Bound Gods – Ian Greene Gets Beaten And Ass Fucked

Video: Bound Gods - Ian Greene Gets Beaten And Ass Fucked
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This is the first time Ian Greene has gotten to experience what is about to happen Bound Gods. His bronzed and muscle-laden body cannot hide the fact that he is in over his head and scared about what the hung stud and taskmaster Dominic Pacifico has in store for him. Right away it is clear that Ian is going to have to earn the hard way every bit of attention, validation, and pleasure that Dominic chooses to give him or deny him. Ian is on his hands and knees crawling across the floor while dragging a heavy bucket that is tied to his stretched and tender ball sack. Slowly he snakes his way to the worship at the boot heel of Dominic’s thick leather. Ian licks the filth off of Dominic’s boots and shines them to perfection. The humiliation makes both of their cocks gorge with excitement. As Ian cowers at Dominic’s feet, he is repeatedly spanked with a leather crop until his ass glows a bright red hue of painful perfection. He squeals and begs for more. He is hungry for stiff cock and will do ANYTHING to get it. But Dominic is not that easy to please. He saunters across the room and makes Ian drag his swollen and aching balls over the floor with the heavy bucket in tow. Pleased with Ian’s devotion, he takes out his massive cock and jams it into Ian’s hungry mouth. Ian thanks, Dominic again and again for allowing him to deepthroat his divine phallus. After gorging on his stiff rod, Ian is tied to a pole with tight rope bondage while his head is encased in a leather deprivation hooded mask. Confused, vulnerable, and shivering with terror Ian is at the mercy of Dominic’s muscular body. He mercilessly flogs Ian’s body, hitting his cock with the tip of a thick leather flogger. Ian winces and trembles with pain. It is almost unbearable but he is determined to not disappoint his master’s expectations. His endurance is rewarded and Dominic licks, bites, and deep throats Ian’s cock. The blowjob lulls Ian into a false sense of security and the mask hides him from Dominic’s true intent. With his guard down Dominic beats him senseless but Ian’s cock only gets harder. When Dominic feels like he has had enough, he flips Ian onto his back and straps him down to a table with firm leather belts and gags him a rubber bit gag. He then mercilessly fucks Ian’s gaping asshole and probes the inner reaches of Ian’s deepest desires. Ian’s cock swells and he begs to cum but the only thing he gets is orgasm denial. He pleads with his master to allow him to cum and when Dominic truly thinks that his slave has earned it, he allows Ian to blow his load. He strokes Ian’s swollen cock as thick, wet, creamy cum oozes from Ian’s ecstatic whore hole. Panting and gasping with delight, Dominic jams his cock down Ian’s throat. Ian’s hungry mouth hole pleads to be blessed with Dominic’s generous load. And Dominic delivers and nourishes his pet slave with his never-ending, thick, creamy cum. Worn out and broken, Ian thanks, Dominic over and over, but the only thing that Dominic has to say is, “God boy…” Ian Greene gets beaten and ass fucked in rope and leather bondage and cums with delight!!!

Stars: Dominic Pacifico, Ian Greene

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Cocked And Loaded Raw

Video: Cocked And Loaded Raw
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Studio: Butch Dixon
Hairy, hungry, and insatiable, these big bulging cocks always want more. Heavy balls and well-bristled hair, Butch Dixon’s guys are waiting for you to watch them fuck and get their asses filled with cum, just how every bear likes it! Sit down, unbutton your pants … and watch them fuck till they ooze with cum!

Stars: Jake Steeven, Kevin David, Manuel DeBoxer, Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone, Rogue Status, Ross Hurston, Teddy Torres

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American Made

Video: American Made
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Studio: All Worlds Video
The hottest Marines, the hardest cocks! This release brings you closer to the men that fight for your country, hold those cocks high! They fuck everywhere, just how they were trained in the army, they also know how to masterfully use dildos to feed their hungry holes that need filling because of all the heavy work of being a Marine!

Stars: Bryce, Derek McLaughlin, Frederick Wakes, Jacob Durham, Jacob Dunham, Kyler Ash, Rod Peterson

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Unloading The Bone Part 1

Video: Unloading The Bone Part 1
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Studio: SpunkWorthy
Hot straight boys love to play for the camera, as you’ll see in their very hot solo debut.Straight boys jerking is always entertaining to watch! Hot never before seen footage from SpunkWorthy. A very hot solo scene in the living room and slippery massage ending with cum explosions! Enjoy these boys play in front of camera by yourself!

Stars: Billy, Logan

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Leather Rebels

Video: Leather Rebels
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Studio: Mr. Man
Mr. Man loves a man in leather, especially when he’s showing off his muscles and bulge. Jordan Gavaris goes ass out in a leather number while having some interrupted fun in the club in Orphan Black. Alex Austin is wearing assless chaps in Hustler White. Jessie Colter’s big ol’ boner is out on display as some angry dude punishes him in Kink. Ron Athey puts a leather mask on Kevin Scott, then he puts him in a suitcase in Hustler White. Ryan O’Neal and Steven Reisch enjoy a late night on the beach in Partners. Timothy Olyphant gets his undies cut off backstage by a scissor-wielding Jennifer Aniston in Rock Star. Aaron Paul looks sexy in some low riding leather pants in Perfect Opposites. Marlon Wayans wears a leather bondage outfit in A Haunted House. Jason Biggs dons a leather outfit and shows his American Pie physique in American Reunion. Val Kilmer loses his robe to heat up a photoshoot in his leather pants in The Doors. Michael Carbonaro cheeks peek through his ripped boxer shorts as he finds himself entangled in a bondage device in Another Gay Movie. Michael Trigg enters the room looking amazing in a leather outfit in Hot Guys with Guns. Craig Kelly and Jim Shepley get hot and heavy in Queer as Folk. Tobias Brahmst flashes some butt as he gets fisted in a bondage club in Time to Leave. Christian Patrick strolls down the street, bulging out in his briefs and leather gear in Interior. Leather Bar. Eric Andre is oiling up in a leather get-up that shows off his nicely be-thonged booty in Man Seeking Woman. Christian Patrick gears up in black leather for some BDSM action in Interior. Leather Bar. Brad Davis and Burkhard Driest share a gay momen in Querelle. Erick Lopez finds himself tied to a chair, wearing something akin to an 80’s wrestler costume in Faking It.
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Personal Favors

Video: Personal Favors
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Studio: Jake Cruise Media
Jake Cruise is probably the best person to go to if you’re a hung young dude with a raging hard boner. He knows how to please a horny boy in a bed or on the massage table. He oils up some of these lads and gives top-notch blowjob and handjob till they cum all over themselves. Or slowly undresses them and rim their assholes while stroking their dicks ooze cum, this man knows how it’s done right!

Stars: Billy Heights, Dane Stewart, Jacob Durham, Jake Cruise, Jeremy Spreadums, Wolfie Blue

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Massage Bait Volume 13

Video: Massage Bait Volume 13
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Studio: Drive Shaft

Tyler Saint has the best job in the world. Using his hands, tongue and cock, he gets to explore the bodies of the hottest men in porn.

Devin Dixon “Do you usually use your tongue to massage those hard to reach places”?

Calvin Koons a sexy twink discovers how nice massages that start with a blowjob are!

AJ Irons, What’s better, the soothing rub down or hardcore ass fucking?

Phillip Aubrey “Sure I’ll give you a massage. As long as I get to pump your ass”.

Stars: AJ Irons, Calvin Koons, Devin Dixon, Phillip Aubrey, Tyler Saint

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Blake Stone Smoke & Stroke

Video: Blake Stone Smoke & Stroke
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Studio: Boys Smoking
This boy Blake sure does love smoking in his bedroom, he lights up his Camel Crush in bed for a chain-smoking smoke and stroke. While slowly undressing Blake starts touching himself, doesnt stop chain-smoking, keeps working his dick and lungs till he shoots his load on his stomach. Watching solo smoking boy has never been so satisfying!

Stars: Blake Stone

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Hot Jock On A Twink Bottom

Video: Hot Jock On A Twink Bottom
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This release of Blake Mason will for sure get you a raging boner and cause explosions in your pants! Watch how Jack Masters fucks Scott West in every possible way, doggy, cock sitting and missionary with passionate kissing and amazingly hot cumshots! These boys know how to have fun and will make sure your fantasies are satisfied!

Stars: Jake Masters, Scott West

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Video: Boom
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Studio: TitanMen

The hats are not the only things that are hard as the men of Big D Construction return to the job. Watch their sticks go Boom as TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox and Hunter Marx continue wrecking wood-and each other.

While being shown around their latest project by fellow worker Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox is instantly distracted: “Big D told me you had a big dick,” says Knox. “But I didn’t realize it was that fucking huge!” Matthew smiles: “You wanna see it?” He takes out his meat, Liam moaning “Oh shit!” as he grabs hold of it. The two kiss, grunting as their beards connect. Liam worships Matthew’s beast, breathing heavy as he sucks and whipping it on his face and chest. Liam smiles up at the stud, whose cock throbs in his face: “Fucking big, man!” Matthew swallows the verbal stud’s thick cock (“Like that dick?”), then eats his jock ass before pounding him from behind—the top’s low hangers slamming against Liam’s ass, the bottom staying rock hard as he gets it. Liam sits down on Matthew and rides, his steel shaft slamming against the top’s tight abs. Liam gets on his back, Matthew fucking a load out of him before shooting all over his hairy bod.

At their latest renovation project, Hunter Marx is drawn to foreman Adam Thicke’s bulge: “Jesus, does everyone at Big D have a big dick?” Adam smiles, grabbing his groin: “It’s a job requirement.” Adam whips out his beauty, tugging on his own foreskin as he shows it off. Hunter feasts on it, spitting a wad on the shaft and whipping Adam’s dick in his hand. He gets his face fucked, then nibbles on the foreskin before his tongue slides in and teases the head. They kiss, Hunter’s huge bulge aching to burst out of his jockstrap. Adam deep throats the jock, then munches on his hairy hole and fucks him doggie style. He grabs onto Hunter’s jockstrap as he goes deep, the bottom’s red-hot boner bouncing. Getting Hunter on his back, the hairy top’s big dick disappears inside him as he strokes the bottom while fucking him. He grabs hold of Hunter’s hairy pecs, the two soon exploding on his fur—Hunter licking a drop of cum off his finger.

With no working bathroom, Adam Ramzi uses an urine bucket in front of construction bud Jack Hunter. Adam tugs his foreskin, motioning Jack over. They stroke each other, kissing deep before Adam wraps his bearded lips around Jack’s tool. “Suck that big dick,” moans Jack, guiding Adam’s head down. “Lick my balls, too.” Adam gasps for breath after Jack tells him to “Go all the way down on it!” Jack beats his dick on Adam’s mouth: “Stick that tongue out!” Adam takes off Jack’s hard hat, the tall smooth jock going down on his uncut cock. Adam fucks Jack’s face, the sucker chewing on his foreskin before engulfing his cock again. Adam plants his beard in Jack’s ass before ramming him from behind, the two then switching positions. “Give it to me slow,” says Adam, who takes it deep. He gets on his back—propping up his boner for the top to stroke. Jack fucks a load out of Adam, then dumps a big wad all over his beard—a wet kiss closing it out.

“I kind of had a feeling you like dick,” smiles Jason Vario, catching Jack fresh from his fuck. “Want some more?” He frees his huge meat, a spit strand connecting it to Jack’s hungry mouth (“Fuck, that’s a big dick!”). Jason grabs hold of the sucker’s hair, spreading his lips wide as he plows his mouth. “Choke on that,” moans Jason, his cock disappearing as Jack gulps it up, spit dripping from his chin. “Good boy,” says Jason, reaching down to play with Jack’s smooth ass. “Let’s see what you got,” says Jason, marveling as Jack drops his jockstrap, “Jesus, big as I am!” Jason sucks him back, his nose planted in Jack’s pubes. He turns Jack around and eats him, then slams him fast and hard from behind. “Spread your ass for me,” instructs Jason as he goes harder, their sacs flying like crazy. Jack sits on it, his own dick bobbing up and down, slamming Jason’s quad. The top strokes him as he rides, then gets him on his back. His pecs shaking, Jack squeezes out a big load—then gets a massive facial, nursing on Jason’s cock after they kiss.

Stars: Adam Ramzi, Adam Thicke, Hunter Marx , Jack Hunter, Jason Vario, Liam Knox, Matthew Bosch

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