Paris is for Love

Video: Paris is for Love
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Studio: French Connection
This cute young couple just got to Paris, where they wanted to cruise together, but before they went out they had a little warm-up session where they jerked and blew each other, while also penetrating bottoms asshole first with a finger and then with a dildo… And so their journey began where they got to experience why Paris is called the city of love, but it should’ve been really called the city of lust!

Stars: Florian, Freddy, Herve, Jean Luc, Patrick, Sebastien (General), Thomas, Tom

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Triple Anon Breeder

Video: Triple Anon Breeder
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Studio: Natural Born Breeders

Four guys, (three hot guys and one anonymous top) get together one Saturday for some good anonymous bareback bonding. The top (TC) gets to put his big dick in the three willing and hungry holes. TC is a bisexual cubby guy, with an impressive cock, which likes both women and men. TC is in his element, as he gets to eat and pound these three thick, butts.

First up is Alejandro. This daddy, while dominant looking, succumbs to TC upon seeing his powerful, and large dick. The silver daddy is eager to have the cub take charge, after seeing his massive piece of manhood. Alejandro sucks TC’s cock before getting rammed by the young cub. After sampling a taste of this dominant bi-cub’s thick piece of meat, salivating all over it, he wants to take it. He gets on his back, ready for the young, hung cub to dominate his daddy hole.

Tito is next, on his back, with his legs up, ready to be bred by the cub. Tito is blindfolded while TC takes control of the situation and pounds his smooth ass. TC pumps away on Tito’s welcoming ass, fucking it just like he would pound a pussy, and Tito loves taking it from this dominant, alpha-male cub. TC fucks a load right out of Tito, making his cum shoot up to his beard and mouth.

Soon it’s Porn Star Bo Banger’s turn to have this horny cub’s dick inside him. Bo worships TC’s thick long manhood before riding it. TC is the one who gets the be blindfolded this time, and on his back, as daddy takes charge and sits on the young cub’s big dick, his shapely muscled, tattooed ass swallowing it up. Bo rides the thick bi cub’s cock relentlessly, TC groaning, at the touch of the muscular daddy ass enveloping his monster cock. Bo makes the cum come out of this young pup rather quickly, as TC shoots his creamy load up into daddy. Bo likes being bred by this young spunky bi dude, and as TC’s cum-dripping shaft and head slide out of his tight daddy hole, Bo pushes it back in, to get every last drop inside him.

Stars: Alejandro Skyman, Bo Banger, TC, Tito Villalba

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Behind The Line 7

Video: Behind The Line 7
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Studio: Active Duty Productions
First to get his mouth full of cock, Johnny B gives Ryan Jordan a slow deep blow job using his wet tongue to the fullest extent. Ryan’s dick grows harder each time his partner deepthroats his throbbing cock. Markie More was eager to wrap his mouth around Spencer Laval’s big dick with a quickness never seen before. Spencer couldn’t believe the sensation he was feeling. Markie wanted to be fucked and Spencer was ready for it. Anthony Rogers slowly undresses for us showing his huge well-built chest. He spends countless hours in the gym to perfecting his body. His cock gets hard by rubbing and stroking it. Milo Hearst looks flawless with his build body. Once he dropped his clothes, you can see his hard thick ready for some hand- job.

Stars: Anthony Rogers, Johnny B (ii), Markie More, Milo Hearst, Ryan Jordan (M), Spencer Laval

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Golden Gate Season 1

Video: Golden Gate Season 1
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Studio: NakedSword
You are invited to enter the land of impulse, dreams and desire with Naked Sword’s first-ever original production, Golden Gate. Twelve guys… five hardcore sex scenes… five incredible solos… over five hours of content. Golden Gate Season 1 is an exploration of the sex lives of gay men living in San Francisco. Each episode of Golden Gate is a well-crafted vignette that brings together two disparate elements of the city beloved by so many men.

Stars: Brad Star, Cameron Marshall, Chris Porter, Christian Wilde, D.O., Dayton O’Connor, Donny Wright, Jeremy Bilding, Kennedy Carter, Rusty Stevens, Topher DiMaggio, Trent Locke

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Tailor Made Leather

Video: Tailor Made Leather
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Studio: Hairy And Raw

The smell of leather. It’s intoxicating sexy and mysterious. The scent works on you like a hit of poppers. It’s a shot straight to the brain. Maybe that’s why Dax Librastic, Harper Davis, Brendan Patrick, Dallas Steele, and Alex Hawk become different men the moment their skin comes in contact with the material. Join them as they walk through the doors of the Hairy and Raw leather shop for a custom fitting and…Tailor Made Leather.

In the market to wear something new and different, Dax Librastic and Harper Davis are at the H and R Tailors. They have an appointment with the Master Tailor himself, except the man is late. They decide to check out the other items available in the shop, while they wait. But this makes Dax and Harper extremely horny. Next thing you know, Harper is offering up his ass for Dax to take and do with what he will. Dax rims the hairy bottom, gives Harper cock to drool over, then buries the spit-lubed cock in Harper’s hungry ass, bareback fucking the sex pig until they unload. Hmmm. Can there be any better way to pass the time than rutting like pigs? Which, of course, only reminds us of that George Bernard Shaw quote. Something about not wrestling with a pig because you’ll only get dirty and besides…the pig likes it!

Whether you work in a shop, or own one, there’s a golden rule. The customer is always right. Unless, of course, you happen to be at H and R Tailors, where customer satisfaction is…let’s just say, at the whim of the employee. Take bearded Brendan Patrick as an example. The handsome, tattooed, hairy hunk is two hours late for an appointment with Dax Librastic and Harper Davis. But when the two give Brendan grief about being late, the domineering daddy decides to teach them a lesson. Brendan offers up his cock for a very willing bald Dax and ginger Harper to service. They take turns, practically fighting for a go at Brendan’s curved tool. Brendan then orders Dax and Harper on their knees and proceeds to rim one, then the other, priming them for a good fuck. Harper clearly enjoys the heavy duty bareback pounding, spit-roasted as he is, with Brendan’s raw cock up his ass and Dax’s dick down his throat. You’ve heard of monkey-in-the-middle? Well, this is piggy-in-the-middle. At least until it’s Dax’s turn, who — because he spoke out of line to the leather master — gets a taste of Brendan’s Irish fury. Harper proves that once a cock whore, always a cock whore, ending up on his back, legs up in the air, fucked bareback by bald, hairy and bearded hipster, Dax, then riding Brendan until the harnessed daddy blows his seed all over Harper’s face. Dax dives for a taste of Brendan’s cum-coated cock, tasting Harper’s ass juices in the process, and shortly after, unleashes a wild spray of jizz that literally flies everywhere. So the next time you’re at the leather shop, unless you want this to happen to you, make sure you fully understand store policy!

Harper Davis is super horny and needs to unload, especially after a 3-way where he didn’t get to shoot. But now, alone at the back of the shop, with Brendan Patrick to inspire him, Harper can barely hold back. With a plethora of stimulation to draw from, Harper rubs one out, amidst the boner inducing scent of leather, and his own musky scent, both pushing him over the edge even better than a hit of poppers.

Alex Hawk needs something but he doesn’t know what. Although, truth be told, he probably already suspects as he checks out the wares at the H&R tailors. Lucky for Alex, bearded Brendan Patrick is ready to provide Alex with the best customer service he can provide. There’s only one thing. Alex is a picky shopper and must sample everything before making a purchase. He samples Brendan the way Goldilocks ransacked that poor Bear family’s home. Alex sucks Brendan’s cock then gives up his ass to see how Brendan’s cock feels inside him. And after all that thrusting and bareback fucking, guess what? Brendan’s fit is just right!

Stars: Alex Hawk, Brendan Patrick, Dallas Steele, Dax Librastic, Harper Davis

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Elijah & Mason

Video: Elijah & Mason
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Studio: Tyler’s Room
Mason and Elijah are boyfriends who have been together for 6 months. This is the very first ever porn scene that Mason has done and the bottoms like a champ. They have a really intense intimate relationship and every move they make proves that! This is definitely one of the hotter scenes we’ve had especially considering they’re boyfriends.

Stars: Elijah White, Mason Riley

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Jack 2

Video: Jack 2
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He’s baaaaack…and ready to top these anxious bottoms just the way they like it until they erupt! With a muscular physique, throbbing member – and an insatiable sexual appetite it’s no wonder the boys are eager to please! Jack shows off his washboard abs before he splits the cheeks to drill balls deep in every position before he explodes himself! But it’s not over yet. He dives right back in for an encore performance in every scene that’s guaranteed to keep you cumming back for more!

Stars: Ace, Cassian, Cole, Jack (Sean Cody), Rusty (Sean Cody), Samuel

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Natural Desire

Video: Natural Desire
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Studio: All Natural Video
These tops and bottoms are driven by natural desire, the only thing that moves them is lust and passion. They are totally in and enjoying every moment they have with their partners, their big cocks and thirsty asses look as if they were created for each other. They have vigorous sex and moan all they can till both of them cum all over each other and drown in orgasm…

Stars: Adam Watson, Alex Silvers, Connor Levi, Danny Montero, Deacon Hunter, Jack Masters, Reece Bentley, Ryan Daley, Scott West

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Breakfast Meat

Video: Breakfast Meat
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Studio: Pride Studios
Bennett Anthony comes out naked in the kitchen and tells Jay Alexander he has breakfast for him. They start making out before Bennett bends Jay over the sink and sucks his cock from behind. Michael Roman is an early bird and he has dragged Jace Chambers to the gym so they can get some hot sexy action in before everyone shows up. Michael convinces Jace and soon enough he is down on his knees worshiping his man’s big cock. Dax Carter wants to go to the gym but his partner Dustin Steele knows another way to get their cardio in. Dax agrees and shortly he has Dustin’s cock in his mouth. Cesar Rossi is just finishing with is shower when he notices Adrian Suarez staring at him. After some small talk, they both agree they can have some fun together.

Stars: Adrian Suarez, Bennett Anthony, Cesar Rossi, Dax Carter, Dustin Steele, Jace Chambers, Jay Alexander (i), Michael Roman

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Deep Inside Twinks 4

Video: Deep Inside Twinks 4
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Studio: Male Reality
Oscar is flipping through a twink magazine when Chris walks in; Oscar is shocked at how big that dick is. So Chris drops his pants and shows him something bigger. Meet Edward & Angel. These two sexy young studs enjoy a nice cock massage and immediately cut to the chase. Some deep hardcore anal fucking will do the job. Getting a firm grip on life is much easier when an older man is ready to lead you down the right path. Marcus has to wake up Angel Dee from his nap, but when he spots Dee’s huge morning wood he just goes wild!

Stars: Angel Dee, Chris Reed, Edward, Toffy (Male), Marcus Rue, Oscar, Zack Todd

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