Max Summers v. Jordano Monroe

Video: Max Summers v. Jordano Monroe
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Everybody’s favorite hunky fighter Max starts with a workout. His muscular body and flexing amazes the arriving Jordano, our newcomer boy-next-door cutie fighter. He challenges Max for an arm-wrestling challenge for a test of strength.

Obviously the bigger guy, Max wins easily but Jordano gets mad and he wants revenge by taunting Max in a kick-boxing then speedo-wrestling. The wrestling is more even because Jordano is quite an experienced wrestler compared to Max. In the end, this video is all about great action and humiliating sex. Max is a great top and he proves it!

Stars: Max Summers, Jordano Monroe

Bi Guys Fuck Too!

Video: Bi Guys Fuck Too!
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Studio: The Great Canadian Male
Joey is back to do some fucking this time around. New guy Todd is on the receiving end. You can tell Todd is pretty nervous during the shoot with his constant chatter. Joey and Todd are both bisexual but decide to explore their gay side! Watch them give oral to each other before Joey rams Todd tight asshole! A hot video – enjoy!

Stars: Todd, Joey

Bustin’ My Load

Video: Bustin' My Load
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Studio: Nate Foxx Productions
Have you ever wonder if walls could talk…How they would describe what Nate Foxx did in the privacy of his own home. Nate has a pension for touching himself down there. He just loves to get off and spew his love seed all over the house. In the shower… in the bed … Nate even busts his nuts in front of the computer looking up information for his homework.

Stars: Nate Foxx


Video: Testosterone
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You’re going to love this story guys…. Marcio rang me and said he was wanting to fuck a guy in exchange for my Xbox! I figured it was time to trade in my 360, so I told him he had a deal! I wanted to find somebody that he would feel comfortable with and he told me that his friend Felix would be the perfect choice. So I said fine, let’s do it! It turned out to be a very hot video, with some sexy toys, and some of the best fucking I have ever filmed. Enjoy it guys!

Stars: Thomas, Gabriel, Vitor Frota, Marcio Pittbull, Yuri Bryan, Andre Santos, Andre Gaucho, Felix Stuhlbach, Adriano Rodrigues , Adriano Moraes , Carlos Montenegro

Next Door Male Volume 13

Video: Next Door Male Volume 13
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Studio: Next Door Studios
People just can’t get enough of the hung Italian stud Jonny T! See Jonny T in one of the sexiest and most erotic solo scenes we have ever shot! And, just in case you were wondering if Jonny T had the biggest cock on this DVD, we are pleased to say for the first time that he DOESN’T. The boy next door with the biggest tool we have ever filmed, Rod Spunkel gets clean in the shower after getting dirty in the woods! Jeremy Bilding, Skyler, and cover boy for Next Door Male Vol. 5, Rey Gold all give you a glimpse into what they do when nobody is watching. Cum enjoy 7 straight amateur studs, in multiple solo scenes!

Stars: James, Pete, Skyler, Rey Gold, Jeremy Bilding, Rod Spunkel, Jonny T

Straight Broke Vol. 2

Video: Straight Broke Vol. 2
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Studio: Monster Big
Alec Manuel is Straight Broke and needs some cash. What better way to make money than to jerk yourself off in front of the camera for a while and then take a nice hot shower! At first he seems a little uncomfortable and hesitant but he quickly warms up in more ways than one! This amateur may have just found his new career!

Stars: Alec Manuel

Chain Reactions

Video: Chain Reactions
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Studio: Bijou Classics
This wild film, probably among the last actual porno films, is the perfect visual exploration of its title, Chain Reactions. Set in Los Angeles leather bar Chains, the scenes are connected by a dark, pulsing energy; they flow into one another, each subsequent sex act a little more frenzied, naughty and nasty. This building up of sexual excitement explains why the first third is a somewhat tame, if even a little lame. But, and this is a big but, Chain Reactions becomes absolutely incredible, with orgies, spankings, candle wax, slings, and even enemas more than making up for a slow beginning. This is the kind of porno that one would never get made these days. That’s a damn shame.

Even folks who aren’t normally aroused by leather-sex will be immediately intrigued; a beefy stud in a harness pulls up to Chains on his motorcycle. He’s a real looker, not the kind of man one could ignore. The moment the door opens it’s clear what kind of treats the viewers will see. An older, and very handsome, man is tied to a St. Andrew’s cross. He is licked, sucked, and kissed by four other guys, all as hairy and meaty as their newfound love slave.

Another man has his cock locked up in a pillory of sorts; it’s a little scary, but quite titillating. Sadly, nothing comes from these teases–sure, jism does fly, but there’s no build up, no focus on anything beyond disjointed limb or swollen boner. Next, some butch blondes get freaky in a threesome involving rope, face fucking, and lots of groping. This sequence is marred by terrible sucking noises that have clearly been added in post-production. In fact, the sound design is a problem throughout the entire film. Lots of horrific 80’s music, windstorm sound effects (why?), and even some gothic horror music threaten to suck the joy from the proceedings. Luckily it never quite does.

For example, no shitty soundtrack could ruin a solo performance by the Dwan, an Al Parker look-alike in a cowboy hat and chaps. He whips out his chubby pony pole and exposes his hairy asshole, and in front of a giant spider web, no less. An orgy follows, as does a little spanking and some serious ramming with a giant black dildo. Sounds great, right? Well, it actually gets better.

Two mustachioed dreamboats engage in a fantastic ass eating frenzy involving a sling, lots and lots of moist hair, and heavy breathing. The next fella in a sling gets most of his body pinched by dozens of clothespins. They are painstakingly applied to his body and then pulled out by his partner–each snaps loudly, frighteningly. Another man, who looks not unlike every other dark-haired mustachioed performer in the film, literally gets covered in hot wax; his dick seems to disappear under the globs of white goo.

A little later, some happy sub has his hole filled to bursting with water from two enema bags while he gives a blowjob. The film culminates with a return to the bar for a spankin’, slappin’, cock-exploding orgy, and it’s quite a lovely way to end this pleasantly exhausting film.

Stars: Daniel Holt, Dwan, Lee Stern, Rydar Hanson, Danny Connors, Dune Hanover, Harley Andrews, Davin McNeil, Ken Bergquist, Les Price

Running Wild

Video: Running Wild
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Studio: Euroman Video
Working in the fresh country air makes horny young men even hornier. Blonde Eddy helps Marcel with his long hard dick by sucking it. Marcel rims Eddy! Alexander rims Mirec’s tight young hole and slams it with his long hard cock. Blonde Petr finds Carsten eating young Bodo’s young fresh ass in the meadow. Once Bodo starts face fucking Carsten, Petr can’t resist joining in. Bodo shoots a wad on Petr’s boyish face. Then Carlsten fucks Bodo. Lots of oral and rimming action. Great outdoor 3-way. Plenty of facial cumshots!

Stars: Miroslav, Pavel, Lukas, Martin, Milan, Dusan, Jiri Pavlicek, Jiri Mlada

Yard Boyz

Video: Yard Boyz
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Studio: All Worlds Video
He’s really got what it takes to make young buds grow. They cut the grass, give up their ass, and even have to ho! Four men share a summer home in the country. They hire four young guys to work on their yard and poles. The yard boys end up servicing the men, fulfilling their man lust for younger guys.

Stars: David Griffin, Scott Mann, Dillon Press, Joey Lexington, Jason Crew, Corbin Michaels, Justin Wells, Rocco Deniro

Gay Invasion Volume 2

Video: Gay Invasion Volume 2
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Studio: Hell’s Ground Productions
Hell’s Ground Productions presents Gay Invasion Volume 2! This isn’t a regular invasion… it’s an ass and mouth invasion! That’s right, these guys are doing deep-dick diving and they don’t stop pounding until they’ve conquered their fellow companions! Non-stop male-on-male action with plenty of ass pummeling action!

Stars: Robert Mester, Istvan Ordasi, Milkos Sabo, Laslo Barath