Str8 Off The Base

Video: Str8 Off The Base
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Studio: All Worlds Video
Dirk Yates is at it again with a new video diary to chronicle all of the wild sex his horny marines let him capture on tape. These guys are fresh off of the base and ready to ram their raging hard-ns into a tight, virgin ass! Watch these newbies get coupled, and grouped together for some of the hottest amateur, anal sex ever! So grab the lube and a fresh towel and get ready to cum over and over again!

Stars: Matt, Kody Henshaw, Kendall Klark, Bill Ray, Sledge Sawyer, Jay Lopez, Naus Bianchi, Clint Von, Adam Addams, Aiden Binks, Bryan DiPardo, Jay Montana, Stefen West

Snake & Rod

Video: Snake & Rod
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Studio: Cain & Abel Productions
Uncle Don picked up these two Marines buddies at a nearby pool hall. Cocks get hard and Uncle Don gets excited as he talks these two Marines into doing more than they expected to do. Reach over’s turn into blowjobs which gets these two Marines so boned up, next Rod is sitting on Snake’s mammoth meat ridding it like a hobby horse. Snake plows his ass in a few more positions before letting Rod return the favor. Both Marines blow their loads onto Snake’s chest and stomach to finish off this scene.

Stars: Snake, Rod

Twisted Thugs 9

Video: Twisted Thugs 9
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Studio: Heatwave
There’s nothing like sucking on a tasty chorizo or bangin’ your buddy’s butt in your crib. It’s sweaty, sexy, semen filled fun – and it’s Thug-a-licious! Watch these hardcore thugs do some hardcore oral and anal damage to with a thick, black juicy cock in scene one with cute twinks who believe the more, the merrier! If you’re a fan of facials, anal play, anal and group sex…then you won’t want to miss these hotboys taking and giving everything they’ve got!

Stars: Fantasi, Kidd, Young Jezzy, Kapone, Dawg, Mr. Biggs, Assassin, Jonny P

Rodeo Rookies 13

Video: Rodeo Rookies 13
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Studio: Platinum Media
Working throughout Texas, Director Steve Myer, brings us some HOT AMATEUR males in what is sure to be some of the best REAL amateur gay video available. These Amateur “Rookies” are your average Joe and are making their first appearance in front of our cameras. Most of the men are a bit “gun shy” at first, but we think you’ll agree that Texas Men will ride HARDER and stay up LONGER just to show they have what it takes!

Stars: Matt, Peter, Doug, Kale, Zac

Totally Bisexual 2

Video: Totally Bisexual 2
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Studio: Magnus
Get in on the hottest bisexual action in this long awaited sequel! Two guys and one girl in every scene bring the best of both worlds together! Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t… and usually you want both! Watch these horny threesomes, all intense, all hot ‘n sweaty suckin’ and pounding… and no hole’s safe!

Stars: Monica Mattos, Alex Victor, Andrey Andrade, Rafael Angel, Rick Tarzan, Nataly Bueno


Video: Saltlick
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Studio: Vivid Man
Here is an AVN Best four hour Series compilation…now on DVD expressly for those orally gifted and focused ‘mansicle’ munchers. Just like any other deer in the woods…a hard salty block are treats not to be ignored. If you can’t lick ’em…join ’em and reap your juicy rewards! Enjoy the show!!

Stars: York Powers, Scott Russell, Bo Summers, David Rockmore, Matt Dietz, Michael Brawn, Matt Winsor, Frank Ritter, Link Benedict

Real Straight Shooters 3

Video: Real Straight Shooters 3
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Studio: Monster Big
Great bodies, body worship, and saving the Best for last: Loads of Cum! With muscles, nipples, and big dicks, these “Straight” first timers are caught on film, doing what they do best: Their version of YOUNG, DUMB, AND FULL OF CUM. You will get off with these incredible bodies as they play with their Tools to give you a look at your young stud athlete from “next door”.

Fantasizing with your Boy Toy, takes his movie to new heights as you time yourself with them. Almost like being there! So check these Hot Studs out and you will come back again and again as each new movie introduces another herd of Cum dripping Real Straight Shooters!

Stars: Aaron, Marc Stone, Tim Collins, Brett Lang, Blain Thomas, Wes Chandler

Porn Struck III

Video: Porn Struck III
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Studio: All Worlds Video
Get smitten (STRUCK) Today! They are HOT, they are HUNG, and they are back for more! It’s back to the All Worlds Resort in decadent Palm Springs with hot, steamy man-sex antics. Number three is packed with five cum drenched scenes! No-frills-just-good-sex reality porn! Tasty too!

Stars: Zach Richards, Matt Fuller, Alex Burbon, Eric Edwards, Max Grand, Gregg Rockwell, Devon Barry, Jay Ross, Luke Pearson, Scott Jeffries, Max Swell

Welcome To Daddy Inn

Video: Welcome To Daddy Inn
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Studio: Ike Adams Video
Rob Morse is the new manager of Daddy Inn, a small guesthouse with an impeccable reputation for fine service. The guests expect full service. Rob is committed to Daddy Inn’s slogan, ”Where your pleasure is our goal.”

Scene 1: Brian Holiday is hot and hairy with a big dick. He is a regular guest at Daddy Inn. Brian knows that if he stays in bed long enough, Rob will bring fresh towels and his famous morning ass ”turn-up” service. Daddy Brian pretends to be sleeping when Rob arrives. Rob wastes no time in performing his duties. Rob slides the sheet off Brian, exposing his large, fat daddy cock. He loves arousing this cock with full lip service. Daddy Brian gives Rob’s sweet, tight ass a wet tongue lashing in preparation for the ass pounding Rob wants. Brian fucks Rob bareback in every position. Rob delivers a facial cum shot that Daddy Brian will not soon forget!

Scene 2: Newcomer David DiPaulo is a passionate and sensitive Daddy. Rob enjoys going to his room to provide his special services. Daddy David sucks cock with conviction! He takes Rob’s ass with confidence and passion. Rob jacks off and shoots a huge load as he rides Mr. DiPaulo’s cock. Rob licks Mr. DiPaulo’s nuts, bringing him to an orgasm of fevered pitch.

Scene 3: Maintenance man Brett Anderson was hired for more than his mechanical abilities. His rugged, hairy daddy good looks and the bulge in his coveralls were at the top of the list. As a ruse, Rob asks Brett to come by and check his toilet. Rob is in bed when he arrives. He starts playing with his cock openly while Brett is checking for problems. Brett watches him and knows what Rob wants. He unzips his coverall and offers Rob his big cock to suck. Rob gives this hot man full service. He rides Brett’s big, thick cock until Brett moves him to the corner of the bed, pushes Rob’s legs back and gives him an ass pounding that Rob will remember! Brett and Rob shoot their big loads together. There is great action and chemistry between these two. Brett’s job is secure after this service call!

Scene 4: Daddy RamJet and his young friend, Austin Meridian are guests at Daddy Inn. They invite Rob to join in their fun. Lots of cock and ass action. Austin is very vocal and loves both Rob and his Daddy friend taking turns at his smooth ass. Great group cum shot.

Stars: Brett Anderson, Rob Morse, Brian Holliday, David DiPaulo, Austin Meridian, Daddy RamJet

First Contact 49

Video: First Contact 49
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Studio: The Great Canadian Male
Ryan: Ryan is a rough and tumble kind of soccer player dude that had some fantasies about playing with another guy. He came to me to start the discovery process. I was glad to help!

Vlad: I don’t always do the massage video with Gay guys but Vlad was very eager to get his first video done and that was all I could organize on very short notice. He’s a hell of a nice guy and will be around for many more video shoots in the future. Watch for him!

Stars: Ryan, Vlad