Mix Tape Vol. 2

Video: Mix Tape Vol. 2
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Studio: Boom Box
In Mixtape Vol. 2, Boomer Banks is up for round two of hot raw action with some of the best stars in the industry: JJ Knight, Max Adonis, Jack Vidra, and Nate Stetson. Cocks will be sucked! Holes will be filled! This Mixtape is filled with the greatest hits! Lust and passion is the main thing for these men, their fit bodies, chiseled faces and genitals won’t leave anyone cold-hearted!

Stars: Boomer Banks, Jack Vidra, JJ Knight, Max Adonis, Mr. Big (i), Nate Stetson

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Ride Share

Video: Ride Share
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Studio: Raging Stallion
Hunks all overuse, ‘Rideshare’ to get them to and from where they need to be. Award-winning director Steve Cruz mans the camera and examines the endless possibilities of random hook-ups with eager passengers and horny drivers in hardcore, sucking and fucking action. When Alex Mecum and Jay Austin end up in a car together, they start making out in the back seat. Jay gets out at Alex’s stop and the studs end up fucking in Alex’s kitchen, leaving Jay a sticky mess from head to balls. Seth Santoro calls his regular hook-up Sean Maygers, over for some fun. When Sean arrives, the two take turns sucking each other’s cock before Sean slams Seth’s hairy ass and fills his mouth with a fresh load. Jay Landford catches his employee, Bruno Bernal, driving for ‘Rideshare’ while on company time. When Jay threatens to fire Bruno, the hunk quickly gets on his knees to service his boss in hopes of saving his job. Jay fucks the cum out of Bruno’s hard cock twice and then pulls out to cover the muscle stud with jizz. Max Konnor accidentally sends his ‘Rideshare’ driver, Riley Mitchel, his dick pic. Riley is upset and knocks on Max’s door but when Max answers in a towel, Riley has a change of heart and bends over to get his asshole stretched by the ripped hunk. When ‘Rideshare’ driver Austin Wolf sees Pheonix Fellington and Kurtis Wolfe sucking each other off in the mirror, Austin pulls over to climb in the back seat with them. The three studs alternate sucking cock and fucking ass until each of them ends up with a load on their chiseled bodies. The next time you use ‘Rideshare’, be prepared for a different kind of ride that will leave you sore and drained!

Stars: Alex Mecum, Austin Wolf, Bruno Bernal, Jay Austin, Jay Landford, Kurtis Wolfe, Max Konnor, Pheonix Fellington, Riley Mitchel, Sean Maygers, Seth Santoro

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Bed Sharers

Video: Bed Sharers
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Studio: Next Door Raw
Johnny Hill and Jacob Peterson have no other choice but to share a single bed. They’re not happy about it, but when Johnny starts sucking Jacob off, they suddenly become hard and excited. After moving in, Johnny Hill makes the remark that it’s time to break in the mattress. He begins to eyeball Archer Hart’s tight pants. He rips them off and immediately sets in to tonguing Archer’s hole. When Tom Bentley finds Ty Thomas taking a nap, he leans over and begins to suck him gently as he stirs awake. Ty comes out of his jeans and spreads his legs wide to give an easier access. They both become hard as a rock. Nate Stone decides to massage Alex Grand to help him with his sore shoulder. They’re something special between them. Nate quickly goes down on Alex, removing his pants and downing his cock, before Alex returns the favor.

Stars: Alex Grand, Archer Hart, Jacob Peterson, Johnny Hill, Nate Stone, Tom Bentley, Ty Thomas

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Bukkake Bitch

Video: Bukkake Bitch
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Studio: Bromo.com

Hold up, are you sure you can handle these many hot men at once? Carlos, Titus, Dane, and Blaze light up your screen with a group fuck that turns into a full-scale bukkake session. Titus becomes too real MVP as the boys turn him into their hot little cum dumpster. Only the strong will survive this one!

Dante Colle & Teddy Bear get down to hardcore bareback business in this high powered scene. Teddy serves up the sexiest fuzzy peach you’ve ever seen and Dante is ready to devour it! By the time hot loads fly, everyone is gonna need to towel off including you.

Give credit where credit is due: Blaze Burton’s cock sucking skills are formidable. Leon Lewis knows this first hand and you can tell stops himself from cumming too soon to prolong the pleasure. Before long Leon flips around to return the favor before sitting his muscular ass right down on Blaze’s impressive dick. These sheets are so drenched in Leon & Blaze’s sweat and cum that they may never recover!

Stars: Blaze Burton, Carlos Lindo, Dane Stewart, Dante Colle, Leon Lewis, Teddy Bear (Male), Titus (Bromo)

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Elder Ivy

Video: Elder Ivy
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Studio: Mormonboyz
Elder Ivy has a rebellious spirit for a Mormon. He’s always been naturally lean and strong and has been able to parlay that into getting what he wants. Entering his mission, he intends to take his place as top dog. He can’t help being aggressive and horny, nor does he want to. He’s young and hot and he’s going to take every opportunity to fuck. As any good Mormon boy, he knows what the rules on sex are; he just takes great joy in breaking them. In fact, being forbidden just makes him want it more.

Stars: Elder Ivy, Brother Hales, President Oaks

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Agents X

Video: Agents X
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Studio: Ridley Dovarez
Gustav (Matt Kennedy), a dangerous gay criminal and a megalomaniac, has developed a secret spray who will turn any straight man into a perverted cock-addict. After having tested it on his body-guard (Jordan Fox) he’s planning on spreading it during a big convention. Doreen Craig (agent) 00SEX is taking up the task of thwarting Gustav’s evil plans and save the world. Will he be able to face up the diabolical Gustav who wants to turn earth into a giant gay brothel?! The new movie from Ridley Dovarez, the producer of Wolf and Schyzo, highly acclaimed and award-winning movies in the selection of Best Gay Porn Movies.

Stars: Alex Lorentz, Doryann Marguet, Guillermo Cruz, Jeremy Pitch, Jordan Fox, Matt Kennedy, Will Wood

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Breaking Kris Blent

Video: Breaking Kris Blent
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Studio: BoyNapped
Smooth young Kris Blent is used to being a plaything for more dominant boys, but he might have met his match with these guys! They’re all about taking their time in the most intense play sessions, encouraging big cum loads from their captives. The blond boy is roped up, spanked, fingered and face fucked, his mouth stuffed with dick, his smooth body splashed with wax and his cheeks flogged in a collection of encounters that leaves him and his pals totally drained of ball juice. They all get in on the fun, showing kinky Kris how they like to play.

Stars: Ashton Bradley, Kris Blent, Mickey Taylor, Titus Snow

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Cum in My Cock

Video: Cum in My Cock
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Studio: Gay Adult Deluxe
Two beautiful twinks with cute faces suck each other off and fuck hard! Mark was reading a journal when his horny boyfriend Luis came to him and started playing around, of course both of their cocks got hard, so what would they do in the bedroom with their rock hard cocks? Fuck and cum all over themselves of course! Their twinky bodies slamming against each-other is a vision to see!

Stars: Luis, Mark

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Fuck The Police

Video: Fuck The Police
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Studio: Fuck Champ Robinson
911 is definitely no joke in this town! For those times in life when you wanna just stand up and say “FUCK THE POLICE!” Here you go. These cops are big dicked black tops ready to use more than their power. When they come knocking on your door you better be ready to get your tight, white ass fucked right ‘til you know who is boss.

Stars: Champ Robinson, Hans Berlin, Jake Morgan, Max Konnor, Noah Donovan, Parker Payne, Red (male), Ryan Powers, Stephen Harte, Tommy DeLuca

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Jayy B

Video: Jayy B
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Studio: Rocksboys.com
Rock finally meets up with Jayy B. They have been planning to do some work together since the day that Jayy B turned 18, but even then, he was not sure that he was ready to get in front of the camera to show off his freaky side. Years later, Jayy B is finally ready to show it off and take his place in the industry. This dark chocolate big dick verse dude is cute and sexy with a little spark. One thing we can say is that he has no problem getting his dick hard.

Stars: Jayy B.

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