny, Cade Devilin, Lance Landers

Maximum Stretch

Video: Maximum Stretch
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Studio: Red Eagle Films
Wolfgang Bang is back with a vengeance! This may be the hottest film he has made to date with a wide range of hot studs from cute twinkie Orion Cross to nasty-as-can-be Bud and Sean Steele. It also features hot-bodied power-bottom Nick Savage and the studly Daxx Reed. Making an impressive debut as fisting bottom is Eddie Reno who is also a well known person on LA underground club scene.

The first scene shows us how Sean Steele breaks in his new house boy, Orion Cross, and teaches him the most essential skills to have when working for him. That ranges from keeping the kitchen and the ass clean to sitting on big dildos, getting fucked and fisting the boss.

In the second scene Daxx Reed is shopping for a new dildo and Bud is proving to be more than willing to help him find the right fit. In this glowingly hot scene we also see them take turns fisting each other before Daxx takes a huge metal chain and shoves it up Bud’s ass. It is amazing to watch it come back out again, link by link, with Bud’s perfect muscle control. The chemistry between these real-life boyfriends is incredible and makes a hot scene even hotter.

The next scene takes us to Orion Cross’ home when he is getting back after his first day of work for Sean Steele. On the bed with a huge dildo in his hot ass is his boyfriend, Nick Savage. Orion immediately jumps in to help out a pig in need and starts fisting Nick. After some more toy play, they decide to continue practicing with the impossibly huge dildo, Super Peter. Although Nick didn’t take it this time, it is clear that he is not that far from it. What a talented ass!

The final scene is with Sean Steele working over Eddie Reno in his dungeon. There are no holds barred as he fucks him hard with dildos, fists and his own rock hard giant cock. This is one hot scene not to be missed and it culminates when Sean takes a thick metal spring and shoves it deep into Eddie’s greedy hole. Don’t try this at home unless you’re a pro!

Stars: Sean Steele, Orion Cross, Nick Savage, Daxx Reed, Eddie Reno, Bud Lighter

Julian Vincenzo v. Renato Belaggio

Video: Julian Vincenzo v. Renato Belaggio
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This video starts as fan favorite megastar, Julian Vincenzo, standing in the new wrestlehard ring in his speedos doing a muscle posedown. One cannot help but wonder on the rippling muscles of Vincenzo, just pure poetry in motion. Trouble begins to boil as Renato Belaggio joins in and starts to compare his huge muscles against Vincenzo. Then, a lot of bad-mouthing and cursed words are said regarding each other’s built.

Getting more frustrated, Renato just pushes Julian around for no reason other than adrenaline rushing in his body. At this point, their words become nastier and their voice louder and louder. They stand face to face doing a musclestud staredown. The audience will feel the heat as the camera focused on their faces while they just stand there face to face. Sweat drenching. No one is talking. Pure intensity can be seen on their faces. The staredown lasted for just a minute but it seems like forever !! Then, out of nowhere, Renato spits on the face of Julian. That’s it, fight breaks out and then they wrestle to settle their differences proving who is the real bodybuilder wrestling champion!!

What transpired next are crazy American WWF style wrestling with lots of lifts-throws, verbal humiliation, scissors, clutches, and sleepers. Julian throws Renato out the ring many times and at the end Julian, with his megafamous huge dick, merges as the muscle champion. He fucks the soul out of poor Renato while he begs for mercy. But mercy is not in Julian’s vocabulary. Lots of spitting, slapping and aggression during sex. As you will know by the end of this film that Julian is famous for his cruelty and very intense and deadly fucking style.

Stars: Julian Vincenzo, Renato Belaggio